Ye panel

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A typical Ye panel.

The Ye panel on the sunshine widget has useful things that pertain to a pirate. The Ye Panel has:

  • The pirate's name, which links to their pirate page, any current jobs, skills at various crafting puzzles, that pirate's labor report, any pending orders and any placed furniture. A pirate can also access the Doubloon exchange, the Palace shoppe and Yer known world.
  • The pirate's crew, which links to the crew's page. If the pirate is not in a crew, "None" is displayed.
  • The pirate's flag, which links to the flag's page. If the pirate is not in a flag, "None" is displayed.
  • The pirate's home island, which links to the island's page.
  • (On subscription oceans) The "Subscribe" button, which links to the game's subscription page. This only shows up for non-subscribed players.
  • (On doubloon oceans) The "Get Doubloons" page, which links to a page where doubloons can be bought.
  • The "Referral Rewards" button, which is used to refer a friend to the game.
  • The "Help" button, which shows links to:
  • The "Go home" button, which whisks a pirate to their home.
  • The "Options" button, which displays settings for certain elements of the game.
  • The "Logoff" button, which logs the pirate out of the ocean.

As with all sunshine panels, PoE (and, if applicable, doubloon) totals are displayed at the bottom.

Historical notes

The Ye panel was reorganized with release 2006-07-19.

The island name pages were created and added with release 2005-04-26. The Ye panel was also redesigned with this release.

The "info" page was added with release 2005-03-28.