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An island is a Puzzle Pirates mini-world, the surface of which is a single scene. There are many islands in each ocean, and pirates may whisk between islands using ferries, ships, whisking potions, and the 'Go home' button on the Ye panel.

Islands can have shoppes, inns, palaces, houses and forts, and many other things once they have been colonized and built upon by the controlling flag. Uncolonized islands can be colonized via a flag winning a blockade. Colonized islands can also be taken over and built upon after a flag wins a blockade; of course there can be less room remaining for additional buildings.

Island sizing

Islands are classified into three sizes, which determines what may be built upon them. Buildings include housing, shoppes, bazaars, and infrastructure buildings (such as commodities markets, banks, estate agents, and a fort or palace).

From smallest to largest, island sizes are outpost, medium and large.

Outpost island

An outpost island is a small island large enough only to support a small colony. When an outpost is colonized, only a fort and one regular shoppe may be built there.[1]

If a new flag takes control of the island, both the shoppe and the fort change ownership.

Outpost islands make good "rest stops" for restocking during longer voyages.

In order for a flag to blockade an outpost island, it must have Noted fame or higher.

Medium island

A medium island can have any infrastructure buildings, and up to five buildings in any combination of trade and/or housing, or six buildings if at least one is housing.[2] (A trade building is either a shoppe or a bazaar.) A bazaar is required before a shoppe of that kind can be constructed. One type of attraction building is permitted and does not count towards the building limit.

If a new flag takes control of the island, all buildings transfer to the victors, except inns and shoppes, which remain in the hands of current deed holders.

In order for a flag to blockade a medium island, it must have Established fame or higher.

Large island

A large island can have all of the infrastructure buildings, and as many shoppes and bazaars as may fit on the island. Like medium islands, a bazaar is required before a shoppe of that kind can be constructed. Two types of attractions are permitted.

Dark Seas only On the Obsidian Ocean, large islands are limited to 10 shoppes. Buildings that are not shoppes work the same as classic oceans regarding restrictions. Thus, bazaar buildings and housing do not count towards the limit of 10.

If a new flag takes control of the island, all buildings transfer to the victors, except inns and shoppes, which remain in the hands of current deed holders.

In order for a flag to blockade a large island, it must have Renowned fame or higher.


An island has citizens and is ruled by a governor, who is usually part of the island's governing flag.

Transferring an island to another flag

(Copying from the "Island transfer" rules in "Official:Services".)

Island Transfer Pricing:

  • Outpost: 50,000 Pieces of Eight
  • Medium Island: 150,000 Pieces of Eight
  • Large Island: 250,000 Pieces of Eight

Island Transfer Procedure and Requirements:

  • Intent must be given in the Island Transfers Notice page at least a week in advance (so by the end of Monday, Pirate Time the week before.)
  • There must be at least one weekend free of BK and Event blockades immediately before a transfer can take place, and there should be no pending blockades.
  • A petition to transfer the island should be made before the end of Monday the following week and left open until the transfer is done. Please include:
    • A link to the announcement of the island transfer.
    • The flag to whom you are transferring the island.
    • Confirm the amount of poe for the transfer. Poe should be left on your pirate and will be taken directly out of your booty when the transfer takes place.
  • Transfers should only be happening on Mondays or Tuesday to give everyone a chance to prepare for any blockades on the weekend.
  • At the time of the transfer, the flag who will be taking over the island must have the required fame for owning an island of that size.

Island Transfer Refusals

  • The receiving flag may refuse an island transfer by submitting a petition before the island transfer is completed.

Historical notes

The policies for transferring islands were changed due to the amount of giving/selling/transferring of islands on 11-26-2005.[3]

Prior to the clarification of size changing rules, Nemo's permission and a 200,000 PoE fee were required. [4] As of late 2005, island resizes were no longer available by request.

Prior to the addition of housing during release 2005-08-10, medium islands were only allowed 4 trade buildings.

Originally, islands did not have specific size designations. Building was only restricted by the amount of land available to build on. This is why islands in the core archipelagos of Midnight (Diamond and Emerald) are mostly designated large, even if a landmass of their size would not normally qualify. These islands were settled by players before the feature was introduced, and Ringers decided it would be unfair to add restrictions after the fact. This system was changed no later than July 2004. It might be possible for these islands to be placed in a smaller size classification if they fit the rules for the change, this was done to Emperor Island.

It was widely believed that a receiving flag could not refuse the island in a transfer. With the refusal to accept Kiwara Island on Sage Ocean Masters clarified this mid 2008.[5]

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