Lima Island (Cobalt)

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Important.gif The subject of this article is obsolete and no longer present in the game.
Information presented here may no longer apply to the current game. It is retained primarily for historical interest.
Lima Island
Favicon.png Lima Island on the Cobalt Ocean
Large island in the Jade Archipelago
Lima Island (Cobalt).png

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Controlled by   Death's Banner  
Governed by   Minthe
Navy color   Tan
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Bone Hound
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Skelly Eater
Outpost Medium Large
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Lima Island is a large island in the Jade Archipelago. There are two known routes from the island: Lonelywood Lagoon and Prolix Purlieu.

Natural Resources

This island spawns hemp, nettle, and wood. These resources can be bid on at the market.


Magic Beans (bazaar)
Apodecary (upgraded)
Bean Counters (upgraded)
Commodities market 
Stalk Exchange (upgraded)
Sieva Stills (bazaar)
Jim Bean (upgraded)
Estate agent 
Coldwell Beanker (upgraded)
Bean Bags (bazaar)
Poddery Barn (upgraded)
Beantown (right-facing townhouse)
Cabean (left-facing cabin)
Sleeping Pods (left-facing shack)
Jelly Belly's
Iron monger 
Dirk 'n Beans (bazaar)
Peashooters (upgraded)
The Mung Dynasty (upgraded)
Ten Bean Sloop (bazaar)
Refrigged Beans (upgraded)
L L (bazaar)
Chic Peas (upgraded)
Wax Weavers (bazaar)
Fruit of the Legume (upgraded)


Although it's supposed to be inaccessible, it's possible for one to access the dock on Lima Island if when arriving on the island, you click repeatedly where you think the dock is about to appear. If you're successful, you'll find yourself standing on the dock.


An anchor on the westernmost docks reads, "This island were fashioned by Pleione."

Lima Island (along with Sakejima Island and Dragon's Nest) is one of the islands that came into existence pre-colonized, meaning all the infrastructure buildings, bazaars and some housing, but no shoppes had been placed. While initially it was open to blockade, it was closed after a botched attempt to take it.

02-06-2006: Lima is taken in a event blockade by Avernus with the flag Death's Banner

04-25-2006: Governorship transfered to Fava who won the Who wants to be Governor of Lima Contest

Lima Island is ruled by Death's Banner. It currently is not open for blockade.