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Chat commands
/emote (/me)
/speak (/say)
/tell (/msg)
/think (/ponder)

The /shout command changes how a message is displayed, by increasing the size of the message text. It is one of three modifier commands; the others being /think and /emote.

Shout can be combined with /crew, /jcrew, /vessel, /house, /game, and /speak chat channels, although it is not a chat channel itself. Adding the Shout command to the start of a message only affects that message's appearance.

Shout also allows a pirate on an uncolonized island to broadcast a message to other pirates on that same island, using the Speak channel. If the message is sent without the /shout modifier, then only pirates within the same chat circle can hear that message. Note that on subscriber oceans the shouting pirate must be a have an active subscription in order to shout, and on doubloon oceans greenies can not shout. If a pirate tries to shout without the proper permissions (I.E. they are a non-subscriber or greenie) they receive the message "Avast! Yer voice is too weak to shout.".

No pirate can shout outdoors on colonized islands or inside an inn. Attempting to do so results in the message: "Ye cannot shout here.".

Pirates often shout to gain others' attention, such as to inform them during a swordfight or to issue orders. However, frequent shouting might be considered spam, particularly if it is in a public space. Some crews hold as a policy that only officers of that crew can shout on crew ships, and that those who fall foul of this policy are candidates for the plank.


The Shout command has the following syntax:

[chat channel] /shout <message> (/sh)

When no chat channel (E.G., /crew or /house) is specified, Shout will use the channel specified on the list to the left of the chat box. It can not be combined with the /fbroadcast, /fofficer, /officer, /royalty and /tell channels.

Appearance in-game

Messages sent with the Shout modifier command take the following form in the chat window:

Piratename shouts, "Message"

The Shout command, when combined with Speak, adds spiked edges to the message - both in the chat window and in the text bubble which appears in the scene. However, if the Shout command is combined with any other chat channel, it will retain the appearance of that other chat channel. For example, /house /shout message would display piratename shouts, "message" in a house-shaped bubble in the chat window.

Historical notes

Before release 2005-03-28, pirates could shout outside on colonized islands.