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What would a pirate be without his clothes, ships, and swords? But none of these items can be made without the basic commodities it takes to produce them. Commodities are the fundamental building blocks of everything that can be made in Puzzle Pirates and come in various forms such as basic commodities, herbs, minerals, cloth, dyes, paint, and enamels as well as ship supplies and forageable fruits. All of these commodities can be combined in various forms through the work of a stall or shoppe to produce a finished good.

Most commodities go through one or more processing sequences before they're ready to be used by a pirate. A shirt starts off as a few units of hemp and herbs. The herbs go to the apothecary where they are transformed into dyes. The dyes then travel with the hemp to a weavery where they become cloth. Finally, this cloth is sent to a tailor where it is turned into clothing and may be purchased by the community.

Commodities are available from the commodities markets through a bid ticket system or may be pillaged from merchant brigands. Merchant brigands will also deliver commodities to stalls or shoppes with buy offers for those commodities if the distance is worth the price offered. Commodities movement for profit is one of the base enterprises of merchanting in the game.

Selected Article

Enamels are one of the commodities used to make swords and mugs. When making swords, two colors of enamel are used to make each sword. The colors are chosen by the purchaser at the time the order is placed at the iron monger. The colors of enamel have a direct effect on the sword's drop pattern so great care is often given to color selection to optimize the effectiveness of the sword.

Enamels on mugs, however, are purely decorative and have no effect on the game play or usage of the mug. Enamels are also used in small quantities in certain types of furniture and clothing.

Did You Know?

At one time there was a commodity in use known as lime dye. This dye was used on Azure and carried a few units over when it was transitioned to Midnight although it's use in cloth making was removed on the new ocean. 265 unites were magicked up for the Trial of Artemis and still float around the ocean market from time to time.

Selected Picture

Hemp.pngHemp Oil.pngIron.pngLacquer.png
The 8 basic commodities from left to right: hemp, hemp oil, iron, lacquer, stone, sugar cane, varnish, and wood.

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How to...

...place a bid ticket order at a commodities market.

The bid ticket placement screen at a commodities market. Click for larger image.
Most commodities are acquired by placing bid ticket orders at commodities markets.

1. A bid ticket may be placed from a ship, stall, shoppe, commodities market, fort, or palace at the island where the commodity spawns.

2. From the location the purchaser wishes to place the order, they must click the "View Marketplace" button. (The "Market Bidding" tab from the Manage the Shoppe radial menu if in a shoppe or stall.)

3. The purchaser then selects what commodity he wishes to bid on. The screen will reflect what the current bid price is and the volume currently in production at that price.

4. The purchaser now may enter the price he wishes to bid for the commodity and the volume he wishes to receive. The tax is automatically calculated and the total price for the bid is listed.

5. The purchaser may now "Place Bid" button and the order is placed. The bid ticket will go into the market tab of the ship, shoppe, or stall the purchaser is currently in. If he is in the marketplace, palace, or fort, it will be delivered into his booty.

Now you're set to bid on commodities and start your merchanting career!

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