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Kisso is the captain of Kiss O' Death, a crew of the flag Mercenaries. She created the crew on March 16th, 2006.

She created the flag Mercenaries on April 14th, 2006, which she was queen of. It had gained over 450 members at it's peak, before being abandoned for 2 months. Though not completely disbanded, it was left with one crew of very few people - Golden Bladers. Most of this crew were alternates of the original monarch crew, trying to keep the flag alive.

Before Mercenaries was abandoned, at its peak they launched an attack on Cochineal Island, owned by Vanguard, a tough opponent. Though unsuccessful in the attack, they proved they weren't afraid to fight with the big flags, and gained respect throughout the ocean.

July 15th, 2006, Kisso's Mercenaries joined -'Star Explorers'-, and Kisso was made royalty in the flag. She later left after acting as princess in the flag for near to 2 months, not due to disloyalty, but to once again make her original flag Mercenaries strong and successful.

Throughout her time within Puzzle Pirates, she has shown herself to be an excellent battle navigator. Holding a very strong Ultimate standing in the top ten of Viridian, she is considered one of the best, and remains an important asset in blockades.

Now she has joined with Equinox to continue her blockading career. Kisso has navigated in almost every blockade since she started the game and is now starting to admiral more.

After being mistreated by many of her allies, she decided to switch alliance webs.