Release 2005-03-28

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Usability, bugs, and networking

From the Release Notes:
  • Your money is now visible on all the "sunshine" tabs.
  • Added a new "personal" panel.
  • Added a "Do not disturb" mode that may be toggled to prevent anyone from inviting you to job, or request to be your hearty, challenge you, or offer to trade.
  • Pirates may no longer be invited to join a crew unless they are first made jobbers.
  • Made the rack management stuff all fit for tailor managers using large fonts.
  • /who <player> now has links to crew, maybe vessel, and shows current puzzling activity.
  • The crew cut is now called the "Ship restocking" cut to make it easier to understand for new players.
  • Moved some buttons around on the world map panel, added a button to re-center on your current location.
  • Stall upgrade fees are now logged to the local palace/fort if it got a cut.
  • The order interface has been changed around a bit.
    • Ingredients are not shown unless you are an officer or manager at that shop.
    • Colors are remembered between different products.
    • Commodity order quantities will have an initial value of "1".
  • Fixed a bug with incorrectly listed destination islands for navy missions.
  • Some other navy mission fixups.
  • The island is now displayed when listing your own employment contracts.
  • Gold ore can be foraged (extremely rare)
  • Gold cloth, paint can now be manufactured.
  • Chat logging is now per-pirate, per-ocean.
  • Islands will have a limit of 1 inn from now on.
  • Old salts only talk out loud the first time a pirate buys a drink, then they switch to tells.
  • Fixed island overview maps from colliding when playing on multiple oceans.
  • Prevented navy and merchant vessels from ever entering a blockade.
  • Construction sites are transferred when a new flag takes over an island.
  • Prevent HTML from being added to portrait titles and captions.
  • Portrait interface cleaned up to better indicate that the initiator gets one for free.
  • Fixed crew statements so that "&" doesn't continually get expanded into "&" each time they're edited.
  • Crew officer chat now has a new color to distinguish it from crew chat.
  • No shouting on colonized islands.
  • When a pirate is deleted, they will cease to be manager at any shop.
  • Doubloon ocean only changes:
    • Fixed doubloon exchange translation when POE was refunded for trades below the buy offer price.
    • Badges now age every day, even if you don't log on. Up to 10 extra days will be added to existing badges.
    • Officer and senior officer badges may be upgraded to the higher levels, discounts will be automatically calculated and given at the palace shop.