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Re-design of the User:Lcawte Page.

Please do not edit this page unless you are the owner (User:Lcawte)

Due to bordem or Idea changes, older copys of these edits will be stored in an archive found here.

Gameplay.png Gameplay

Puzzles · Ships · Commodities · Housing · Shoppes · Islands · Oceans

Terminology.png Terminology

Flags · Crews · Ranks · Pirates

Tutorial.png Tutorials

Starting out · Commands · Carpentry · Sloop pillaging guide · Shoppe management · Blockade coordination

History.png History

Release notes (latestBlockade histories: Cobalt, Hunter, Malachite, Midnight, Sage, Viridian · Ice changelog

Community.png Community

Third-party tools · Forums · Parrrties · Events · Yellow Pages: Cobalt, Hunter, Malachite, Midnight, Sage, Viridian · Local pirates

Art.png Art

Fan art · Art forums · Portrait backgrounds · Yohoho Tools · Avatars

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Current events

Forum events

Artistic Events

Other Events

Ongoing Events

All Oceans


Current Midnight events

Cobalt events

Viridian events

Sage events

Ice events

Current Hunter events Current Malachite events

Real World Events

Date Location
No gatherings at this time

Game Gardens events

Free Puzzle Days

Today is Friday. The freeplay days schedule is as follows:

Puzzle Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Alchemistry Icon apothecary.png
Blacksmithing Icon iron monger.png
Distilling Icon distillery.png
Drinking Icon drinking.png Icon drinking.png
Foraging Icon foraging.png
Hearts Icon hearts.png Icon hearts.png
Poker Icon poker.png Icon poker.png
Rumble Icon rumble.png Icon rumble.png Icon rumble.png
Shipwrightery Icon shipyard.png
Spades Icon spades.png Icon spades.png
Swordfighting Icon swordfight.png Icon swordfight.png Icon swordfight.png
Treasure Drop Icon treasure drop.png Icon treasure drop.png
Weaving Icon weavery.png

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