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From YPPedia

I really need to update my userpage and Lcawte, especially the latter. Its horrible... and btw, developers, update MediaWiki, rewrite your stupid core hack, and have as an AuthPlugin. --Lcawte 07:55, 14 April 2011 (UTC)

User Info
Icon iron monger.png This user owns a Iron Monger
Pirates-Lcawte.jpg This user is Lcawte
Icon swordfight.pngIcon shipyard.pngIcon iron monger.png This user likes to bust Red links
Then builds pages.
Then makes them stronger with more content.

Welcome to the user page of Lcawte

My Pirate Page



Templates I have made that are free for use

Template's I am making or are for view only

My Old Pirate Page, Back-up page for when I am re-writing my current one

My Talk Page - Feel Free to leave me a message

My Practise Pen

My Wiki ToDo


User Pages Indexing

Art Work

Portrait background History

Portrait background contest Tags.

I'll add more as I go.

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