Hunters of Brigand Kings on Sage

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Hunters of Brigand Kings on Sage is an informal list of pirates on Sage who love to hunt Brigand Kings. After the ocean merge, this list was replaced with Hunters of Brigand Kings on Emerald.

Joining HuBS

To join HuBS, simply add your pirate's information to the list below. Note that if you join, you will receive tells from pirates looking for a Brigand King hunt. To add your name, copy the following text:

{{UP | Pirate_Name | Swordfighting_Standing | Sailing_Standing | Carp_Standing | Bilge_Standing | Guns_Standing | Rumble_Standing | Best_Time_to_Find_You }}

Edit the article section by clicking here and add your information below the line:

Replace the bolded terms with your own information. Make sure to group yourself by times (and then alphabetical order within time categories) to make this list more useful. Save the article, and you are on the list.

Using HuBS

If you are setting up a brigand king hunt, send a tell to pirates on the list offering them a spot. Send one tell only. Do not use this list if you are close to port or are not planning on attacking Brigand Kings.

What is HuBS?

Hunters of Brigand Kings on Sage is a list - a resource for lone players looking for others to hunt Brigand Kings with. Some of us are blessed with giant crews that lead quality pillages at all hours of the day, with people available to hunt brigand kings. For the rest of us, there's HuBS.

By signing up with HuBS, you are saying that you enjoy successful brigand king hunts, and you intend to hunt brigand kings often while online. If your name is listed on HuBS, groups looking for jobbers in a Brigand King pillage will come to you offering work. Here's how HuBS works:

  • Anyone can access the HuBS list, and anyone can invite you to hunt brigand kings. It is your responsibility to decide who to hunt with. If you go on a hunt and the navigator is horrible, then don't accept his or her requests to hunt any more.
  • ANTI-SPAM COUNTERMEASURES: Hunt leaders, when using HuBS to search for jobbers, send a single /tell to each person on the list. Don't send multiple /tells. If you get no reply then the other person is offline or not interested. Here is a sample template: Hu.B.S. Notice : A [ship size] under the command of [pirate] is seeking brigand king hunters. Reply to this message for a job invitation. If you receive the message and are not interested, simply say so. There are other people on the list who might want to pillage.
  • Over the course of using HuBS, you will run across exceptional puzzlers and high-quality mates to hang out with. Feel free to /hearty these mates. HuBS was designed as a tool to help those without extensive contact lists. Once you create your own jobber 'black book', you will find yourself relying on HuBS less and less.

HuBS list

See also the supplementary time chart.

Pirate Name Puzzle standing Times online (PT)
SF Sails Carp Bilge Guns Rumble
Accoutre Master Renowned Distinguished Distinguished Distinguished Able Anytime
Addihockey Able Distinguished Respected Able Distinguished Able Anytime I am online
Admiraljon Grand-master Grand-master Master Legendary Distinguished Respected Anytime or Random
Ahito Legendary Legendary Distinguished Legendary Legendary Able Anytime
Akshaj master distinguished able respected distinguished distinguished Anytime
Albertross Respected Respected Able Respected able Repected Too often
Aldeberan Respected Master Renowned Grand-Master Respected Able Anytime
Alexishere Grand-master Distinguished Respected Proficient Grand Master Able Anytime
Aliese Able Distinguished Distinguished Master Legendary Able Anytime
Amir Legendary Legendary Renowned Grand-Master Ultimate Able Anytime
Angeljessie Distinguished Master Ultimate Respected/Master Distinguished Respected Anytime
Angentjack Able Able Able Able Able Able anytime
Arkarian Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Distinguished Ask when I'm online!
Assassina Able Distinguished Distinguished Distinguished Able Able Anytime
Barbapelua Grand-master Renowned Master Distinguished Master Distinguished anytime
Bboyrob Legendary Respect Master Respect Master Legendary Random or Anytime
Cailoo Ultimate Legandary Legandary Grand-Master Ultimate Grand-Master always ;)
Cheesman Grand-Master Master Master Ultimate Master Able Anytime
Cayenne Renowned Renowned Grand-Master Legendary Master Grand-Master Anytime
Cero Legendary Distinguished Renowned Respected Master Respected Anytime
Chiief Grand-Master Master Legendary Legendary Respected Able Anytime
Countrygirly Varies, but I'm better in a group brawl Para/Leg Master Exp/Leg Master Weighty/Leg Varies, but often Ask anytime!!!
Deppluver Master Master Grand Master Grand Master Renowned Able Anytime
Djones Proficient Legendary Renowned Master Able Distinguised Anytime
Dooba Solid / Renowned Weighty / Renowned Expert / Legendary Paragon / legendary Expert / Grand-Master Weighty / legendary anytime
Dylancecka Solid / legendary Weighty / Master Solid / Respected Weighty / Renowed Solid / Respected Broad / Able Anytime
Eagleyo Solid/Grand-Master Weighty/Renowned Expert/Legendary Weighty/Renowned Solid/Renowned Solid/Master Anytime
Elva Grandmaster Grandmaster Legendary Legendary Legendary Able Anytime
Epifany Master Distinguished Distinguished Able Able (varies) Renowned Anytime I'm on!
Emerlaus GM + Legendary Respected + Master + respected + Master + Anytime between 2 Pm and 4 Pm during week and anytime during weekends
Etrigan Grandmaster Respected Legendary Renowned Distinguished Legendary Anytime
Explode Legendary Legendary Renowned Master Legendary Respected Anytime
Freezezt Distinguished Distinguished Distinguished Distinguished Master Able Anytime
Fritis G-M Respected Master Renowned Distinguished Master Almost all time
Fudog Renowned Master Renowned Master Master Able Anytime
Funfishy Grand-Master Renowned Master Master Distinguished Grand-Master Anytime
Gas Master Legendary Respected Grand Master Ultimate Able Anytime
Glinda Legendary Solid Narrow Weighty Solid Broad Anytime
Grodanknorr Grand-master Master Legendary Distinguished Distinguished Able Anytime
Gundusalvis Respected Grand-Master Grand-Master Legendary Grand-Master Distinguished Anytime I'm online
Haroldinho Ultimate Master Able Distinguished/Respected Legendary Renowned Anytime
Haunt Ult/Leg Legendary Respected Legendary Master Ult/Leg Anytime
Heroicpercil Master/Respected Master/Respected Able Distinguished Usually Distinguished-Master Able Anytime
Illumynatuz Renowned Grand-Master Grand-Master Legendary Legendary Grand-Master Anytime
Incandescent Renowned Legendary Grand-Master Legendary Master Legendary Anytime
Johng Respected Renowned Distinguished Distinguished Able Distinguished Anytime
Jono Master Master Master Legendary Respected Able Anytime I am on and not running a pilly :)
Kadazzle Legendary Renowned Legendary Legendary Legendary Master Anytime
Kakurekage Able Respected Distinguished Respected Distinguished Able Anytime
Keelia Master Legendary Respected Distinguished Respected (darn this laptop! I miss my GM!) Distinguished Anytime, if ye can pull me away from the Poker table!
Kickoo Grand-Master Renowned Renowned Able Grand-Master Master Anytime
Kojostiks Master Respected Distinguished Grand-Master Respected Grand-Master [b]Mostly Always[/b]
Lildevil Able Grand-Master Grand-Master Master Able Able Anytime
Linsolite Respected Respected Able legendary respected Respected on Weekends and on poker days
Lucafira Renowned Master Distinguished Distinguished Distinguished Master Anytime
Massov Proficient Proficient Distinguished Master Proficient Master Anytime
Megacaptain distinguished able able able distinguished Grand-Master online most of time
Molflanders Grand-Master Master Grand-Master Renowned Master Master Anytime
Marika Solid/Master Expert/Distinguished Expert/Master Expert/Master Weighty/Distinguished Narrow/Respected Mondays and Saturdays all day, Wednesday and Friday afternoons
Mattofsage Legendary Grand Master Grand Master Renowned Master Able Almost Always
Mazzy Distinguished Respected Renowned Distinguished Master Able Anytime
Monkwyman Respected Able Respected Renowned Master Distingiushed All the Time
Mrjudorules Neophyte Broad Neophyte Broad Apprentice Apprentice Anytime
Mukaltin Grand Master Master Renowned Legendary Able Able Anytime
Pacifit Grand Master Legendary Legendary Respected Grand Master Distinguished Any time
Pletoo Master Legendary Grand Master Legendary Able Renowned Anytime - PM me on the forums -I'll hop on if available
Pingied Distinguished Master Respected Renowned Respected Grand-Master Random or Any time
Pokafaced Legendary Legendary Legendary Renowned Grand-Master Distinguished Anytime
Quuenpharaoh Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Any time
Robbertom Master Master Able Master Legendary Respected Any Time
Sarav Distinguished Distinguished Able Distinguished Master Able Anytime I am Online
Sashamorning Master/Renowned Grand-Master Legendary Legendary Ultimate Master Anytime
Slyjohnny Master Master Respected Able Respected Distinguished Anytime (GMT)
Shotmenot Grand-Master Legendary Renowned Grand-Master Distinguished Master Anytime
Sparroz Grand-Master Legendary Grand-Master Renowned Master Master Anytime
Spellbinding respected legendary respected legendary master able always
Strunz Renowmed Distinguished Master Legendary Able Grand-Master Anytime
Sweetmantwo Ultimate Grand-Master Master Ultimate Renowned Distinguished Anytime
Theemperor Renowned Distinguished Distinguished Master Distinguished Renowned Anytime
Tucansam Grand-master Respected Able Able Legendary Able Anytime
Teokk Ultimate Able Distinguished Renowned Distinguished Master Most time
Vypra Grand-Master Distinguished Master Grand-Master Grand-Master Distinguished Anytime
Yougotowned Renowned Master Master half ult Distinguished Renowned anytime
Zangzag able able resp/mast distinguished Respected Able anytime
Bloaty Grand-Master/ Renowned Master/Respected Renowned Grand-Master Distinguished Distinguished Weekends
Phaang Grand Master Grand Master Distinguished Legendary Legendary Grand Master During the weekends im usally on
Abram Able Respected Able Able Distinguished Able Midnight to 9 AM
Locknload Renowned Renowned Maser Grand-Master Grand-Master Master 12am-3pm
Slughorn Legendary Grand-Master Distinguished Master Respected Able 00:00-04:00,06:30-07:45
Senxiar Legendary Grand-Master Grand-Master Legendary Ultimate Renowned 2am - 7am Game time Friday and Saturday
Omoliame Master Legendary Legendary Legendary Master Renowned 5 am - 5 pm Game Time
Demonmaster Renowned Legendary Grand-master Grand-master Grand-master Distinguished Antytime between 9am - 2pm pirate time
Mastervaderx Master Able Able Distinguished Distinguished Distinguished 9:00 am -10:00 pm
Jackjoke Grand-Master Distinguished Master Master Grand-Master Master 11:30 am pst - 6:20 pm pst
Sparkywolf Grand-Master Ultimate Renowned Legendary Renowned Able 11:00am-7:00pm weekdays
Trowzers Grand-Master Legendary Ultimate Legendary Master Grand-Master Varies - but try 11.00-03.00
Daggerdarla Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Random/ 12-4pm pirate time
Skaterkid Legendary Ultimate Grand-master Ultimate Ultimate Legendary 12:00(noon)-7:30pm on weekdays, random weekends
Tilinka GM/Legendary Grand-Master Legendary Legendary Ultimate Grand-Master 12:00-10:00 PM PST
Montag Legendary Ultimate Ultimate Legendary Legendary Respected 1 p.m.-3p.m. weekdays, 10 a.m.-2p.m. weekends
Soza Grand-Master Grand-Master Grand-Master Grand-Master Master Distinguished Most days after 1 PST and almost all day on weekends
Roywilliams Legandary Master Renowned Grand-Master Grand-master Respected Usually anytime between 1:30Pm to 3Am
Sandmann Narrow/Respected Solid/Master Broad/Respected Solid/Renouned Narrow/Respected Broad/ Respected In Game Time: usually around 2 - 3 and 4 - 7
Kenpachi Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Grand-Master 2:30pm-9:00pm on weekdays Random on weekends
Zyktons Weighty / Legendary Expert / Legendary Expert / Legendary Expert / Legendary Paragon / Legendary Narrow / Able 2:30pm -11:00pm daily
Matsuyama Solid/Legendary Paragon/Renowned Expert/Renowned Weighty/Master Solid/Respected Apprentice/Respected 3PM-9PM game time on weekdays.
Fyre Grand-Master Legendary Grand-Master Master Legendary Master 4pm-8pm game time on weekdays, all day weekends
Krystine Master Grandmaster Legendary Legendary Master Able 4-12 pm
Masterofyou Renowned Grand Master Grand Master/Legendary Grand Master Grand Master Able After 4pm game time
Maswan Able Distinguised Distinguished Able Distinguished Distinguished 4PM-11PM
Riggie Renowned Legendary Grand-Master Grand-Master Grand-Master Respected 4 pm - 9 pm Weekdays, variable weekends
Hulapirates GM Ult/Leg Ult/Leg Ult/Leg Renowned Able weekends & evenings EST
Jameshook Grand master Renowned Renowned Master Renowned Able early evenings,Weekends
Hehayo Grand-Master(+) Renowned(+) Distinguished Distinguished Legendary(+) Able Usually around 7pm-1am U.S. time or random
Guppygurl Legendary Ultimate Legendary Ultimate Legendary Respected 7-11 pm
Daftgirl Respected Master Solid/Able Respected Broad/Able Grand-master Between 8-12pm W/D, try anytime W/E
Douglasg Grand-Master Master Grand-Master Distinguished Master Able 8PM-11:59
Juggernautt Grand-Master Grand-Master Grand-Master Ultimate Renowned Renowned Random, mostly 8-11 game time
Mirunea Grand-Master Ultimate Renowned Ultimate Master Master Afternoons; I check my PMs frequently
Devalin Master Resppected Renowned Respected Respected Respected Evenings Pacific
Emmers Distinguished Renowened Master Grand-Master Respected Able Almost anytime, mostly often weekday evenings, weekend mornings/afternoons
Aethera Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Ultimate Random
Akerasi Legendary Ultimate Legendary Ultimate Legendary Ultimate Random
Alyssajames Able Legendary Respected Legendary Able Respected Random
Amaria Able Distinguished Respected Distinguished Able Able Random
Ameliia Able Distinguished Respected Grand-Master Master Able Random
Ariastess Grand-Master Legendary/Ultimate Legendary Renowned Renowned Able Random, usually nights and evenings
Armillaria Renowned Grand-master Legendary Legendary Master Distinguished Random
Billyb Grand-master Legendary/Ult Ultimate Ultimate Legendary Legendary Random
Billybobbob Proficient Able Able Able Able Able ask to see if online, anytime online
Blazingsaber Able Distinguished Distinguished Renowned Respected Distinguished Random
Brassai Renowned Ultimate Legendary Legendary Respected Distinguished Random
Caelus Renowned Grand-Master Respected Renowned Respected Grand-Master Random, feel free to ask
Captaintj Legendary Renowed Master Legendary Ultimate Master Random
Castanje Distinguished Master Grand Master Master Master Master Random
Cecidrake Legendary Legendary Legendary Grand-Master Legendary Distinguished Random
Coldstonery Legendary Ultimate Grand-Master Ultimate Legendary Grand-Master Random
Crazyfighter Legendary Renowned Legendary Grand Master Legendary Renowned Random
Crfandy Distinguished Distinguished Distinguished Distinguished Respected Respected Random
Crossfire Legendary Legendary Legendary Ultimate Legendary Legendary Random
Dancerking Distinguished Master Respected Renowned Master Master Randomly (afternoon GMT ish)
Deathsblade Grand-Master Renowned Grand-Master Grand-Master Renowned Able Random
Enrico Ultimate Legendary Legendary Legendary GM Renowned Random
Eyenor Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Grand Master Random
Faceless Renowned Able Master Renowned Distinguished Distinguished Random/Anytime
Fatewind Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Random
Feliza Respected Distinguished Distinguished Renowned Distinguished Able Day and evening GMT
Flashgordan Renowned Renowned Able Master Distinguished Master I am online often for a while on a daily basis.
Frikandel Grand-Master Grand-Master Ultimate Legendary Renowned Legendary Random
Furshizzle Legendary Legendary Master Master Grand-Master Able Random
Galder Legendary Renowned Renowned Master Respected Grand-Master Random
Giselle Renowned Renowned Renowned Grand-Master Grand-Master Able Random
Glide Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Ultimate Legendary Random
Googirl Grand-Master Legendary Renowned Legendary Renowned Grand-Master Random
Gravey Renowned Renowned Legendary Master Master Master Random
Grengar Grand-Master Legendary Legendary Legendary Grand-Master Legendary Random
Grudz Solid / Grand-master Expert / Renowned Solid / Master Expert / Master Weighty / Grand-master Narrow / Able Random
Heilheidi GM GM Legendary Legendary Respected Legendary random, usually after 10am PT
Ilovemakaria Broad Solid Broad Weighty Broad Apprentice Random
Jakaubrey Master Legendary Legendary Master Renowned Grand-Master Random
Jeanette Legendary / Ultimate Master / Renowned Master Master Able Able Random
Jorinda Grand-Master Legendary Ultimate Legendary Distinguished Able Random
Jurika Able Master Respected Weighty Able Distinguished Random
Kaozpyrate master renowned Renowned Legendary Grand-master Legendary Random
Karoliss Grand-master / Legendary Renowned Legendary Ultimate Respected Able Random
Kimital Master Distinguished Master Able Renowned Master Just send a tell
Kirubo Legendary Ultimate Ultimate Legendary Grand-master Grand-master Random
Koenios renowned/GM able respected renowned distinguished able send a tell
Kosmos Renowned Master Distinguished Distinguished Master Able Random
Kruxx Renowned Ultimate Legendary Ultimate Legendary Legendary Random
Kurtmeister Able Respected Master Grand-Master Renowned Master Random
Ladyjai Legendary Renowned Distinguished Grand-Master Respected Renowned Random N.B also check Jadylai/Gypsyjayne as may be on an alt
Ladysushi Grand-Master Grand-Master Respected Respected Respected Renowned Random
Legotim Master Master Respected Grand-Master Legendary Able Random
Lumarian legendary Legendary Respected Ultimate Master Renowned Random
Maadneet Renowned Legendary Legendary Legendary Master Master Random
Marybear Legendary Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Legendary Legendary Random
Martinkata Renowned Grand-Master Master Legendary Master Master Random
Mcloud Respected Distinguished Distinguished Renowned Able Grand-Master Random
Mcsmeesh Respected Respected Respected Grand-Master Distinguished Able Random
Mdr Legendary Ultimate Legendary Legendary Grand-Master Legendary Random
Mehaa Legendary Grand-Master Master Grand-Master Leg/Ult Renowned Random
Mennik able able Distinguished able able Distinguished random
Michellem distinguished master master renowned respected legendary random
Mirandum Grand-Master Renowned Distinguished Grand-Master Able Able Random
Mischu Legendary Legendary Legendary Ultimate Master Legendary Random
Missbehavin Renowned Master Able Master Distinguished Able Random
Monty Able Master Respected Distinguished Able Able Random
Mootsie Legendary Legendary Ultimate Legendary Ultimate Ultimate Random
Mythjan Renowned Master Legendary Ultimate Master Able Random
Nicash Legendary Master Master Distinguished Respected Master Random, on alt Nics too
Nightninja Grandmaster Legendary Renowned Distinguished Renowned Master When i'm online
Nikity Grand-Master Legendary Renowned Legendary Master Master Random
Nikolaas Legendary Ultimate Grand-Master Ultimate Grand-Master Ultimate Random
Nooblar Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Legendary Legendary Random
Notsuchalady Renowned Legendary Legendary Grand-Master Grand-Master Able Random
Panteraa Legendary Grand-Master Legendary Legendary Renowned Legendary Random
Peterpiratt Able Able Able Able Able Able Random
Picklator Grand-Master Legendary Ultimate Ultimate Renowned Grand-Master Random
Princessj Legendary Legendary Ultimate Ultimate Grand-Master Ultimate Random
Raiderdeath Able Renowned Distinguished Master Master Master Random
Raminagrobis Respected Grand-Master Grand-Master Grand-Master Grand-Master Legendary Random
Rayul Grand-master Master Master Renowned Grand-master Respected Random
Rhoi Able Renowned Grand-Master Renowned Grand-Master Respected I'm almost online 12 hrs. a day
Rixi Legendary Ultimate Legendary Ultimate Legendary Ultimate Random
Rsenkrantz Legendary Ultimate Legendary Ultimate Ultimate Grand-Master Random
Seabringer Master Master Distinguished Grand-Master Respected Able Random
Seraphin Distinguished Distinguished Distinguished Master Distinguished Able Random
Sexiergirl Able(better at team SF) Able Able Respected Able Able Random
Shacky Renowned Legendary Grand-Master Renowned Master Random {{{8}}}
Shadowtiger Distinguished Legendary Renowned Legendary Respected Able Random
Sicc renowned master renowned renowned master master most of the time
Silverpirate Grand-Master Grand-Master Master Master Master Master Random
Skipperbc renowned/M GM/renowned GM/renowned Leg/GM Respected GM/renowned Random or anytime
Slvr Distinguished Legendary Renowned Grand-Master Renowned Master Random
Soccercolin Respected Respected Distinguished Distinguished Distinguished Able Random
Stellahorse Legendary Legendary Legendary Grandmaster Renowned Able Random
Stmk Distinguished Respected Distinguished Respected Distinguished Able Random, mainly on Sundays and Mondays game time.
Tomiren Distinguished/Able Distinguished/Able Master Able Respected Able Random
Tuucciz Legendary Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Legendary Legendary Random
Ubahman Renowned Renowned Master Grand-Master Master Grand-Master Random
Uglylad Renowned Grand Master Master Master Distinguished Able Random
Vader Legendary Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Master Legendary Random
Windbandit Grand-Master Renowned Renowned Grand-Master Master Respected Random
Winner Able Distinguished Master Able GM Able Random
Xacto Grand-Master Distinguished Respected distinguished Respected Renowned. Ask to see if online
Xanto Master Legendary Master Able Able / Distinguished Legendary Random
Yadyad renowned master renowned grande master Master Renowned random
Yarly Grand-Mater Legendary Grand-Master Master Grand-Master Legendary Random
Yaruto Ultimate Legendary Grand-Master Ultimate Renowned Renowned Random
Ynahteb Grand-Master Legendary Ultimate Grand-Master Legendary Able Random
Zerozz Broad Expert Weighty Solid Solid Narrow Random
Zod Able Legendary Able Master Able Able Ask to see if online
Zox Distinguished Distinguished Distinguished Able Respected Able Random

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