Ocean Generals

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If you are looking for the now defunct crew Ocean Generals on the Hunter Ocean, go to Ocean Generals (Hunter).
Ocean Generals at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Last Captain Iwilwin (Dormant)
Senior Officer(s) Vorian (Dormant)
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Guerrilla
Founded 23 April, 2005
Dormant as of 9 December, 2016
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Ocean Generals is a dormant crew on the Meridian Ocean, flying the flag of Guerrilla.

The crew maintains a large fleet of sloops, cutters, war brigs, nine war frigates and two grand frigates.


Ocean Generals was founded in March, 2005 by Rayn with one sloop, on the former Viridian Ocean. The crew quickly grew in both fame and size. The crew was at the top of the fame list from early September 2005 to early January 2006. After the retirement of Rayn, Ocean Generals managed fine for a few months until the retirement of Ochubb and Djbuddy, the last of the old guard. Though Alandrya had always been a great senior officer and extremely loyal to the crew, her interest in the game was flagging. But the thing that really began the decline was the fewer amounts of pillages that officers in the crew were conducting. Ocean Generals had always been popular because of their frequent pillages, and had also used them to recruit. With the officers becoming lazy and focused on politics the fewer pillages led to a steep dropoff in crew membership. In OG it had always been hard to advance through the ranks and so because of this new officers excited about pillaging could not quickly replace the now lazy and retiring officers.

Ocean Generals was the largest crew on Viridian Ocean, with over 700 members at its peak. The crew was #1 in crew fame on the ocean for more than five continuous months, and is well known for its successful pillages. The founder and prior captain of the crew is Rayn.

The downward spiral continued and today the crew has less than 10 active members. Sirjynx, who took over when Alandrya quit the game as OG began its collapse, became dormant. Before the final decline took place OG left Vanguard due to their indifference to Ocean Generals (refusing to put a member of OG as royalty) and joined RiddleMakers.

Alandrya has since returned to the game, but the majority of the crew is still inactive.


  • Rayn, founder
  • Djbuddy
  • Rayn (2nd time)
  • Ochubb
  • Grzpil
  • Ochubb (2nd time)
  • Alandrya
  • Sirjynx - 14 June 2007
  • Alandrya
  • Iwilwin

Flag affiliation

  • Infierno De los Diablos (? - ~Nov 16, 2005)
  • Ocean Admirals (~Nov 16, 2005 - ~Nov 23, 2005)
  • Requiem (~Nov 23, 2005 -~Dec 12, 2005)
  • Vanguard (~Apr 8, 2006 - ~May 21, 2007)
  • RiddleMakers (~May 21, 2007 - ?)
  • Guerrilla (? - present)

Public statement

Ocean Generals is one of the oldest crews in the ocean. It has seen both good and bad times, but we aren't going anywhere. We are not accepting any flag requests.

Extended public statement



Ahoy Mates!! I have been with OG for well over a year and have seen both the good and the bad times. First and foremost, if any of you have any questions, comments or complaints, regardless of your position in the crew, feel free to talk to me or any of the SOs or post it on the crew forums. Secondly, this crew has been built on a long-standing tradition of hard pillagers and hard workers. This is a tradition I intend on maintaining and enforcing. And don't forget to have FUN!!

Captain Alandrya

Crew articles

General rules

  1. Be polite and nice to everyone.
  2. Don't send a tell to the bnaver in battles as it disturbs them. Also, keep vessel chat to the minimum while in battle.
  3. Obey officers and be a good pirate.
  4. Don't leave during battles. You will get a minus share if ye do.
  5. If you are a pirate of the crew, don't gun unless you are ordered to do so. If you gun without permission, ye may be /planked without warning.
  6. Don't shout in vessels. Shouting is intended to be for crew's officers only.
  7. If ye own a vessel, please write yer name down on officer bulletin. If ye are not an officer, please ask any officer to do it for ye.
  8. Use PTB (Permission to Board) on ALL sloops and cutters or any other time an Officer restricts access to any type of pillage.
  9. HAVE FUN :)

Officer's rules

  1. Don't leave ships on uninhabited island.
  2. Make sure to read the Crew Issues, important matters are discussed and listed there, like crew meetings, changes, etc.
  3. It is now mandatory for ALL officers to pillage, or help on OG pillages at least 2 times a week.
  4. Restock the ship after using it as its suggested on officer bulletin of the ship.
  5. Follow any additional rules, if any, stated in the officer bulletin.
  6. All hold items that are located on the ship before ye take it out should not be touched.
  7. Leftovers from restock money belongs to the bnaver (commanding officer). This is intended to be an incentive for all officers to take ships out and pillage.
  8. As an officer, ye are not allowed to take any ship bigger than Cutter unless with owner permission or if its yer own ship. Three war brigs, the Sick Haddock, the Sincere Rudd, and the Pleasant Puffer are available for anyone to pillage.
  9. On all pillages requiring an XO the CO is to give 10% of his final restock cut to the XO as a payment for a job well done. If the CO feels the XO is undeserving, he/she may take that up with a Senior Officer or Captain.
  10. Restock instructions: if no instructions are specified in officer's bulletin, here are the Guidelines:
    Sloops: 20 Rum, 80 Small cannon balls. Cost to fully restock: 2000 POE. Minimum booty needed to cover the cost: 6667 POE.
    Cutters: 30 Rum, 110 Small cannon balls. Cost to fully restock: 2870 POE. Minimum booty needed to cover the cost: 9567 POE.
    Brigs: 150 Rum, 300 Med cannon balls. Cost to fully restock: 15300 POE. Minimum Booty needed to cover the cost: 51000 POE.
    Frigs: 200 Rum, 400 Large cannon balls. Cost to fully restock: 24800 POE. Minimum booty needed to cover the cost: 82667 POE.
  11. At the end of every pillage all earned items must be sold and added to the booty by using the trade commodities option in the booty tab.

War Brig and War Frigate pillages

Ocean Generals is a very organized crew. On ships that are bigger than cutters, we use the XO system. XO means Executive Officer. While at sea, the pillage leader is called the commanding officer. His/her primary job is to take care of battle navigation. The next in command is the XO. XO job is to assign stations to 4 officers and supervise them. Those 4 officers are called Station Heads. Station Heads should count all free stations (from vessel menu) and announce that on vessel chat. This keeps all stations filled most of the time allowing the bnaver to reach his/her potential which leads to more successful pillages.

Maxing information and ships details

This is the number of cannon balls needed to max every ship. Remember, your goal in bnaving is to max your opponent before grappling, so you might need the information found here.


  • Cabin person: Everyone can join the crew if he/she is polite and a good person - just ask any officer while at port.
  • Officer: Narrow in Bnav with a standing of at least Distinguished, Broad in Bilge/Carp/Sails/Guns with at least 1 Grandmaster and 2 Masters in those puzzles. There are exceptions to every rule, and the Captain reserves the right to promote anyone that demonstrates officer abilities regardless of stats.
  • Fleet officer: First ye need to prove yerself as an officer of the crew. This can be done in a variety of ways, feel free to ask for more information but please do not ask to be an FO. Any SO or Captain can bring up your name as a Fleet Officer so long as you are Officer first. You must have more than 50% of the SOs active at the time.
  • Senior officer: Be responsible and kind to crew. The captain is the only one who can promote to SO. In OG, this position is granted rather than asked. Please don't ask to be one, we will promote within our ranks from the Fleet Officers. This too will be brought up and discussed by the Senior Officers and 60% of the SOs must vote for your promotion.

Crew shoppes/stalls

  • Buccaneers' Shipbuilding Stall on Lima Island
  • Bull Cannon (Iron Monger) on Napi Peak
  • Jesus Juice (Distilling) on Terra Island
  • Leonzo's Shipbuilding Stall on Swampfen Island
  • Sirjynx's Ironworking Stall on Sakejima Island
  • Woodpecker's Nest (Furniture) on Terra Island