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RiddleMakers at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Monarch Flar of Cruentus Morpheus
Member crew(s) Black Rum, Cruentus Morpheus, Dark Kisses, Fools, Long John Silver, Selenium Skies, Slaves of the NCK, Trigonomtry
Founded 30 May, 2005
Allies Corruption, Get Off My Lawn, Outlaw Forces
Wars None
Last updated on 19 October, 2016
Favicon.png Flag Info

RiddleMakers is a flag of the Meridian Ocean. It was founded on 30 May 2005 on the Viridian Ocean.


RiddleMakers is currently one of Viridian's largest and longest running flags. Currently, RiddleMakers holds eminent fame. Founders of RiddleMakers were Whitberd, Hypnotoad and Arolilja.

Current royalty

Former monarchs

Blockade history

Dendrite IV: 2005-08-20, RiddleMakers unsuccessfully attacks Dendrite in a sinking blockade against Requiem.

Terra V: 2006-01-22, RiddleMakers along with Confusion unsuccessfully attacks Terra in a non sinking blockade against Infierno De Los Diablos.

Labyrinth I: 2006-05-06, RiddleMakers takes Labyrinth Moors in an uncontested sinking blockade.

Labyrinth II: 2006-06-11, RiddleMakers successfully defends the island from an attack by Ellipse in a three round sinking blockade.

Labyrinth III: 2006-10-15, RiddleMakers successfully defends the island from an attack by Ellipse in a three round sinking blockade.

Labyrinth IV: 2006-10-21, RiddleMakers successfully defends the island from an attack by Dragon Masters in a three round non sinking blockade.

Swampfen I: 2006-11-04, RiddleMakers takes Swampfen in a heavily contested sinking blockade with Sea Change and The Crown.

Typhoon event: 2007-01-14, RiddleMakers won the 24 hour ocean blockade by a landslide winning the right to place a shop on Lima (String Bean-kini Tailor's)

Pranayama I: 2007-07-07, RiddleMakers successfully defends Pranayama to keep it from opening in five heavily contested rounds against Dragon Lords. The opening of Pranayama Island was part of the Choose your own island "opening" event.

Radix I: 2007-07-15, RiddleMakers successfully defends Radix to keep it from opening in three rounds against The Force. The opening of Radix Island was part of the Choose your own island "opening" event.

Jubilee I: 2007-07-21, RiddleMakers wins Jubilee in three rounds against Vanguard. The opening of Jubilee Island was part of the Choose your own island "opening" event.

Swampfen II: 2007-07-22, RiddleMakers successfully defends Swampfen in three rounds against a overly wealthy but poorly manned Regnum Irae.

BK Bumper Boats Event: 2007-08-04, RiddleMakers decided to enter the BK Bumper Boats held on Lima Island at the last minute and after trailing was able to secure third place and win a coveted Official: Antediluvian Conch as well as over 50k poe.

Jubilee II: 2007-11-10, RiddleMakers unsuccesfully defends Jubilee in the most difficult BK blockade Viridian has ever known. Widow Queen with a level of 22. RiddleMakers withdrew after losing Round 3. The blockade took four rounds.

Jubilee III: 2007-12-01, RiddleMakers succesfully wins Jubilee back in four rounds against the Widow Queen.

Swampfen III: 2007-12-02, RiddleMakers succesfully defends Swampfen in three rounds against Vanguard.

Jubilee IV: 2007-12-15, RiddleMakers succesfully defends Jubilee in three rounds against Fist Deep.

Viridis XX: 2008-05-10, RiddleMakers succesfully wins Viridis in a three round sinking blockade against Dragon Lords.

Labyrinth V, Terra XVII and Viridis XXI: 2008-05-17, when Terra Island was blockaded by the Brigand King flag The All-Consuming Flame, The Mighty Booch elected to make simultaneous drops on Labyrinth Moors and Viridis Island at the same time. RiddleMakers elected not to defend Terra, instead defeating The Mighty Booch twice in two three-round sinking blockades.

Terra XVIII: 2008-05-24, RiddleMakers reclaimed Terra Island from The All-Consuming Flame.

Kirin XI: 2008-06-15, RiddleMakers succesfully wins Kirin Island in a three round non-sinking blockade against Vanguard. Pay for Play, the previous island holder, did not defend.

Spectre XIII: 2008-11-3, Riddlemakers successfully wins Spectre island in a four round non-sinking blockade against Vanguard and Tainted Purity. A jobber pay cap of 300/segment, limits to ship types allowed on the board, and redirection measures to even out jobbing, have been agreed to and kept throughout the blockade.

Public statement

~~~~~~~~Cavet Aenigmoris~~~~~~~~

Beware the makers of riddles!

We be the RiddleMakers - obsessed with pillaging and FUN! We always be searching fer strong crews to add to our ranks. Ye may contact any Royal fer more information about joining!

NEW CREWS: Crews joining our fine flag may name one crew representative to be Titled. All other Titles will be earned.

PVP AGREEMENT: Aye, we PVP Allies! If ye be an Ally and be engaged by one of our fierce ships, ye may contact the bnavver at the start of the battle and request a disengage. Once a shot has been fired, there be no obligation to disengage.

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