Release 2004-07-09

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A little bit of love (v 1.75)

From the Release Notes:

This release has the usual assortment of small bug fixes, but we hope you'll enjoy some of the features that have come along for the ride.

  • Training ships and charts are no more. We never turned training ships into what they were intended to be, so they were rather pointless. The puzzles can be learned (and money made) aboard regular navy ships. (Navy ships now unload their cannons the way training ships used to.)
  • Market bids are no longer constrained by the size of the hold from which you are placing the bid. Bids may be placed and checked by any user from any government building. When bids are delivered, as much as will fit is delivered and the ticket is updated to only claim the remainder, which may be delivered at a later date. Bid fees are now variable and calculated based on a percentage of the total bid cost.
  • Governors can no longer subsidize shop taxes.
  • Added some text on the stall upgrade/downgrade panel explaining the tax implications of doing each action.
  • Sales tax is now computed in a new way. See this forum post.
  • Flag officer chat and all other chat is now properly filtered.
  • Shoppe jobs on the notice board now appear in a random order.
  • The sailing puzzle now has progressing difficulty.
  • Some islands have been designated as only being able to support a small outpost colony. When they are colonized, only a fort and one regular shop may be built there. If a new flag takes control of the island, the shop changes ownership along with the fort.
  • Any vessels belonging to deleted crewmates will now have a deed on board so that the remaining crew can properly reclaim it.
  • Several items of clothing have been tweaked slightly, most notably the women's long gown.
  • The options panel should now work for people using Windows 98.
  • Fixed a lot of other small bugs.
  • Ye may now have up to 75 hearties!