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In addition to shoppes and infrastructure buildings, governors are able to construct special attractions on their islands. These buildings provide various services, and unlock additional content for their ocean's citizens.

Attraction buildings are nearly identical to regular infrastructure buildings, in that they change ownership with an island's governance, and they do not count against an island's building limit on medium islands. There are however a few differences:

  • Attraction buildings typically have higher tax rates than standard buildings, and decay a week after failing to have their taxes paid.
  • A limited number of attractions can be built on a given island: 1 on medium islands and 2 on large islands. Outpost islands cannot build attractions.
  • Only one of any type of attraction can be built on an island at a time.

Currently, there are three types of island attractions available: a black market, an explorers' hall and a trading post.

Each attraction building has a different effect when it is built.

  • A black market will increase the density of brigands and barbarians around nearby leagues.
  • Flags that build an explorers' hall on their island can look forward to an influx of patron and explorer reputation every time a pirate uses their building to snag a new expedition map.
  • A trading post will make the island more attractive to merchant brigands.

Types of island attractions

Black market

Main article: Black market

The black market was the third Island Attraction available for governors to build. The hall allows pirates to purchase a black box for 10,000 PoE.

Explorers' hall

Main article: Explorers' hall

The explorers' hall was the first Island Attraction available for governors to build. The hall allows pirates to purchase expedition maps to Imperial outposts and Viking raids located in the waters nearby, and Brigand King compasses.

Trading post

Main article: Trading post

The trading post was the second Island Attraction available for governors to build. The post allows pirates to exchange trinkets for various goods.

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