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United Pillagers Across Midnight is an informal list of pirates on Midnight who love to pillage.

Joining UPAM

To join UPAM, simply add your pirate's information to the list below. Note that if you join, you will receive tells from pirates looking for a pillage. To add your name, copy the following text:

{{UP | Pirate_Name | Swordfighting_Standing | Sailing_Standing | Carp_Standing | Bilge_Standing | Guns_Standing | Rumble_Standing | Best_Time_to_Find_You }}

Edit the article section by clicking here and add your information below the line:

<!---Pirates go below this line --->

Replace the bolded terms with your own information. Save the article, and you are on the list.

Using UPAM

If you are setting up a pillage, send a tell to pirates on the list offering them a spot. Send one tell only. Do not use this list if you are close to port or are not planning on attacking ships.

What is UPAM?

United Pillagers Across Midnight is a list - a resource for lone players looking for others to pillage with. Some of us are blessed with giant crews that lead quality pillages at all hours of the day. For the rest of us, there's UPAM.

By signing up with UPAM, you are saying that you enjoy successful high-level pillages, and you intend to pillage often while online. If your name is listed on UPAM, groups looking for jobbers in a blood pillage will come to you offering work. Here's how UPAM works:

  • Anyone can access the UPAM list, and anyone can invite you to pillage. It is your responsibility to decide who to pillage with. If you go on a pillage and the navigator is horrible, then don't accept his or her requests to pillage any more.
  • ANTI-SPAM COUNTERMEASURES: Pillage leaders, when using UPAM to search for jobbers, send a single /tell to each person on the list. Don't send multiple /tells. If you get no reply then the other person is offline or not interested. Here is a sample template: U.P.A.M. Notice : The [ship name] under the command of [pirate] is seeking jobbers for a pillage based in [island name]. Reply to this message for a job invitation. If you receive the message and are not interested, simply say so. There are other people on the list who might want to pillage.
  • Over the course of using UPAM, you will run across exceptional puzzlers and high-quality mates to hang out with. Feel free to /hearty these mates. UPAM was designed as a tool to help those without extensive contact lists. Once you create your own jobber 'black book', you will find yourself relying on UPAM less and less.

Questions about UPAM may be asked in this thread.


See also the supplementary time chart.

Pirate name Puzzle standing Times online (PT)
SF Sails Carp Bilge Guns Rumble
Agham Master Renowned GM Master Leg Anyday after 4-5PM (PST)
Aiella Ult Ult Ult Ult Ult Random, mostly daytime EST
Anderson Leg/Ult GM Leg R/GM GM Evenings
Angara GM/Renowned Ult/Leg Leg/GM Ult/Leg Renowned Varies
Argos Ult Ult Ult Ult Ult Anytime, GMT+1
Arrnold Renowned Renowned Master Master Respected Evenings
Atkxnick GM Master Proficient Distinguished Legendary Legendary everyday after noon PST
Bel Renowned GM GM Leg Renowned Varied - CET time
Betialai GM Leg Leg Ren Leg Varied
Betrys Leg Leg Ult/Leg Ren Able Able Varies. /who Betrys in game
Bgooly Ren Dist Master Master Master Varied (PST)
Bisy Distinguished Master Master Leg Respected Able Daytime GMT
Blimb Leg Ult Ult Ult GM Evenings
Calalilly Ren Respected Distinguished Renowned Distinguished afternoon/late night
Castawayjoe Legendary Renowned Grand-Master Distinguished Respected Able Weekends, EST
Corzak Ult Ult Ult Ult Leg/Ult Afternoon/Evening
Darvid Leg Leg Leg Ult GM Random
Dervla Master Leg GM Leg Able GM Mostly 7-11pm PT weeknights
Donsmythe GM Ult Leg Ult Leg GM Varies
Drilly Ren Leg Leg Leg Ult Afternoons
Edged Master Ren Leg Ult/Leg 1-9 PT weekdays, anytime weekends
Estsanatlehi GM/Leg GM/Leg GM/Leg Leg/Ult er, no Leg Varied but frequent
Evilaurian Leg GM GM Leg Ult Anytime, GMT+1
Firedance Master Leg GM GM Able Afternoons
Flowerthing Able Able Able Distinguished Respected Able 8PM-2AM
Fullbeard Leg Ult Ult Ult Ult Ult Varies
Gameplay Ult Master Hate it Ult Ult Ren Varied but frequent
Gimmekiss GM Master Renowned GM Respected Respected Varies
Greever Neo/Res Sol/Mas Sol/Ren Sol/Ren Sol/Mas Neo/Mas 9am-11PM game time, near daily
Grimmjaw Renowned Master Grand-Master Grand-Master Legendary Distinguished 3pm-8pm EST
Havelan Leg Ult Ult Ult GM Varies
Hutschipferd GM Able Master Able Respected/Distinguished GM Evening
Ironguts Master GM Renowned Distinguished Master Able Early evening/Weekends
Jamalia GM Leg Leg Ult Leg Weekends
Jegregious GM GM Leg Leg Master Ult Weekends, evenings
Jenardo Leg Leg Leg Leg Master Varied
Jerze GM Leg Master GM Able Evening PST + 18
Jsweetie GM Master Renowned Renowned Able Anytime
Keeran GM/Leg Leg Leg Leg Ren Ren Anytime
Kiattia Renowned Master Master M/Ren Dist Varied - BST
Kimmy Renowned Respected Renowned Master Distinguished Able Evenings/Weekends
Klank Leg/Ult Leg/Ult Leg GM GM /Leg Evening/Weekend PDT
Leppy Leg Master Renowned Dist Leg Able Random
Lessah Master Renowed Respected Leg/GM Dist Evening/Weekend PDT
Ligeia GM Leg Leg Leg Ult Leg Varied - BST time
Lj GM Ult Leg Renowned Respected Evenings
Lordkalvan GM hate it Leg Ult GM Master Varied
Mankette Leg Ult Ult Ult Ult Varies
Melanthe Leg Leg Leg Ult GM Evenings
Mightyboosh Leg/Ult Leg/Ult Terrible Ult Leg Leg 6-9pm GMT
Miras Leg Leg Leg Leg/Ult Leg/Ult Varies
Moopmoop Narrow Solid Solid Solid Solid Neo Saturday Evenings
Mzchief Leg Leg Leg Leg Leg Evenings
Nightfalcon Master/Ren Leg/Ult GM GM Respected Varies
Okie GM Master Res Gm/Leg Master/Reknown Res Varies
Onelove Leg/GM Leg GM Leg Leg GM Evening (PDT)
Princessnow Distinguished GM GM Respected Respected Evening(EST)
Ptolemy Leg Ren Ren No Renowned Varies Anytime
Qwequeg Leg GM GM GM GM/Leg No. Anytime
Rebeviper Leg/Ult Ult Ult Leg/Ult GM/Leg Anytime (EST)
Retartet Able Dis Dis Leg/GM Pr Dis Anytime (PST)
Saiseiko Leg GM GM Leg Renowned 1600-0900 UTC
Saltine Leg Leg Master Master Leg
Seerauber GM Leg/Ult Leg/Ult Leg Resp GM/Leg Daytime and after 8pm PST
Sharuka Ult GM Renowned Ult Ult GM After 4pm PST
Shiskra Leg Ult Ult Leg GM Anytime
Shinrai Renowned Renowned Renowned Renowned Distinguished Respected Mostly evenings EST
Simm GM Master GM Leg GM Evening/Weekend (GMT)
Simman Leg Leg Leg Leg Ren N/A When I can be found
Snickelfritz Leg GM GM Leg Leg GM Anytime
Sprngweather Leg Ult GM Leg GM Anytime Weekdays
Steinhauser Leg GM GM Renowned Leg Master Chances are I'm on right now
Strength Leg/Ult Master/Renowned Ult Leg Leg Master/Renowned A lot
Sydney Renowned Leg Renowned Renowned Leg Anytime
Tamera Ult Leg Ult GM GM/Leg Master 6pm - 9pm GMT
Tearydaze GM Leg Leg GM Ult Anytime
Technics GM/Leg GM Master Renowned Legandary Legandary Various
Themachine Leg Ult Ult Ult Leg Anytime
Trollsb Respected Master GM-Leg (varies) GM Master Leg Varies
Xiaohu GM Renowned Leg Renowned Master Anytime
Yukkon GM Distinguished Respected Able Respected Able Anytime

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