Brink of Dawn

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Brink of Dawn at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Last Monarch Tikao of Dark Horizon
Member crew(s) Brink of Destruction, Dark Horizon, Demons Of The Deep
Founded 15 December, 2007
Dormant as of 23 July, 2013
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Brink of Dawn

Brink of Dawn on the Meridian Ocean was founded in the year 2007 on December 15th by the crew Dark Horizon with the motto Pillage or Perish!.

Brink of Dawn has a pirate hall on Labyrinth Moors.

Current royalty

Former royalty


On December 15th, 2007, the crew of Dark Horizon founded Brink of Dawn with Tikao as monarch. The first royal was Lawson, Dark Horizon's first mate. The original titled members were Captaincorn, Eyeore and Phaedroa, the senior officers of Dark Horizon.

January 2008 - The Free Marauders, Royal Pillagers, Unscrupulous RumRunners and Demons of the Deep join the Flag; Amberash and Captainflood were made royals.

February 2008 - Brink of Dawn reaches eminent fame (#17 on February 13); Brink of Dawn wins their first island, Spectre, in three rounds against Sea Devils on February 24.

March 2008 - #16 in fame in the ocean on March 10; finally made top ten in fame (#10) on March 18.

May 2008 - Bootleg Bandits joins the flag.

June 2008 - #8 in flag fame in the ocean on June 12. Diamond is made royal.

September 2008 - Order in Chaos joins the flag. Successfully defends Spectre island against a level 12 Azarbad the Great Brigand King blockade. BoD chooses not to defend the next weekend against Vanguard and loses Spectre Island.

October 2008 - Achieves illustrious rank and is #4 in flag fame.

November 2008 - Echoes of War and Tribe of Borjigin join the flag.

January 2009 - Cry Havoc transfers Windward Vale to Brink of Dawn.

June 2009 - Collibri is made Royal.

July 2009 - Brink of Dawn successfully defends Windward Vale in three rounds against Blue Mooners, Inc.; The next week Brink of Dawn loses Windward Vale to Outlaw Forces.

August 2009 - Viridis island is transferred to Brink of Dawn from Vanguard after Smarfle win Vanguard's Viridian Idol competition.

October 2009 - The First Fleet blockades Viridis, Brink of Dawn chooses not to defend and allows Antheas to defend for them as a practice blockade. The First Fleet wins.

November 2009 - Brink of Dawn blockades Cochineal Island as part of a 10 island super blockade including the opening of Hadrian. BoD and their alliance won four of the 10 contested islands, including Cochineal. BoD successfully defends Cochineal against Dragon Lords in two successive weekends. Bootleg Bandits and royals Diamond and Falbard leave to start their own flag.

February 2010 - BoD leaves the AoD alliance to join Rudebwoi and Zao in their new alliance, unfortunately both had to leave the game shortly after for personal reasons and the alliance was short-lived.

March 2010 - Boo Our Other Booched blockades Cochineal as a counterdrop to Tainted Purity blockading all three of Chocolate Coated's islands. All four islands are lost.

May 2010 - The alliance dissolves and Brink of Dawn decides to become an independent flag.

'October 2010 - Boob merges with Riddlemakers and transfers Cochineal back to BoD in a flag sitting blockade. Lordlucifer becomes royal.

December 2010 - BoD was delighted to have Masquerade with long time Dark Horizon honorary crew member Biggreenyoho and Sweetsusie join the flag.

Extended public statement

A new beginning... the Dawn of a New Day!

Brink of Dawn was founded to establish a mature, fun flag where every crew has a voice. We are interested in established pillaging crews with strong leadership and active membership, as well as smaller crews who are looking for a place to grow and become great pirates!

To assure an equal voice in the flag, each crew will name a Titled Crew Rep to act as their representative on the forum. All Royal positions will be on a case by case basis based on maturity, leadership, loyalty and ability.

Other titled positions can be earned by contribution to the growth and well-being of the flag.

All Alliance requests will be given full consideration, and will be voted on by the Royals and Titled Members. All Crew requests to join the flag will be considered by the Royals and Titled Members and voted on.

Blockade history

# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 24 February 2008 Spectre IX Attacking No Sea Devils vs. Brink of Dawn 0:3 Won island
2 7 September 2008 Spectre X Defending yes Brink of Dawn vs. The All-Consuming Flame 3:1 Defended island
3 13 September 2008 Spectre XI Defending No Brink of Dawn vs. Vanguard 0:3 Lost island
4 18 July 2009 Windward VII Defending yes Brink of Dawn vs. Blue Mooners, Inc. 3:1 Defended island
5 26 July 2009 Windward VIII Defending yes Brink of Dawn vs. Outlaw Forces 0:3 Lost island
6 17 October 2009 Viridis XXV Defending no Brink of Dawn vs. The First Fleet 0:3 Lost island
7 7 November 2009 Cochineal XII Attacking yes Vanguard vs. Brink of Dawn 0:3 Won island
8 14 November 2009 Cochineal XIII Defending yes Brink of Dawn vs. Dragon Lords 3:0 Defended island
9 22 November 2009 Cochineal XIV Defending yes Brink of Dawn vs. Dragon Lords 3:0 Defended island
10 21 March 2010 Cochineal XV Defending yes Brink of Dawn vs. Boo Our Other Booched 0:3 Lost island
11 17 October 2010 Cochineal XVII Defending yes Boo Our Other Booched vs. Brink of Dawn 0:3 Won island

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