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Familiars Won
Princess Clawdia
Leonardo Da Pinchi

Flag Title

Icon royalty.png Princess
Navy Rank

Favorite Trinkets
Trinkets button.png
Sacred skull
Item box unequip.png
Colors-trinket-Sacred skull.png
Battle horn
Item box unequip.png
Colors-trinket-Battle horn.png
Pearl pocket watch
Item box unequip.png
Colors-trinket-Pearl pocket watch.png
Cursed effigy
Item box unequip.png
Colors-trinket-Cursed effigy.png
Locket from a lost love
Item box unequip.png
Colors-trinket-Locket from a lost love.png
Ghost doll
Item box unequip.png
Colors-trinket-Ghost doll.png
Kraken totem
Item box unequip.png
Colors-trinket-Kraken totem.png
Inky Cephalopod doll
Item box unequip.png
Trinket-Inky Cephalopod doll.png
Kraken doll
Item box unequip.png
Colors-trinket-Kraken doll.png
Animal carving
Item box unequip.png
Colors-trinket-Animal carving.png



Sweetcheek has been playing on Viridian since December 30, 2006. She has always been helpful to her crew, and jobbing, taking part in various event blockades, Brigand King hunts, flotillas, and even the new sea monster at Atlantis. Recently, Sweetcheek has gained an injury due to blockades, giving her a hook for a hand. Her alt, Marasweetche, has been rumored to be jobbing for any crew, helping fight any of the previous events mentioned. She's also participated in previous Drawing Contests whose artwork is listed under Marasweetche for view. Sweetcheek's hearties are very important to her. They are usually her 2nd priority. Recently as of February 2020, she has been spotted on Emerald Ocean under the same name since her extended voyage.

Contributions and awards

Crew history

  • Former officer and fleet officer of Midnight Moon
  • 12-30-06 to 1-20-07-Midnight Moon of the flag Imperial Coalition
  • 1-20-07 to 12-5-07-Echoes Of War of the flag Fading Myths
  • 12-5-07 to Present-Echoes Of War of the flag Seastrike Legacy
  • 2-6-2020 to 3-1-2020-senior officer of Guns N" Roses of the flag Deep Purple on Emerald Ocean
  • 3-1-2020 to 4-15-2020-MOB of the flag Black Flag on Emerald Ocean
  • 4-15-2020 to 6-15-2020-Natural Selection of the flag THC on Emerald Ocean
  • 6-15-2020 to 8-27-2020-Dos Crusadoes of the flag Black Flag on Emerald Ocean
  • 8-27-2020 to present- SO & royalty of Taco Tuesday of the flag Beefy Crunch Movement on Emerald Ocean


  • 4-26-07 to 12-5-07 -member of the flag Fading Myths
  • 8-23-07 -Joined Fading Myths Forum site
  • 12-5-07 to Present-lady of the flag Seastrike Legacy
  • 12-16-07 -joined Seatrike Legacy Flag forum[2]
  • 8-27-2020 to Present-princess of the flag Beefy Crunch Movement on Emerald


On defense

Preferred swords

  • Icon Cleaver.png Icon Saber.png Icon Dirk.png

Preferred bludgeon

  • Icon Brass Knuckles.png Icon Leather Gloves.png Icon Rope Coils.png

Collected bludgeons

  • Icon Hook.png Icon Fish.png Icon Broken Bottle.png Icon Skeleton Bone.png Icon Gaff.png


Sloop dock.png
  • Royal Pathfinder
Cutter dock.png
  • Inky Soiree
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