Hunters of Brigand Kings on Viridian

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Hunters of Brigand Kings across Viridian is an informal list of pirates on Viridian who love to hunt Brigand Kings. After the ocean merge, this list was replaced with Hunters of Brigand Kings on Meridian.

Joining HuBoV

To join HuBoV, simply add your pirate's information to the list below. Note that if you join, you will receive tells from pirates looking for a Brigand King hunt. To add your name, copy the following text:

{{UP | Pirate_Name | Swordfighting_Standing | Sailing_Standing | Carp_Standing | Bilge_Standing | Guns_Standing | Rumble_Standing | Best_Time_to_Find_You }}

Edit the article section by clicking here and add your information below the line:

Replace the bolded terms with your own information. Make sure to group yourself by times (and then alphabetical order within time categories) to make this list more useful. Save the article, and you are on the list.

Using HuBoV

If you are setting up a brigand king hunt, send a tell to pirates on the list offering them a spot. Send one tell only. Do not use this list if you are close to port or are not planning on attacking Brigand Kings.

What is HuBoV?

Hunters of Brigand Kings on Viridian is a list - a resource for lone players looking for others to hunt Brigand Kings with. Some of us are blessed with giant crews that lead quality pillages at all hours of the day, with people available to hunt brigand kings. For the rest of us, there's HuBoV.

By signing up with HuBoV, you are saying that you enjoy successful brigand king hunts, and you intend to hunt brigand kings often while online. If your name is listed on HuBoV, groups looking for jobbers in a Brigand King pillage will come to you offering work. Here's how HuBoV works:

  • Anyone can access the HuBoV list, and anyone can invite you to hunt brigand kings. It is your responsibility to decide who to hunt with. If you go on a hunt and the navigator is horrible, then don't accept his or her requests to hunt any more.
  • ANTI-SPAM COUNTERMEASURES: Hunt leaders, when using HuBoV to search for jobbers, send a single /tell to each person on the list. Don't send multiple /tells. If you get no reply then the other person is offline or not interested. Here is a sample template: Hu.B.V. Notice : A [ship size] under the command of [pirate] is seeking brigand king hunters. Reply to this message for a job invitation. If you receive the message and are not interested, simply say so. There are other people on the list who might want to pillage.
  • Over the course of using HuBoV, you will run across exceptional puzzlers and high-quality mates to hang out with. Feel free to /hearty these mates. HuBoV was designed as a tool to help those without extensive contact lists. Once you create your own jobber 'black book', you will find yourself relying on HuBoV less and less.

HuBoV list

See also the supplementary time chart.

Pirate name Puzzle standing Times online (PT)
SF Sails Carp Bilge Guns Rumble
Abomnableguy Grand-Master Renowned Legendary Renowned Legendary Renowned Anytime
Acids Legendary Grand-Master Master Grand-Master Master Master Anytime
Adrielle Distinguished Grand-Master Distinguished Master Master Renowned Anytime - especially at night
Aenima Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Anytime
Aganitta Distinguished Master Respected Legendary Distinguished Able Anytime
Aina Grand-Master Ultimate Legendary Grand-Master Legendary Renowned Anytime
Akarah Legendary Grand-Master Master Ultimate Renowned Renowned Anytime
Alexpeng Legendary Ultimate Legendary Ultimate Renowned Master Anytime
Alishar Legendary Master Master Able Renowned Able Anytime
Allynb Master Master Master Distinguished Master Able Anytime
Anchorannie Renowned Respected Able Renowned Master Master Anytime
Andreea Legendary Legendary Master Grand Master Leg-Ulti Renowned Anytime
Andreiyy Grand-Master Master Master Legendary Able Respected Anytime
Asdha Legendary Respected Master Grand-Master Renowned Distinguished Anytime
Babygurlz Ultimate Grand-Master Renowned Grand-Master Legendary Grand-Master Anytime
Baller Ultimate Renowned Legendary Legendary Ultimate Master Anytime
Batlista Master Respected Distinguished Renowned Renowned Master Anytime
Bbkelley Renowned Legendary Master Grand-Master Renowned Able Anytime
Bessiegaurd Legendary Master Grandmaster Ultimate Distinguished Distinguished Anytime
Bennyboi Renowned Master Distinguished Grand Master Legendary Able Anytime
Bigbobou Distinguished Master Able Respected Master Respected Anytime
Biz Renowned Legendary Grand-Master Master Legendary Master Anytime
Blackalf Legendary Legendary Legendary Grand-Master Legendary Legendary Anytime
Blackstrap Grand-Master Legendary Master Distinguished Master Master Anytime
Blazefire Renowned Distinguished Distinguished Able Respected Able Anytime
Blueduck Respected Legendary Grand-Master Master Master Distinguished Anytime
Bouha Master Master Legendary Master Respected Able Anytime
Brigadier Respecter Master Grand-Master Respected Grand-Master Distinguished Anytime especially weekends
Brock Legendary Grand-Master Legendary Grand-Master Grand-Master Ultimate Anytime
Bumpkins Respected Able Able Distinguished Distinguished Able Anytime
Cachemaree Master Legendary Renowned Legendary Respected Able Anytime
Cachinia Legendary Legendary Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Legendary Anytime
Calla Renowned Legendary Legendary Legendary Respected Renowned Anytime
Cambiata Grand-Master Legendary Legendary Grand-Master Master Legendary Anytime
Canadasailor Respected Master Master Renowned Distinguished Renowned Anytime especially weekends.
Capnhooha Legendary Grand-Master Renowned Legendary Renowned Grand Master Any time especially weekends
Captainblood Renowned Renowned Master Grand-Master Legendary Legendary Anytime
Captaincorn Master Ultimate Respected Distinguished Master Able Anytime
Captainvince Legendary Master Respected Legendary Grand-Master Legendary Anytime
Captinbill Distinguished Able Able Distinguished Able Able Anytime
Celegast Legendary Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Grand-Master Anytime
Centolo Distinguished Grand-Master Legendary Renowned Renowned Distinguished Random
Chaewaki Master Master Respected Respected Renowned Distinguished Anytime
Chalkerx Grand Master Legendary Renowned legendary Ultimate Respected... Anytime
Charlymagno Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Anytime
Chax Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary All the time
Cheesedawg Able Distinguished Master Respected Master Able Anytime
Chinchi Grand-Master Legendary Master Grand-master Master Master Anytime
Chettyharish Distinguished Distinguished Able Able Able Able Anytime
Chockbock Able Able Distinguished Able Distinguished Able Anytime
Cilon Legendary Distinguished Distinguished Able Distinguished Master Anytime
Conquer Respected Distinguished Master Master Distinguished Able Anytime
Coune Legendary Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Grand-Master Anytime
Cpjpirate Able Distinguished Renowned Grand-Master Respected Distinguished Anytime
Crazyboyy Able Distinguished Renowned Grand-Master Legendary Able Anytime
Crx Grand-Master Master Respected Master Respected Respected Anytime
Cydira Respected Ultimate Able Legendary Able Master Anytime
Cyprin Master Master Grand Master Respected Grand Master Respected Anytime
Damita Grand-Master Legendary Ultimate Ultimate Legendary Grand-Master Anytime
Danepirate Respected Distinguished Able Respected Able Distinguished Anytime
Danish Grand-Master Master Renowned (Grand-Master) Grand-Master Renowned (Legendary) Able Anytime
Darkmagcian Distinguished Distinguished Distinguished Distinguished (Respected) Able Master anytime online
Darylsmum Legendary Respected Master Master Distinguished Grand-Master Anytime
Deathband Able Able Respected Able Able Distinguished Anytime
Depix Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Anytime
Deranja Grand-Master Grand-Master Renowned Legendary Master Renowned Anytime
Destructiox Grand-Master Distinguished (Respected) Master (Renowned) Legendary Respected Grand-Master Anytime
Desu Distinguished Legendary Renowned Distinguished Able Legendary Anytime
Devilocean Renowned Master Grand-Master Ultimate Distinguished Able Anytime
Dckid Grandmaster legendary master/renowned master ultimate ultimate anytime
Dito Able Able Respected Legendary Respected Able Anytime
Dondadon Legendary Grandmaster Master Ultimate Grandmaster Able Anytime
Dooks Renowned Respected Legendary Grand-Master Master Distinguished Anytime
Doraemon Able Master Respected Master Distinguished Distinguished Anytime
Dribbleman Legendary Ultimate Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Anytime
Ducklin Grand-Master Master Ultimate Legendary Distinguished Master Anytime
Dunkhan Ultimate Ultimate Legendary Legendary Renowned Master Anytime online
Ecrvtbyn Renowned Renowned Master Grand-Master Respected Grand-Master Anytime
Ediblebob Legendary Master Respected Distinguished Master Legendary Anytime
Ellsbells Able Distinguished Renowned Legendary Master Grandmaster Anytime especially weekends
Elpolo Respected Master Master Grand-Master Legendary Distinguished Anytime
Eragon Distinguished Able Able Able Able Able Anytime
Faetality Grand-Master Grand-Master Grand-Master Grand-Master Renowned Legendary Anytime
Fearsom Master Pro Able Able Able Able Anytime
Flamers Ultimate Ultimate Legendary Ultimate Legendary Master Anytime
Flogem Renowned Master Legendary+ Legendary+ Renowned Renowned Anytime
Felisia Able Able Distinguished Able Able Able Anytime
Francoo Able Able Distinguished Respected Able Distinguished Anytime
Frikinik Distinguished Ultimate Legendary Legendary Master Distinguished Anytime
Geologist GM Ultimate Renowned Ultimate Master Able Anytime weekends, weekdays 8am-2pm
Ghostmutt Able Able Distinguished Distinguished Able Able Anytime
Goldenpearle Distinguished Respected Distinguished Respected Legendary Able Anytime online
Gregg Grand-Master Legendary Legendary Renowned Renowned Ultimate Anytime
Gripperxs Renowned Master Legendary Legendary Grand-Master Renowned Anytime
Happytowork Proficient Legendary Master Grand-Master Renowned Master Anytime weekends, weekdays 3pm-6pm
Hardo Able Master Distinguished Master Able Distinguished Anytime
Hearthealer Able Grand-Master Grand-Master Legendary Grand-master Respected Anytime
Hollyjolly Master Respected Grandmaster Legendary Grandmaster Master Anytime
Iamnotcach Respected Legendary Renowned Legendary Respected Distinguished Anytime
Ikke Legendary Legendary Ultimate Ultimate Master Grand-Master Anytime
Infectedmonk Legendary Master Master Distinguished Legendary Distinguished Anytime
Imamy Proficient Legendary Master Grand-Master Renowned Master Anytime weekends, weekdays 3pm-6pm
Instantflash Distinguished Master Master Distinguished Respected Respected Anytime
Irig Renowned Grand-Master Legendary Legendary Able Able Anytime
Isakara Master Renowned Legendary Legendary Master Renowned Anytime
Ivanovsky Legendary Legendary Ultimate Legendary Grand-Master Legendary Anytime
Iwannacookie grand-master respected renowned distinguished renowned/GM Respected any time
Jackwink Legendary Legendary Ultimate Legendary Legendary Able Anytime
Jacswalloms Distinguished Respected Able Distinguished Abled Able Random
Jademole Renowned Legendary Grand-Master Legendary Respected Renowned Anytime
Jakob Grand-Master Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Grand-Master Anytime
Jami Ultimate Distinguished Renowned Master Grand-Master Able Anytime
Jesseakt Legendary Legendary Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Grand-Master Anytime
Jeppejoik Master Distinguished Distinguished Legendary Master Distinguished Anytime
Jessmail Master Respected.(Master) Distinguished (Respected) Distinguished Distinguished Respected Anytime
Joniboy Grand-master respected Distinguished respected master Distinguished Anytime
Jwf Respected Legendary Grand Master Grand Master Able Respected Anytime
Katarion Able Respected Master Master Master Master Anytime
Kadu Distinguished Legendary Grand Master Grand Master Grand Master Able Anytime
Karexie Able Master Respected Master Able Able Anytime
Kenyaa Renowned Respected Distinguished Legendary Distinguished Able Anytime
Keteplagato Respected Legendary Legendary Legendary Respected Master Anytime
Kheera Grand-Master Grand-Master Grand-Master Grand-Master Distinguished Distinguished Anytime
Khris Distinguised Grand-Master Respected Master Legendary Respected Anytime
Killerzombie distinguished able respected able able able Anytime
Kitoto Able Able Able Master Able Able Anytime
Kiv Respected Grand-Master Legendary Legendary Master Ultimate Anytime
Kiwidude Legendary Respected Distinguished Master Renowned Able Anytime
Klostro Renowned Renowned Master Renowned Master Respected Anytime
Kolibri Renowned Renowned Legendary Renowned Distinguished Master Anytime
Krilla Able Respected Distinguished Legendry Respected Able Anytime
Kutsamari Able Grand-Master Grand-Master Distinguished Able Renowned Anytime
Ladiegracie Renowned Legendary Distinguished Grand-Master Distinguished Able Anytime
Leef Grand-Master Master Grand-Master Grand-Master Master Master Anytime
Lindabud Ultimate Grand-Master Grand-Master Master Renowned Master Anytime
Lixxa Grand-Master Reowned Reowned Distinguished Distingished Distinguished Anytime
Lolowned Master Respected Respected Respected Distinguished Master Anytime
Lucaslayne Distinguished Distinguished Able Distinguished Respected Able Anytime
Lufk Renowned Able Respected Distinguished Renowned Able Anytime
Lukesbro Renowned Renowned Respected Renowned Distinguished Renowned Anytime Especially on weekends
Lylesnipah Able Grand-Master Legendary Able Master Legendary Anytime
Mala Able Distinguished Able Able Respected Master Anytime
Marydeath Able Master Master Grand-Master Respected Distinguished Anytime
Melen Able Distinguished Master Renowned Legendary Master Anytime
Mellii Able Distinguished Able Distinguished Respected


Merethif Able Renowned Grand-Master Able Distinguished Renowned Anytime
Mgm Legendary Legendary Legendary Grand-Master Renowned Master Anytime
Miguels Able Able Able Renowned Able Able Anytime
Mrislander Renowned Master Respected Distinguished Renowned Respected Anytime
Mrkrab distinguished renowned legendary master Grand-Master able anytime
Mrswentz Legendary Ultimate Legendary Distinguished Distinguished Grand-Master Anytime
Mye renowned distinguished master grand-master respected grand-master anytime
Mythseeker Able Master Master Master Able Respected Anytime
Neegig Respected Renowned Renowned Renowned Distinguished Legendary Anytime
Newname Master Respected Grand-Master Ultimate Legendary Grand-Master Anytime
Nikogold Legendary Ultimate Legendary Legendary Legendary Grand-Master Anytime
Nozosparrow Legendary Legendary Respected Ultimate Renowned Legendary Anytime
Onemurdoc Ultimate Legendary Legendary Ultimate Grand-Master Ultimate Anytime
Orm Grand-Master Master Grand-Master Grand-Master Distinguished Able Anytime
Osira Grand-Master Legendary Legendary Renowned Master Distinguished Anytime
Phelusia Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Legendary Legendary Anytime
Physcodaz Distinguished Master Distinguished Master Able Able Anytime
Pipeline Grand-Master Legendary Ultimate Grand-Master Renowned Distinguished Anytime
Pocket Legendary Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Grand Master Anytime
Poemonger Master Legendary Grandmaster Legedary Legendary able Anytime
Potema Able Master Distinguished Renowned Able Able Anytime
Qpwoei Ultimate Legendary Legendary Grand-Master Legendary Master Anytime
Raggedjoe Respected Grand-Master Renowned Master Respected Distinguished Anytime
Raggedrobin Grand-Master Legendary Legendary Master Respected Grand-Master Anytime
Raien Renowned Legendary Grand-Master Legendary Renowned Grand-Master Anytime
Raoul Renonwed Renowned Grand-Master Renowned Grand-Master Able Anytime
Redspitfire Grand-Master Legendary Master Respected Respected Able Anytime
Remiuel Legendary Legendary Legendary Grand-Master Legendary Respected Anytime
Ronnue Legendary Ultimate Legendary Master Legendary Legendary Anytime
Roose Legendary Ultimate Legendary Grand-Master Respected Master Anytime
Sanjih Legendary Legendary Grand-Master Master REspected Respected Anytime
Scotsone Legendary Legendary Legendary Ultimate Grand-Master Renowned Anytime
Scyber grand-master respected distinguished respected renowned able Anytime
Seepnah Legendary Renowned Grand-Master Grand-Master Legendary Able Anytime
Sexynika Ultimate Legendary Legendary Legendary Ultimate Ultimate Anytime
Sexypanda Legendary Grand-master Renowned Legendary Renowned Distinguished Anytime
Seymour Legendary Renowned Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Anytime
Sharkko Grand- Master Legendary able Grand-Master Distinguished Respected Anytime
Shiverme Master Legendary Legendary Legendary Grand-Master Renowned Anytime
Sirpenguin Master Legendary Legendary Grand-Master Grand-Master Legendary Anytime
Smartypants Master Grand-master Renowned Master Respected Respected Anytime
Snickermate GM Leg GM Leg Renowned master Anytime
Soccer Legendary Grand-Master Legendary Grand-Master Grand-Master Ultimate Anytime
Soos Able Legendary respected legendary master master Anytime
Soulcal Master Leg/Ult Reno/GM Master Prof Prof Anytime
Spideyman Able Renowned Renowned Master Able Master Anytime
Squashed Legendary Ultimate Ultimate Grand-Master Master Distinguished Anytime
Steffo Able Respected Able Master Able Renowed Anytime
Stevesevere Renowned Renowned Legendary Master Able Respected Anytime
Sugarboy Legendary Distinguished Able Able Able Able Anytime
Supersheep Grand-Master Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Anytime
Sweetcheek Grand-Master Respected Grand-Master Grand-Master Legendary Respected Anytime
Tenacious Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Anytime
Teranto Grand-Master Renowned Master Master Legendary Master Anytime
Terriblee Grand-Master Grand-Master Renowned Renowned Renowned Master Anytime
Thebrosblack Master Legendary Legendary Legendary Renowned Grand-Master Anytime
Treecamel Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Renowned Master Anytime
Trogo Able Legendary Renowned Grand-Master Master Able Anytime
Trom Able Able Distinguished Able Able Able Anytime
Tyteewytee Master Master Distinguished Master Able Able Anytime
Viperkid Distinguished Master Renowned Legendary Master Able Anytime
Volvagia Distinguished Master Grand-Master Respected Distinguished Respected Anytime
Wa Grand-Master Ultimate Ultimate Legendary Master Grand-Master Anytime
Wetstuff Renowned Respected Renowned Grand-Master Ultimate Distinguished Anytime
Whitesatin Ultimate Legendary Legendary Legendary Master Ultimate Anytime
Wigglesworth Distinguished Distinguished Respected Renowned Able Able Any time
Xaveen Distinguished Grand-Master Ultimate Renowned Legendary Grand-Master Anytime
Xeni Legendary Legendary Ultimate Grand-Master Ultimate Grand-Master Anytime
Zachattack Able Able Able Grand-Master Able Able Anytime!
Zavebe Grand-Master Legendary Grand-Master Legendary Legendary Able Anytime
Zigfried Grand-Master Grand-Master Legendary Legendary Distinguished Respected Anytime
Geadora Distinguished Distinguished Distinguished Respected Able Able Weekends/Holidays
Jimisailor Ultimate Legendary Grand-Master Grand-Master Ultimate Legendary Weekends/Holidays
Puresailor Legendary Legendary Grand-Master Ultimate Legendary Legendary Weekends/Holidays
Beric Grand-Master Ultimate Renowned Ultimate Master Distinguished Weekends
Crimsonk Legendary Respected Master Master Respected Legendary Weekends
Fhob Master Grand-Master Master Respected Respected Legendary Weekends
Plz Master Renowned Legendary Distinguished Legendary Master Weekends
Sevenseas Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Master Weekends
Zaltos Distinguished Able Able Able Able Distinguished Weekends
Yomolamomo Able Master Master Dist Dist Able Any time I'm on, usually around 12AM or 8PM
Isaacmulhall Dis Ren Dis GM/Ren Able Able Around 2-4am game time
Orsino Grand-Master Grand-Master Renowned Master Master Respected Weekdays, 5am-2pm PST
Kleiner Distinguished Grand-Master Respected Master Grand-Master Able 7am - 12am
Dest Renowned Master Respected Grand-Master Able Master Evening (European Time)
Grunf Master Renowned Distinguished Renowned Legendary Renowned 8am - 12pm
Hasz Ultimate Legendary Renowned Ultimate Ultimate Distinguished 8am-1:30pm
Avanleigh Master Respected Master Master Distinguished Distinguished 11a - 2a PST
Applecore Renowned Grand-Master Grand-Master Ultimate Respected Legendary 12 - 6pm PT
Sanjie Renowned Distinguished Renowned Renowned Grand-Master Legendary 12pm-7pm
Adonus Distinguished Able Distinguished Distinguished Able Master 2:30

PM-10:30PM PST

Ndnick Grand-Master Respected Distinguished Distinguished Respected Able Weekdays after 2:30 PST until about 6:00 and on Weekends
Shiuallan Renowned Distinguished Master Respected Renowned Renowned 2-7 PM Server Time Mon-Fri
Hawkings Renowned Legendary Ultimate Legendary Grand-Master Legendary after 3pm pst daily; Anytime on Weekends
Rhodin Grand-Master Ultimate Legendary Legendary Distinguished Grand-Master 3 PM and later (may send alts)
Ashallond Able Grand-Master Distinguished Legendary Able Able 4 - 10pm PT
Crazycomet Able Respected Distinguished Master Master Able Weekdays 4-6 pm, Weekends all day
Haldor Grand-Master Master Respected Legendary Legendary Distinguished 4pm-9pm PST / Weekends / Holidays
Hurly Legendary Ultimate Grand-Master Renowned Legendary Master 4PM-11PMish PST
Wraith Grand-Master Respected Master Grand-Master Legendary Renowned Week:Day 4 to 7p.m./End anytime
Lombar Ultimate/Legendary Legendary Legendary Ultimate Legendary Respected 5pm Game time
Dolann Respected Ultimate Grand-Master Ultimate Master Renowned After 6 PT
Praestigiate Grand-Master Renowned Master Ultimate Master Grand Master After 6 pm game time
Queasy Renowned Legendary Legendary Legendary Grand-Master Legendary Evenings after 6PM PST / Weekends
Wilden Grand-Master Master Renowned Respected Able Able Usually After 6pm
Yoccm Master Respected Master Legendary Repected Renowned Weekdays, 8pm-12pm. Weekends, anytime
Stupidjerk Grand-Master Distinguished Master Renowned Distinguished Grand-Master 11pm - 4am
Azkaban Legendary Grand-Master Legendary Legendary Renowned Grand-Master Evenings
Diamond Renowned Legendary Renowned Grand-Master Renowned Respected Evenings PST
Zazazu Master (brawl would be Ult) Renowned Respected Legendary Able Able Evenings/weekends (may send Corabelle)
Blackpudlian Master Ultimate Legendary Legendary Legendary Grand-Master Random
Bluu Master Respected Master Master Able Able Random
Cadetcaptain Grand-Master Respected Respected Respected Respected Able Random
Childprodigy Legendary Ultimate Respected Ultimate Legendary Able Random
Coboltz Grand Master Respected Respected Distinguished Respected Random {{{8}}}
Cocodude Distinguished Respected Respected Grand-Master Able Distinguished Random
Earbeard Grand-Master Legendary Grand-Master/Renowned Grand-Master / Master Legendary Grand-Master Random
Eldouche Master Legendary Legendary Master Able Able Random
Fiercepirate Grand-Master/Legendary Master Respected/Master Master Distingushed Respected Random
Foxcroft Able Renowned Distinguished Distinguished Able Able Random
Hogar Able Legendary Legendary Legendary Respected Distinguished Random
Hollisue Distinguished Respected Able (Distinguished) Master Able Distinguished Random
Imtotallymy Able Distinguished Master Master Ultimate Respected Random
Jooney Renowned Renowned/Grand-Master Renowned Master Distinguished Respected Random
Kieronm Master Distinguished Distinguished Respected Able Distinguished Random
Lancey Renowned Master Legendary GrandMaster Master Distinguished Random
Lansky Grand-Master Legendary Master Grand-Master Able Renowned Random
Manekin Able Master Distinguished Grand-Master Distinguished Able Random
Olcaz Renowned Master Master Master Distinguished Distinguished Random
Oliffwyn Grand-Master Legendary Ultimate Ultimate Distinguished Legendary Random
Peterljr Renowned Distinguished Grand-Master Distinguished Master Able Random
Poochy Legendary Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Legendary Ultimate Random
Remalle Master Master Master Renowned Renowned Able Random
Rover Legendary Ultimate Ultimate Master Grand-Master Grand-Master Random
Saharsh Able Grand-Master Distinguished Master Master Able Random (mostly weekends)
Scapegoat Grandmaster Ultimate Renowned Grand-Master Distinguished Able Random (mostly on Monday/Wednesday/Friday)
Seaz Able respected Grand-Master Renowned respected master random
Shogia Legendary Grand-Master Ultimate Ultimate Renowned Legendary Random
Tange Grand-Master Respected Grand-Master Legendary Legendary Legendary Random
Tookster Renowned Grand-Master Legendary Grand-Master Renowned Grand-Master Random
Usonia Respected Master Master Grand-Master Respected Renowned Random
Veretian Able Distinguished Respected Respected Distinguished Able Random

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