Release 2017-06-14

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Weigh Anchor

From the Release Notes:

Most changes for this release will go into effect after the morning server reboots on June 15th.

  • Adding seasonal content for July.
  • Making preparations for the public testing release of the Obsidian ocean in the coming weeks as part of our ongoing Dark Seas development.
  • Certain items that are normally created by shops (various swords, bludgeons, mugs, clothing, furniture) will no longer drop from Sea Monster Hunts. These items should instead be ordered via shops and constructed using labor.
  • The Pirate badge will no longer be required.
  • Increasing the maximum number of Hearties that can be stored.
  • Adding a command that will allow the Ocean Masters to fix pirates who are stuck with a "pirate preparation error" during login.
  • Updating copyright info in the "About" tab.
  • Scene Editor:
    • Fixing the "Display commodity object counts" action in the Scene Editor.
    • Increasing memory allotment to allow saving map images for large island scenes.
    • Large assortment of new tiles (props, plants, etc.) for scene creation.