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Navy Rank

  • Ensign
  • Chief Petty Officer
  • Sailor


Marasweetche, formerly known as Sweetcheek, is a senior officer of the crew Brother to Brother on the Viridian Ocean and member of the flag Brethren Court. On Sage Ocean she is currently an officer of the crew Fortunes by Blood of the flag Crimson Tide, gaining her stats on the rest of the oceans. She hopes to create her own crew sometime in the future on one or more of the 3 doubloon oceans.

UPDATE: Marasweetche has been rumored to be spotted on Cerulean Ocean & is officer of the crew Luctor Et Emergho. Window Lickers seems to be the flag of choice for this member & lieutenant in Namath Island Navy in Jade Archipelago. The renewed pirate has been said to already undertaken the Sea Monsters & seen on the island buying property after returning from nowhere years later. From time to time Marasweetche visits the newly popular Emerald Ocean where all the action is these days, among the pirate community.

Living quarters

Contributions and awards

  • Questionaire Results:[1]

Based on your answers you are.. "Asek"


-Achiever 73.33%,

-Explorer 40.00%,

-Killer 33.33%,

-Socializer 53.33%

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