Chocolate Coated

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Chocolate Coated at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Monarch Peperox of Heroes
Member crew(s) Band of the Red Hand, Biagi's Boy's, The British Eagles, Carcinoma, Cry Blood, Crystal Blades, The Dead Flag Blues, Dejavu, Dogs and Goddesses, The Great Dynasty, Heroes, Los Nintendos, MASTER'S OF THE OCEANS, The Oasis, Precious Love, Rump Krakens, Semper Ubi Sub Ubi, The Solent Armada, Swagged Out, ULTIMATE TORNADO, Vikings of Iceland, The Viridian Legions, ZZ Top
Founded 5 August, 2007
Allies Gothic Religion, Just The Tip, Imperial Coalition, Intoxicated, Meridian's Most Wanted, Post Mortem, United We Stand, The Warriors
Wars None
Last updated on 4 October, 2016
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Chocolate Coated is a flag on the Meridian Ocean formerly of Viridian.

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Blockade history

Cochineal Island VIII: 2008-06-12, Chocolate Coated blockaded after a failed agreement to buy Cochineal from The Merchants. Chocolate Coated lost by 3x0

Moab Island XIIi: 2009-02-21, Chocolate Coated defended on behalf of The Mighty Booch against Fleet of his Imperial Scaled Highness. The Blockade was won by The Mighty Booch by 3x1.

In 2nd March 2009, The Mighty Booch gave Moab Island to Chocolate Coated because Chocolate Coated successfully defended Moab Island for them.

Moab Island XIV: 2009-03-14, Chocolate Coated lose Moab Island by 3x1 to RiddleMakers.

March 21st 2009. On this day, fifteen islands were blockaded, half the ocean's inhabited islands, and the greatest number of blockades in a single day ever on any ocean. Chocolate Coated blockaded 4 islands on that day, simultaneously.

Spectre Island VIII: 2009-03-21, RiddleMakers did not defend. Chocolate Coated won by 3x0

Moab Island VIII: 2009-03-21, Tainted Purity defended on behalf of RiddleMakers. Chocolate Coated lost by 3x0

Jubilee Island VIII: 2009-03-21, Tainted Purity defended on behalf of RiddleMakers. Chocolate lost by 3x0

Terra Island VIII: 2009-03-21, Tainted Purity defended on behalf of RiddleMakers. Chocolate Coated lost by 3x0

Spectre Island VIII: 2009-03-28, Chocolated Coated did not defend the island and lost to RiddleMakers by 3x0

2009-08-31, Tactical Decisions disbanded, leaving Conglin Island and Garden Cradle uncolonized.

Conglin Island XXIII: 2009-08-31, Chocolate Coated, Tainted Purity, Euphoria attacked Conglin Island. Chocolate Coated and Euphoria did not contend.

Spectre Island XVIII: 2009-10-08, Chocolate Coated attacked Spectre Island agaisnt The Enlightened. The Blockade was hard because there wasn't many jobbers on the ocean at that time. The blockade was won by 3x2

Spectre Island XIX: 2009-10-14, Chocolate Coated defended Spectre Island against South of Sanity. The blockade was not sinking in the first 2 rounds. Chocolate Coated decided to accept the war and made the third round sinking. Chocolate Coated won by 3x0

Garden Cradle VIII: 2009-12-20, Chocolate Coated decided to make a double blockade in Endured Destruction with the flag What A Ride. Endured Destruction did not defend the islands. W.A.R succesfully won Swapfen and Chocolate Coated had to fight with Royal Pain (They declared blockade at Garden Cradle also). Chocolate Coated won by 3x0

Windward XI: 2010-02-21, Chocolate Coated attacked Windward Vale in a sinking blockade against Vanguard, which defended in name of Reign of Chaos. Chocolate Coated pull out in the end of round 2, making round 3 a flag sit. Reign of Chaos won by 3x0.