Crew (command)

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Chat commands
/emote (/me)
/speak (/say)
/tell (/msg)
/think (/ponder)

The /crew command allows pirates to communicate with all fellow crew members and jobbing pirates.


The Crew command has the following syntax:

/crew <message> (/cr)

The Crew command can be combined with the three modifier commands - /think, /shout, and /emote:

/crew /think <message>
/crew /shout <message>
/crew /emote <message>

Note that pirates can not use /shout from certain locations. See shout for details.

Appearance in-game

An example of the Crew command (top), and how it appears combined with the Think, Shout, and Emote commands.

Messages sent via Crew chat take the following forms:

Piratename says, "Message"
Piratename thinks, "Message" (When combined with /think)
Piratename shouts, "Message" (When combined with /shout)
Piratename Message (When combined with /emote)

All Crew messages are shown in the chat window, with borders that are shaped like the edges of scrolls on either side of the message. The Crew command uses the following colors:

Color RGB (hex) Component
#E3DDCD Text background
#A98135 Border

Who can use this command

  • Any crew member with a rank of cabin person and above can use the Crew command. If a pirate has been blackspotted, then that pirate can not use the Crew command for a short time.

Who can hear messages sent with this command

  • A pirate who sends a message via the Crew command will be heard by anyone in their own crew.
  • Jobbing pirates will receive Crew messages, which will be labelled as jcrew in the chat window, and can contribute to the crew chat channel by using the /jcrew command. This enables jobbing pirates to communicate simultaneously with both their normal crew, and the crew they are jobbing in.
  • If one pirate has muted another, that first pirate will be unable to hear the muted pirate regardless of what channel the muted pirate talks in.


  • It is possible to select the "Crew" bubble to the left of the chat bar, which eliminates the need to prefix messages with "/crew". If messages are prefixed with /think, /shout, or /emote, the commands will continue to combine as if the /crew prefix were present. Note however any communication command specified in the chat bar will override the selected setting.