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Caruut started playing the game on March 25th 2006. Caruut plays almost only on the Viridian Ocean. The first crew who he ever jobbed for was Roses Of Sharayn. He joined them at the end of the pillage as a cabin person and roses to become senior officer and carpenter there, and a respected member of the flag New World Order.

After a while as a senior officer, Caruut was made a lord of New World Order. During this time, New World Order's island, Viridis Island, was attacked by the flag Killing Pillagers in the blockade Viridis XIV. The monarch, Warbaby, and most of the flag's other succesful blockade navigators had real-life issues to attend. Caruut, Safir and Mischeivious helped Kisso organised a defense of the island, recruiting the assistance of allied and friendly flags, to help with ships and navigators. Caruut was on to oversee the start of the blockade, but due to the timing, was unable to try navigating or any other aspect of blockading, as he had wanted to. Kisso agreed to admiral, and the blockade was won easily, by three rounds to nil.

Later, he was made first mate of the crew and voted in to become prince of the flag, replaceing Safir, who had stepped down.

When his crew left the flag, Caruut was a prince, and one of the founding members of the flag United Corsairs

Lifetakerman, the captain of Roses Of Sharayn, then became dormant. Caruut was voted in to become captain of the crew and king of United Corsairs. When Lifetakerman returned, he decided to hand back leadership of the crew and flag.

Shortly after Lifetakerman returned, Caruut grew tired of life in Roses of Sharayn, and joined Polish War Fog as an officer and , shortly after, fleet officer. After a period of a few weeks in Polish War Fog, he decided to return to the crew he had risen from cabin person to captain in, and returned to Roses of Sharayn as a fleet officer. He was shortly promoted to be a senior officer and prince, once again.

A few months later, United Corsairs were failing as a flag, the royals were playing less and less and when the captain, Crystaldonut was hacked, Caruut and the other senior officer, moved into retirement from activity in the flag RiddleMakers, about a year after he began to play.


  • Ultimate in Carpentry
  • Ultimate in Bilging
  • Ultimate in Sailing
  • Senior Officer of Roses Of Sharayn
  • Captain of Roses Of Sharayn (former)
  • Prince of United Corsairs (former)
  • Prince of New World Order (former)
  • King of United Corsairs (former)

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