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Azarbad the Great
Azarbad the great
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Azarbad der große
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Azarbad the Great is a Brigand King. He is captain of the crew Flame of Might, king of the flag The All-Consuming Flame on all oceans except Opal, where he is known as Azarbad der Große and is captain of the crew Flamme der Macht and king of the flag Das alles verzehrende Feuer.



Azarbad the Great
Azarbad's crew

Azarbad the Great trims his beard in a four pointed star shape, vaguely reminding of tongues of fire, and dresses in a sumptuous middle-eastern outfit, wearing a unique turban adorned with a stone.

His crew likewise wears middle-eastern clothes. Female swabbies exhibit ornate headdresses, while male swabbies wear special turbans.


The flame theme is by far the most recurring in Azarbad's characterization along with his middle-eastern guise, while hauteur and opulence are secondary traits of his character.

List of known ship names and swabbie adjectives

Both his ships and swabbies are named with firee-themed or imperious adjectives.

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  • Blazing
  • Blistering
  • Burning
  • Domineering
  • Flaring
  • Hot-Headed
  • Hot-Tempered
  • Imperious
  • Indomitable
  • Smoldering

In battle

The brigand king swordfighting backgorund

Unlike most brigand kings, Azarbad the Great can only be fought in a swordfight.

In the fray against his crew, the usual swordfighting background is replaced by a special one.

Battle chants


  • The roar of flames! The clatter of steel! Azarbad the Great is upon you!
  • Azarbad the Great says, "An auspicious day! You will be allowed to witness the glory of Azarbad before your fire goes out!"


  • Azarbad the Great says, "Your poor skills are an insult! Azarbad has no time for games!"
  • Azarbad the Great says, "A shameful display of cowardice! You chicken-hearted curs are not worthy of Azarbad's attention."

Grappling chant

  • Azarbad the Great says, "Flame of Might - show your mettle! For glory! For Azarbad!"


  • Azarbad the Great says, "It - it is an illusion, Azarbad cannot be defeated! Redouble your efforts or you will answer to me!"


  • Azarbad the Great says, "Inconceivable! Azarbad is impressed! Such might! Such prowess! Are you certain we aren't related?"
  • Azarbad the Great says, "Very well, I shall give each of yer dedicated hands one <''Insert trinket name''> in ransom for my release."


  • Azarbad the Great says, "You belong to Azarbad! Behold your destruction and despair! Your riches are now mine by right"

Trinket rewards

In ransom for his release, Azarbad can give to the victorious player four different kind of trinkets: exotic confections, jeweled daggers, ornate earrings and a blazing stone known as the Heart of Fire.

Flotillas & blockades

Azarbad's flotilla icon as seen on Yer known world and from the crown's nest

Azarbad the Great's flotilla is non-sinking and it can be recognized from an icon depicting the Heart of Fire.

If his flotilla is not defeated in time, Azarbad can declare a blockade on a nearby island. Like for any other Brigand King, said blockades are always sinking.


Although in his flotillas Azarbad mostly gathers Arab ships such as dhows, baghlahs and xebecs, it is not unusual for him to deploy war brigs and war frigates as well.

The naming scheme of his ships follows the one of his swabbies.

Current flotilla position

Main article: Current flotilla positions

Governed islands

When the All-Consuming Flame succeeds in taking over an island, Azarbad install himself as a governor, setting up the taxes at 100% and posting the following news.

Island News

  • With boundless grace, Azarbad the Great deigns to allow you access to this island, one of his lesser possessions. You shall bow to his might and follow his writ or be burned asunder!

Palace News

  • Ye have crossed the threshold into the magnificent palace of Azarbad the Great! Dare not to profane his grounds with a single mote of dust or you shall face a fiery retribution.

Shop News

  • The All-Consuming Flame burns brighter as your industry feeds it! Give your labor as kindling to the great conflagration of commerce!

Other in-game occurrences

The Season the Flame

On June 17, 2008 Bia announced that she had received a missive from Azarbad, in which the Brigand King stated that he was willing to provide guidance to pirates in order to beat off Brynhild Skullsplitter and prevent her from colonizing new islands. He so organized an event blockade, the winners of which would have been rewarded with "blockade packages", consisting in ships, stock and money covering war chests for blockading outposts, medium and big islands. The rules for the event blockades were: Non-sinking, Alliances Ignored, Use Maneuvers, One Round, Normal Obstacles, Ships Allowed: Dhow, Baghlah, Xebec.

All the blockades happened on June 27 and they were held on the following islands:

Historical notes

Azarbad the Great made his appearance on the oceans following the release 2007-05-24.

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