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Ship Renaming Rules

Ship Class Standard Custom
(Rogue Marks cost)
Sloop 6 18
Cutter 6 18
Dhow 6 18
Fanchuan 6 18
Longship 9 27
Baghlah 12 36
Merchant brig 12 36
Junk 12 36
War brig 12 36
Xebec 15 45
Merchant galleon 18 54
War frigate 18 54
Grand frigate 24 72


These rules apply to both Standard and Custom renames

  • Allowed names may have up to three words in them.
  • Proper nouns without another common definition may be denied.
  • Possessive names may not be allowed (e.g. "Bow's Ship").
  • No discounts for partial renames.
  • Renames may not start with an article (e.g. "The", "A", "An").
  • Numerals and Roman numerals may not be included in renames.
  • Vessels may not be renamed to any existing ship name.
  • Exceptionally difficult-to-spell names may be denied.
  • Renames may not have vessel sizes as part of the name even if the rename matches the vessel type (e.g. "Shining Sloop").
  • Any rename deemed to be inappropriate by an Ocean Master will be denied.
  • Should a rename be found to be inappropriate after the change it may be renamed again to another name of the same cost.

Please ensure your rename request is spelled and capitalized correctly. Improperly formatted requests may be denied and you may be required to resubmit your request.


Standard Renames must follow the "Adjective Fish" format.

  • The adjective must be a real word in English, specifically listed as an adjective by
    • Note: If only lists the adjective form of the word as "un(adjective)" we will accept the word without the prefix as an adjective (e.g. "unwaking" is listed as an adjective whilst "waking"' is not. In this case we would accept "waking" as an adjective).
  • The fish must be a one or two word common name found on
    • Note: Fish names with accents or other diacritics (e.g. "Caméléon") may not be used.
  • Only the whole fish name will be accepted as Standard. We do not accept partial fish names (e.g. "Dog Teeth" would be a valid fish name whilst "Dog" or "Teeth" alone would not).


All non-standard renames are Custom renames.

  • All words must be real words in English as defined by
  • A rename for a famous fictional or famous historical ship may be allowed as a custom name at the Ocean Master's discretion (e.g. Queen Anne's Revenge).

For the purposes of this exception:

  • “Famous” is defined as a vessel that has in some way distinguished itself above and beyond ordinary or routine service and displays a lasting cultural relevance.
  • “Historical” is defined as a vessel that existed before or during the Golden Age of Piracy, up to 1850.
  • “Fictional” is defined as a commercial work in either a literary or visual medium.
    • If requesting a rename for a famous fictional or famous historical ship please submit a petition with any supporting information and links prior to requesting your rename to avoid complications.

How to Rename

  • Click/tap on the rogue marks in the Miscellaneous section of the booty panel and go to the Rogue Mark Shop, then drag the deed of the ship into either Rename Ship (Standard) or Rename Ship (Custom) and enter the desired name.
  • Any revisions to the policy mean that some previous names that were granted are no longer valid or the cost for them may have been changed. No retroactive renames will be granted in such cases.
  • As a result of the Ocean Mergers it was possible for two vessels to have the same name. This will be allowed, and their names will not be changed. Ship rename requests through the Rogue Mark Shop will still need to be unique and no further duplication will be allowed.

Crew Renames

Crew names must be between 2 and 24 characters long.

  • Full: 10 rogue marks
  • Partial (Minor change): 5 rogue marks

Flag Renames

  • Full: 20 rogue marks
  • Partial (Minor change): 10 rogue marks

Building Renames

Minor corrections to fix typos in spelling or capitalization are free.

To request a correction in spelling or capitalization submit a petition including:

  • The location of the building
  • The current name and type of the building
  • The corrected name

How to rename your building:

  • Click/tap on the rogue marks in the Miscellaneous section of the booty panel and go to the Rogue Mark Shop. Click on the 'Other' tab then drag the deed of the building into the Rename Building section and enter the desired name.


  • Cost: 10 rogue marks
  • Our Building Naming Policy applies for renames as well -- please read it before submitting your request!
  • Building names cannot exceed 34 characters in length.
  • Only the owner of a building may change the name.
  • All words must be real, English words as defined by

Please ensure your rename request is spelled and capitalized correctly. Improperly formatted requests may be denied and you may be required to resubmit your request.


If your intended building rename does not meet the above rules completely but you feel it is deserving of review, for example an apt pun which is not a real word, we may consider making an exception.

To request an exception please submit a petition including the following before submitting your request:

  • The location of the building
  • The current name of the building
  • Your proposed rename
  • An explanation on why your rename request qualifies for an exception

What happens next:

We will take a day or two to review your request. We will reply to your petition letting you know if the request is approved or rejected. If the name is allowed please submit your rename request through the Rogue Mark Shoppe. We will not discuss the reason for refused requests.

Palace Props

  • If palace props have been destroyed, you can request a reset of the palace. Note that this will completely reset everything, all furniture will be returned to its owner. This will be done at our discretion.

Island Transfers

Island Transfer Pricing:

  • Outpost: 50,000 Pieces of Eight
  • Medium Island: 150,000 Pieces of Eight
  • Large Island: 250,000 Pieces of Eight

Island Transfer Procedure and Requirements:

  • Intent must be given in the Island Transfers Notice page at least a week in advance (so by the end of Monday, Pirate Time the week before.)
  • There must be at least one weekend free of BK and Event blockades immediately before a transfer can take place, and there should be no pending blockades.
  • A petition to transfer the island should be made before the end of Monday the following week and left open until the transfer is done. Please include:
    • A link to the announcement of the island transfer.
    • The flag to whom you are transferring the island.
    • Confirm the amount of poe for the transfer. Poe should be left on your pirate and will be taken directly out of your booty when the transfer takes place.
  • Transfers should only be happening on Mondays or Tuesday to give everyone a chance to prepare for any blockades on the weekend.
  • At the time of the transfer, the flag who will be taking over the island must have the required fame for owning an island of that size.

Island Transfer Refusals

  • The receiving flag may refuse an island transfer by submitting a petition before the island transfer is completed.

Wager Bans

Ocean Masters are able to ban accounts from any form of wagering. The following are important facts about wager bans:

  • Wager blocks are account-wide. They will affect all pirates on the account, permanently. Even if a pirate is deleted and a new pirate is created, they will be blocked from wagering.
  • Wager blocks are permanent. They will not be reversed if you later change your mind.
  • They will block all types of wagers. Challenges with just a tan bandana at stake, tournaments with an entry fee, poker, other wagered parlor games, wagered 1 vs 1 challenges and even any tournaments which have an entry fee will be disabled.
  • Monster frays are no longer included in wager bans.

If you're certain that this is the step you wish to take, and that you cannot manage to control this with willpower, please petition in game asking for this to be activated for your account.

Event Blockades on Ringer Islands

You can schedule event blockades by request on any Ringer or Event owned island. In order to request this, you must petition at least 24 hours before your event is set to start and include a link to the forum post detailing your event. If the event blockade will overlap the normal blockade period you will need an additional 2 weeks notice.


  • Blockades will be set in the order that they are petitioned, not posted. So just because you post does not automatically save the date for your blockade.
  • Once an event is scheduled it will not be changed and no other events will be scheduled until after that event is complete. Please wait until the current event is over at an island before submitting your petition.
  • Remember that event blockades cannot be scheduled more than a month in advance.
  • Please note that official Ringer sponsored events will take precedence over any other event blockades that are planned or scheduled. We will try to ensure that Ringer events are posted and scheduled in advance to avoid conflicts.

Your event post should be made in the appropriate ocean events thread and include:

  • Location
  • Date
  • Time
  • Blockade settings
    • Sinking: (Sinking/No Sinking/No Sinking No Removal)
    • Cannons Ineffective: (yes/no)
    • Ignore Alliances: (yes/no)
    • Use Maneuvers: (yes/no)
    • Rounds: (1-7)
    • Obstacles: (Normal/Sparse/Dense/Rocky/Turbulent/Windy)
    • Ship Types: (All/List of those allowed)
  • Prizes, details or anything else relevant to your event.

Ringer Islands available for event blockades

Cerulean Emerald Jade Meridian Obsidian Opal

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