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Safir is a senior officer of the crew Temple of Hathor on the Meridian Ocean, formerly the Viridian Ocean, and a member of the flag Low Key.


Started out in Renegades of Life under the captain Alive of the flag Equilibrium and while learning to be a pirate she climbed the ranks quickly to become the captain and monarch's right hand.

In time the crew began to fall apart and Safir along with it. She decided to take some time off to consider her choices - either stay with the family she loved or move on for a while. Alive was stepping down for a couple of months on a trip, so the fair Ladyjules took over the crew. Safir knew they were all in good hands and would not need her anymore.

In January or Feruary of 2006, she wrote her farewell note to her crew and left to join one of her best mates Syth, who had just made his own crew- Roses Of Sharayn. Her old captain exploded but some of her old crewmates was already there and soon the pirates from Renegades started to move over, bearing news of how unbearable it was to stay at their old home. It didn't take long before the Renegades were disbanded.

Safir was made a senior officer, first mate and royal the same day she joined and soon she took over the flag from Syth who wanted to focus on the crew for a while.

Time passed and Safir pended between royal and monarch until Warbaby became king of New World Order. The flag was growing and they took over the small island Viridis Island from Serpientes del Mar. Not too long after Warbaby started to get stressed out from politics. The royals held a meeting and decided that he should step down and let Safir be monarch until he was able to come back.

Under Safir's ruling hands New World Order grew stronger and increased in fame.