Windward Vale (Meridian)

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Windward Vale
Favicon.png Windward Vale on the Meridian Ocean
Medium island in the Garnet Archipelago
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Controlled by   Daunting Rewards  
Governed by   Aeollus
Navy color   Pink
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Big Cat
Outpost Medium Large
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Windward Vale is a medium island located in the Garnet Archipelago. There are four known routes from the island: Radix Island, Carmine Island, Surtsey Island, and Pranayama Island.

Natural resources

This island spawns cowslip, sugar cane, and wood.


The building names on Windward Vale all have a wind-based theme.

Wind Waker (explorers' hall)
Winds Of Change
Commodities market 
Tradewinds (upgraded)
Twister Of Lime (bazaar)
Estate agent 
Property Typhoons
Hurricane Havoc Havens (right-facing villa)
Breeze On Inn
Iron monger 
Metal Storm (bazaar)
Storming Balls (upgraded)
Palace Of The Winds (upgraded)
Sirocco Sails (bazaar)
Wind Walkers (upgraded)
Dusted Buildings
Exploring the Cyclone (explorers' hall)


Windward Vale is currently under the goverance of Daunting Rewards.


Windward Vale was opened on the 16th of December, 2006. Windward Vale was originally located on the Viridian Ocean. A wood spawn on the southern tip of the grove reads, "This island were fashioned by Akkhima and Odm.


Windward I, 2006-12-17: Cry Havoc colonized Windward Vale, defeating Regnum Irae in a five-round sinking blockade.

Windward II, 2007-06-24: Cry Havoc successfully defended the island in a five-round sinking blockade versus Danger.

Windward III, 2007-07-14: Windward Vale gets attacked by the Brigand King flag The Enlightened. This blockade was aborted after it failed to start due to unknown server problems.

Windward IV, 2007-11-04: Windward Vale again gets attacked by the Brigand King flag The Enlightened. Due to Regnum Irae's simultaneous attack on Napi Peak Cry Havoc decided to not defend Windward Vale and to assist their ally Collateral Damage in their defense. Vargas the Mad takes control of the island.

Windward V, 2007-11-11: Cry Havoc won back Windward Vale in a three-round sinking blockade versus The Enlightened and Sea Wrath.

Windward VI, 2008-10-12: Cry Havoc successfully defended Windward Vale in a three-round sinking blockade versus The Cooler. The Cooler pulled out after first round.

2009-1-26: Cry Havoc transferred Windward Vale to Brink of Dawn

Windward VII, 2009-7-18: Brink of Dawn successfully defended Windward Vale in a three-round non-sinking blockade versus Blue Mooners Inc. Pay-capped at 500/seg.

Windward VIII, 2009-7-26: Outlaw Forces took the island from Brink of Dawn in a 3-0 non-sinking blockade. Jobbing payment was 5000/seg for both sides from the beginning until round 3rd. At round 3rd, Brink of Dawn gave up defending then the jobbing payment was set down to 1000/seg for Outlaw Forces.

Windward IX, 2009-11-8: Outlaw Forces successfully defended Winward Vale in a three-round sinking blockade versus Reign of Chaos.

Windward X, 2009-11-15: Reign of Chaos took the island from Outlaw Forces in a three round sinking blockade. Vanguard defended for Outlaw Forces.

Windward XI, 2010-2-21: Reign of Chaos successfully defending Windward Vale in a three round sinking blockade versus Chocolate Coated. Chocolated Coated pulled out after round two.

Windward XII, 2010-2-27: Chocolate Coated took the island in a three round sinking blockade. Reign of Chaos did not defend.

Windward XIII, 2010-6-12: Dragon Lords took the island in a three round non-sinking blockade versus Chocolate Coated.