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Flotilla Hunters of Sage is a group that helps pirates find quality battle navigators. Their goal is for everyone to have fun in flotillas.

Battle Navigators

Please use this format when adding names to the list in alphabetical order:

*Pirate / Highest Battle Navigation standing / Ship preference

  • Amir / Grand-Master
  • Billyjoejoe / Distinguished
  • Blackalicous / Grand-Master
  • Blazee / Respected
  • Bootydropper / Grand-Master
  • Boysniper / Distinguished
  • Bruins / Grand-Master
  • Burninator / Legendary
  • Chrisslat / Grand-Master
  • Cowpirate / Legendary
  • Crain / Renowned
  • Dargomis / Legendary
  • Douinette / Legendary
  • Dylancecka / Renowned
  • Elitejack / Grand-Master
  • Elva / Renowned
  • Fireydeath / Master
  • Fordude / Master
  • Galder / Legendary
  • Grudz / Grand-Master
  • Hailbush / Grand Master / War Brig
  • Hakerz / Distinguished
  • Icefrogger / Renowned
  • Jumparound/Grand Master
  • Kadazzle / Legendary
  • Killercat / Legendary
  • Kritikal / Ultimate
  • Kosmos / Renowned
  • Lofwyr / Legendary
  • Luigi / Legendary
  • Lurv / Proficent
  • Lykojeyot / Legendary
  • Massov / Renowned
  • Ordunio / Legendary
  • Pash / Legendary
  • Picklator/ Legendary
  • Poseidonus / Ultimate
  • Prosurfer / Ultimate
  • Rayul / Master
  • Robbertom / Legendary
  • Roiesword / Master
  • Ronindh / Master
  • Runeage / Respected
  • Ruthless / Able
  • Shacky / Renowned
  • Silverpirate / Master
  • Slughorn / Renowned
  • Solder / Legendary
  • Soyabean / Ultimate
  • Stealthy / Grand-Master
  • Stupidlkk / Master
  • Themate / Respected
  • Tkillerhe/ Renowned
  • Valandir / Legendary
  • Whitepansies / Master


See also the supplementary time chart.

Note that if you add yourself, you will receive tells from battle navigators, who wish to enter a flotilla. To add your name, copy the following text:

{{FH | Pirate_Name | Sailing_Standing or Rigging_Standing | Carp_Standing | Bilge_Standing | Guns_Standing | Best_Time_to_Find_You }}

Edit the article section by clicking here and add your information below the line, but keep the list itself in alphabetical order:

<!---Pirates go below this line --->

Replace the bolded terms with your own information and X out any station you do not want to do. Save the article, and you are on the list.

Pirate name Puzzle standing Times online (PT)
Sails/Rigs Carp Bilge Guns
Albertross Ren+ X Ren+ X
Aldeberan Ren+ Ren+ Ren+ X
Alexlex X X X Leg+
Amir Ren+ X Ren+ X
Andraala X Ren+ Ren+ X
Arkarian X
Assassina X X Ren+ Ren+
Asterea Ren+ X Ren+ X
Bhal Ren+ X Ren+ X
Billyjoejoe Ren+ X Ren+ X
Boysniper Ren+ X Ren+ Ren+
Butnic Ren+ X Ren+ X
Capndylan Ren+ X X X
Capndylann Ren+ X X X
Colahen X
Copp Ren+ X X X
Cortelyou X X X Ren+
Cowpirate X Ren+ Ren+ X
Crain Ren+ Ren+ X Ren+
Crazyfighter Ren+ X Ren+ X
Cutieforever Ren+ X X X
Daggerdarla X Ren+ Ren+ Ren+
Domokun Ren+ Ren+ X Ren+
Doomass X Ren+ Ren+ X
Duffy X X Ren+ X
Eagleyo X Ren+ X Ren+
Elitejack Ren+ X Ren+ Ren+
Elphy Ren+ X Ren+ X
Ericbeard X Ren+ Ren+ X
Fafdsfr Ren+ Ren+ Ren+ X
Fatewind Ren+ X X Ren+
Fivethousand X X Ren+ X
Freezezt X X X Ren+
Fuzzywuzzy Ren+ X X X
Gladstone X X Ren+ X
Goldeye X X Ren+ X
Gundusalvis Ren+ Ren+ X Ren+
Gwen X GM+ GM+ X
Hakerz X Ren+ Ren+ Ren+
Handytom X X Ren+ X
Hellohi Ren+ Ren+ X Ren+
Henryw Ren+ X Ren+ X
Hippihanni Ren+ X Ren+ Ren+
Illumina X Ren+ Ren+ X
Incandescent Ren+ Ren+ Ren+ X
Ivole Ren+ X Ren+ Ren+
Iwannabedead Ren+ X Ren+ X
Jennyfer Ren+ X Ren+ X
Jewelzy X Ren+ X X
Josph Ren+ X X X
Kenpachi X Ren+ X Ren+
Kimital X Ren+ X Ren+
Kingofice Ren+ X Ren+ X
Kosmos Ren+ X Ren+ Ren+
Kospan X Ren+ X X
Kurtmeister X X Ren+ Ren+
Lcawte Ren+ X Ren+ X
Lofwyr Ren+ Ren+ X Ren+
Looty Ren+ Ren+ X X
Lordon Ren+ X Ren+ X
Lykojeyot X Ren+ X Ren+
mennik X X Ren+ X
Mollymalone Ren+ Ren+ Ren+ X
Nepenthe X X Ren+ X
Nigero X
Nightninja Ren+ Ren+ X Ren+
Nodule X Ren+ Ren+ Ren+
Ordunio Ren+ Ren+ X Ren+
Oriden X Ren+ Ren+ Ren+
Phillite X Ren+ Ren+ X
Picklator Ren+ Ren+ Ren+ X
Raggs X X Ren+ Ren+
Rayul X Ren+ X Ren+
Riggie Ren+
Robbertom Ren+ X Ren+ Ren+
Runeage X X Ren+ X
Ruthless X Ren+ X X
Saptum X Ren+ Ren+ X
Sasagal Ren+ X X X
Sedna Master Master Renowned Master
Sgtducky Ren+ X Ren+ X
Shacky Ren+ Ren+ X Ren+
Silverfur X Ren+ Ren+ Ren+
Skipperbc Ren+ Ren+ Ren+ X
Slughorn Ren+ X X X
Snowmaster X X Ren+ Ren+
Socrates Ren+ Ren+ Ren+ leg+
Soyabean leg+ leg+ leg+ Leg+
Stato X X Ren+ Ren+
Stourmy Ren+ Ren+ Ren+ X
Swashpario X X Ren+ Ren+
Switchy Ren+ Ren+ X X
Syberboy X Ren+ Ren+ Ren+
Tanonev X X Ren+ X
Thaliar Ren+ X Ren+ X
Tharjoe Ren+ X Ren+ Ren+
Thetwam Ren+ Ren+ X X
Tomiren X Ren+ Ren+ Ren+
Uralldead X X X Ren+
Valandir X Ren+ Ren+ X
Vixsarem Ren+ Ren+ Ren+ X
Whitehawk Ren+ Ren+ Ren+ X
Whizblade Ren+ X Ren+ X
Winner Ren+ Ren+ X Ren+
Yj Ren+ Ren+ X X

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