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Whisking instantaneously transports a pirate to a different location in the ocean. Any items held in the pirate's personal inventory, such as swords, clothing, etc. are carried along with the pirate. Commodities such as rum, cannon balls, and basic goods cannot be whisked; they must be sailed across the sea in a ship. (Surprisingly, furniture is whisked with the pirate.)

  • A pirate can whisk directly to their designated home by clicking on the "Go home" button on the Ye panel.
  • Whisking directly to a ship at sea can be accomplished by either boarding a ship belonging to your crew already at sea, or by being jobbed to the ship of another crew.
  • Whisking potions allow a pirate to whisk to any island they have previously set foot upon, currently hold a chart for, or for which they have recently seen a chart.
  • The ferry system allows for convenient whisking between colonized islands in the same archipelago.
  • A pirate can provide a whisk to another pirate by inviting them to any building the whisker is a manager or roommate in.
  • Missions can whisk pirates to other islands. Not all missions involve whisking. Most missions that do will whisk the pirate to some building or ship within the current archipelago.
  • A Skellie, Werewolf, Zombie or Vampirate mission will whisk pirates to the island the skellies, wolves, zombies or vampirates are residing respectively.

Many players use the /job and /invite commands to allow for free transportation to otherwise unreachable areas. For instance, ferry service does not extend between archipelagos, so players wishing to bypass the expense of a whisking potion might ask a hearty to invite them to the hearty's house (often a shack, if nothing better is available). Or, if a hearty is an officer, the pirate could request that the hearty board a ship at the designated island and job the pirate, instantly whisking them aboard (the pirate can immediately disembark). If the pirate is in the same crew as the hearty already, the hearty could simply board a ship at the destination island, allowing the pirate to board and then disembark.

Additionally, because a whisking potion requires a pirate to have either visited an island before or possess a chart to it, pirates can simply borrow a chart from a hearty in order to whisk to an island once (which will allow further potion whisks, even if the pirate gives the chart back). Looking at charts on a ship works as well, this can be done for both player and navy ships.

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