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This is an article of a Sage Ocean pirate. For the Sage Ocean flag, please see Crazee.

Crazee is currently the captain in Impending Insanity and king of the flag Good Grief. He is also an ocean wide event creator and organizer on the Sage Ocean.


Crazee starting playing Y!PP towards the end of August 2005. Originally befriended by a pirate called Embree, Crazee quickly grasped the basics of piracy and was promoted to a senior officer in his crew. Embree merged his crew into Pernix Adaeque Simius in November 2005, where due to an argument with a fellow officer Crazee left to start his own crew.

In early December, the crew Black Knights of the Sea was born with Crazee as their captain. One month later the crew started their own flag, Untouchable. In February 2006 Crazee met Inanna and one month later joined Quixotic Tangent as a result of this friendship.

In April 2006 Crazee grew tired of captaincy and merged his crew into Pernix Adaeque Simius, at the time under the captaincy of Inanna.

Crazee took a break from the game in October 2006 and returned in March of 2007.

On 18th May 2007 Crazee decided it was time for another change and started the crew Impending Insanity, on 2nd June 2007 Crazee created the flag Good Grief.

Crazee's sheep Fuzzy Protester is in memory of a thread posted in global parley titled No lub fer Sage - That's Baaarmy!!!. Where he complained about the lack of sheep and pigs roaming islands on the Sage Ocean. Just over a month later pets were introduced into the game.

Crazee is well known for his inane babble and constant singing on Ventrilo.

Oceanwide Events Organized

Current Events

Crazee is currently planning many more fun events.

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