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Lifetakerman is captain of the crew Roses Of Sharayn and king of the flag United Corsairs. He sails the Viridian Ocean.


Lifetakerman joined the Viridian Ocean on Dragon's Nest and swiftly joined the crew Salty Old Sea Dogs captained by Ladyjules. During his time in the crew, he enhanced his puzzling skills and worked his way up to senior officer rank.

Their flag went to war for a blockade, but failed, and war continued thereafter. Several ships where sunk during this war and Ladyjules' first mate, Alive, left the crew to create Renegades of Life. Alive then created the flag Equilibrium and Lifetakerman became lord. Equilibrium led an attack to blockade Viridis Island, and won. A week later, while Alive was taking a break from the game, the island was attacked and taken.

Lifetakerman left Renegades of Life and joined The Roses Of Sharayn. After turbulent times, Lifetakerman found himself captain of this crew, and that is where he remains.


  • Current captain of Roses of Sharayn
  • Former lord of Equilibrium
  • Former senior officer of Renegades of Life
  • Former senior officer of Salty Old Sea Dogs