United Pillagers Across Viridian

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United Pillagers Across Viridian is an informal list of pirates on Viridian who love to pillage.

Joining UPAV

To join UPAV, simply add your pirate's information to the list below. Note that if you join, you will receive tells from pirates looking for a pillage. To add your name, copy the following text:

{{UP | Pirate_Name | Swordfighting_Standing | Sailing_Standing | Carp_Standing | Bilge_Standing | Guns_Standing | Rumble_Standing | Best_Time_to_Find_You }}

Edit the article section by clicking here and add your information below the line:

<!---Pirates go below this line --->

Replace the bolded terms with your own information. Save the article, and you are on the list.

Using UPAV

If you are setting up a pillage, send a tell to pirates on the list offering them a spot. Send one tell only. Do not use this list if you are close to port or are not planning on attacking ships.

The List

See also the supplementary time chart.

Pirate name Puzzle standing Times online (PT)
SF Sails Carp Bilge Guns Rumble
Achmed Ren Leg Mas Dist Able Anytime you can reach me!
Adalie Leg Gm GM Leg Leg Anytime you can reach me!
Aenima Leg Ult Ult Ult Ult Leg 7am-3pm
Aeternitas Ren Leg Ult M M Dist Evenings!
Aina GM Leg GM GM Leg GM Random
Anabel Ren/GM Ren Mas Res Ren Able Random
Andreiyy Renowned M Dist Renowned GM M Random
Aquadrake M M Dist Leg Dist Typically evenings
Arrgaretha Dist GM Leg Leg Leg Ren 3pm to 8pm Weekdays, Various on Weekends
Asdha Res Res Ren GM Re A Anytime im on i prefer brigand king or KB hunts
Azkaban Leg GM Leg Leg Ren GM Evenings; prefer KB hunts
Blackmaria Ult Ult leg leg Leg 3-9pm
Bluetoes Leg/Ult Ult Leg Ult Ult variable but frequent
Branflakes Ult Leg GM GM Leg GMT, Whenever I can
Bulletproof GM GM GM Res Ult Mornings PT, if I'm not busy, I'd probably come.
Cafcidol Ult Ult Leg Leg Ult M GMT time: Evenings mostly, all the time on weekends.
Calebcuthry A A A A A A Anytime I'm on normally
Captainrich Ren Master Renowned GM Leg A Random
Captainvince Legendary Master Renowned Legendary Grand-Master Legendary Anytime
Cardshark Able Able Dist Gm Mast Dist Weekends, or 5-10pm GMT weekdays
Chax Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Renowned Most Times
Chinchi GM Leg Mas GM Master Res Random/after noon on weekdays; prefer KB hunts
Chuds Proficient Dist proficient Master Proficient Respected Evenings
Cinquains Ren Ult GM Leg GM A Anytime
Contrary Dist Leg Ult leg Ren GM Anytime I'm online
Crazycomet Able Able O-W Distinguished O-W Master O-W Distinguished averaging 5 guns per league (Fine) Able Anytime, maybe not the best stats but available whenever
Cylene GM Leg Leg GM Res Evenings PST
Danish GM GM GM Ren Leg Problaly 17:00 and after. Prefer guns.
Darthnaethus Able Able Able Able Able Able 3:00 to 4:00 P.M., but sometimes I am on at other times, just type /wh Darthnaethus to see whether I'm on or not
Deathjoker Ren Ren Res Leg Dis Ren after 6 pm for GMT +1 time zone
Debarbossa M GM M GM D GM most of the time
Depix Ult Ult Leg Leg Ult Ult Anytime
Diamond Ren Leg Ren GM Ren Res Evenings PST
Discflicker Leg M Leg Leg Leg Anytime
Drilex Ren Res Leg GM Leg 8:30pm PST
Ecclesiates Able Able GM GM Able M Anytime You can Reach me ;).
Eilee Nar/Mas Sol/Dis Sol/Res Sol/Res Sol/Able Able/Dis 6:00-11:00 PM Pirate Time. I also run Barbarian pilly on the Sloop Clueless Clownfish. Alot.
Elpolo Dis M M GM Legendary Res Anytime reach me
Emufarmers Leg M M GM Ren Generally on after noon PST
Erdd M/Ren A A/Dist Res/M A A Weekends; 2-8pm CDST ~ Weekdays; 2-5pm CDST
Etrduke Res Res, O-W M Res, O-W M M Res Distinguished Anytime!!
Evilduck Master GM Dist GM Leg Master Anytime you can reach me.
Forward Ren Leg GM Ult Leg Ren Random
Foxcroft Able Renowned Distinguished Distinguished Able Able Random
Frikinik D Ult Leg Leg M D Almost anytime.
Goldenion Leg GM Leg Leg Leg Mostly during weekends
Hairless Ren M Leg Leg Leg Midnight to 6am, 6pm to 6am on weekends
Hawkings GM/Ren Leg Ult Ult Ren Leg 3pm-8pm, Fairly open on weekends
Hush Leg Ult GM Ult Leg Weekends
Hybridblank Ren Res M Res GM Anytime really
Incredibooch Leg/Ult Ult Ult Ult Leg Whenever I'm on
Irig D GM Leg Leg A A Whenever I'm on
Isaacmulhall Res GM Res GM Able Able Random, looking for KB hunts
Isty Dist Ren M Leg Ren M 7AM-2PM, looking for Elite Pillages
Jackswalloms Dist Respected Able Dist Able Able Random
Jamezrob Ren GM GM GM Ult Able Whenever i'm online, varies.
Jesseakt Leg Leg Ult Leg Ult GM Usually between 3PM-3AM. I'm looking for Brigand King / KB Hunts Especially.
Johndigger Leg Res Leg Leg Leg 9am-12pm
Jurlov Leg Leg GM GM Ult 1pm - 8pm GMT +2
Knirt Leg Leg GM/Leg Ult Leg 4-6pm M-F, If im busy, i just will not.
Kingnewman DIS/RES A A Res A A usually evening on monday to friday and anytme on weekends.But it isn't guaranteed ye wil always find me.
Krull Leg Ult Leg Ult Ult GM If I'm online, gimme a tell and I'll go if I can
Kutsamari A Mas Ren A A Ren Random
Lacoste Leg Ult Ult Ult Ult Whenever you call
Lancey Renowned Master Legendary GrandMaster Master Distinguished Random KB and BKs Are My Passion
Largo Leg Res M Leg M 7pm - 1am GMT M-F, most weekends
Lethe Ren Ult Ren Ult M Ult Evenings GMT. Prefer sails!
Lexinen Leg Ult Ult Ult Ult Mostly weekends, sometimes weekday evenings (EST)
Linis resp Mas Ren dist mas able 10 AM Pirate Time, randomly on weekends
LonelyDucky Ren M Leg GM Dist Random
Magrat Res Leg Ult Ult M Ren M-F 5:30-10:00pm EST, Randomly on weekends
Marcosteel Mas GM/Leg Mas GM GM/Leg Leg/Ult Almost always online
Marydeath Able Mas Mas GM Res Dist Anytime
Mat Ren/GM Ren Leg Leg Res Anytime
Metalmate Distinguished Sailing - Proficient / Rigging - Master Distinguished Renowned Respected Distinguished Weekends
Molerman Leg M Leg M Leg Weekdays 1pm-2ishpm 4-6pm (Pirate Time), Randomly on weekends
Narci Leg ren leg leg leg leg anytime send tell and u see i love almost all the dutys. hate sails.
Naruu Leg Ult Ult Ult Ult 6pm- 8am PST
Nemor Ult Ult Ult Ult Ult Very random. May not come if busy or dont feel like pillaging.
Nikogold Leg Ult Leg Leg Leg GM Anytime
Nordenx Res GM GM M Res Res Anytime
Norviell leg leg master able renowend dist 3pm - 9pm
Oleneestlane Ren Dist Dist Dist Ren When i am on :P
Orm GM Res GM GM Dist Able Anythime
Orr Leg M M Ren M A 9AM-2PM G-T Mon-Fri
Orsina GM Leg GM M Ren 11am-2pm M-F always, other days/times as permitted
Perfectteen Ren Leg GM GM Ult Dis Varies
Perxie Ren M Res M Dis A Random. Mostly Weekends.
Peterbb Res M Leg M Dist Whenever
Pipeline Leg Ult Ult M M Weekends
Quuenpharaoh Ult Ult Ult Ren Ult 7am - 1pm PST
Rgto Ren GM A M Ren A Randoms.
Riseman GM GM GM GM GM Try me anytime, I'll come if not busy/lazing
Runemaker Dist Dist Res Master dist ulti mostly on weekends quiete often most time of day.
Sabnolan Ult Ult Leg Leg Ult Anytime I'm on and not busy
Samout Ult Ult Leg Ult Ult Random.
Shaimus GM Leg Ult GM GM M 8 am to 12 noon Pirate Time
Shalo GM Leg Leg GM GM/Leg Ren/GM Varies, but usually late.
Shiverme M Leg Leg Leg GM Res Evenings after 7pm GMT, Anything but sails!!
Shotsy GM GM GM GM Res Ren Whenever ye can reach me.
Simman Ult Leg Leg Leg Leg N/A Whenever I can be found
Skipperjones Respected GM Ren Leg Res after 3:00 PDT
Skirm Ren GM Ren GM Leg 4pm-7pm PDT.
Smittykid Leg Leg Leg GM Ult Depends
Snickermate GM Leg GM Leg Ren Master Anytime, especially interested in KB hunts
Spektor GM Lege Dist Dist Lege GM Anytime, Love.
Splintus Prof Prof Prof Prof Ult Prof Anytime
Sputty Ult Ult Ult Ult Ult When I can, prefer to help through battles only, so call me just before you enter a battle.
Thehawk GM Ren GM Ren Ren Dist Anytime I am on and not busy.
Treecamel Leg Leg Leg Leg Renowned Master Anytime
Twiggy Leg GM Res Res GM M-F Noon-11pm Server Time, weekends vary.
Tyra Leg Leg Leg Leg Leg Anytime I am online.
Warmapplepie GM-Leg Leg M Leg Dist able Varied.
Yomolamomo Able Master Master Dist Dist Able Any time I'm on, usually around 8PM or 12AM

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