Polish War Fog

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Polish War Fog at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Skka (Dormant)
Senior Officer(s) Akuku, Anubish, Dahaka (Active), Erikscobie, Habeel, Hemy, Incredibooch, Lacoste, Magrat, Mamzel, Mangamaniac, Pepepe, Poopur, Potbelle, Shiverme, Sjakiec (Active), Straze, Swordsaint, Taltalig, Thechoas, Thundier, Vickinka (Active), Wa, Witness, Workingboy, Xera, Zeigin (Active) (ALL are dormant unless otherwise marked)
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Imperial Coalition
Founded 22 June, 2005
Last updated on 7 December, 2016
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Polish War Fog is a crew that sails the Meridian Ocean. The crew currently flies the flag of Imperial Coalition and is captained by Skka.


Polish War Fog was founded on June 22, 2005 on the former Viridian Ocean.

Captaincy history

  1. Skka (? - ~Aug 4, 2008)
  2. Belladonnaa (~Aug 4, 2008 - ~May 21, 2009)
  3. Charlymagno (~May 21, 2009 - ~July 15, 2010)
  4. Skka (~July 15, 2010 - present)

Flag affiliation history

  1. Euphoria (? - ~Aug 27, 2006)
  2. Regnum Irae (~Mar 19, 2007 - ~May 21, 2009)
  3. Vanguard (~May 21, 2009 - ~July 15, 2010)
  4. Legacy (~July 15, 2010 - ~Aug 7, 2010)
  5. Riptide (~Aug 7, 2010 - ~Jan 20, 2011)
  6. Imperial Coalition (~Jan 20, 2011 - present)

Public statement

Ahoy there mates!

Welcome to the Polish War Fog crew! We are a friendly, outgoing, and fun crew, looking for pirates with the same outlook. We have outstanding crew members that are ready to help new pirates in working their way to Fame and Glory! Unlike some crews, we will rise to become the greatest crew in the entire Ocean....or at least give as much as we possibly can. As a result, we will become better in every aspect that is required of a fine pirate. Like most crews, we have rules which all members shall follow. Whether you're a Cabin Person or Captain, rules are rules. Once you show the skills and dedication, you may be trained and/or promoted to Officer/Fleet Officer/Senior Officer, but you must prove yourself. So join us! With your help we can rise to our former glory as the #1 Illustrious/Imperial crew in the entire Ocean!

Crew articles

General rules

First of all some useful basics and rules which have to be respected by everybody:

  1. PTB (Permission to Board) – Each time you want to enter a ship which sets sail, you need to ask a PTB on crew chat, and wait till the officer in charge will "grant" you the permission to board. It’s really important to follow this "discipline" rule, cause sometimes people don’t want to have more people on board (like sailing with cargo and only bots or other situations).
  2. Always listen to officer in charge after boarding a ship, this includes also no Swordfighting, Drinking, playing Treasure Drop and so on during pillage. Furthermore, lazers will be planked after first warning.
  3. If you really need to go during pillage/battle tell this earlier to any officer on board, this will prevent from having an undermanned ship and becoming an easy target for player vs. player battles.
  4. Be nice and polite to everyone, don’t offend other players, insult and so on. Although the game is censored swearing won’t be tolerated, and may result in expulsion from the crew, especially while hurting other people.
  5. Don’t ask to gun or for promotions during pillages, it can be easily done while ported. What’s more, don’t ask to gun or take gunning stations if the officer doesn't ask you to do it.
  6. If you are a newbie, and just starting playing the game, visit Puzzle Pirate Forums for useful help, take navy missions to get experience, read tutorials or ask other crew mates if you have any problems with something.
  7. Remember about teaming in swordfighting battles (How to team: click on the portrait of the person which you want to attack, a dot will appear in colours of your sword). Remember, good teaming is a key to the success in sea battles. Never team more than 3 people on one person, usually team in the groups of 2 or 3 people, don’t play solo (1 on 1), and remember while playing vs. computer that the person in their team who wears hat is always the captain, and you should attack him in the end, after all other bots from their crew are eliminated.
  8. Don’t spam crew chat, vessel chat or, if you are an officer or higher, officer chat and flag officer chat.
  9. Cause there are a lot of people in different nationalities, crew/vessel/officer/flag officer chats are reserved to only English. You can speak with your country people in your native language using tells. Why this rule? You don’t wanna read or scroll this ^$%&$&$ etc. trust me.

Officer rules

  1. Never leave ship on an uninhabited island (especially without cannonballs and rum).
  2. Restock ship as detailed in officer bulletin on the ships. If it isn’t written how much cbs/rum should be restocked, use this info:
    1. Sloops 70 small cannonballs and 20 rum
    2. Cutters 100 small cannonballs and 30 rum
    3. Brigs 150 medium cannonballs and 100 rum
    4. Frigates 250 large cannonballs and 150 rum
  3. Never sail undermanned ships, you need to have at least 5 people on board (or 4 if you are sailing alone with bots), losing a pvp while sailing an undermanned ship will result in consequences provided by SO or captain.
  4. Remember about current allies. Don’t attack allied ships, and for god sake if you do, don’t grapple them, we don’t need to cause any problems to our flag.
  5. Remember that attacking dark blue or light blue ships, can result in fighting Black Ship, just keep it on your minds.

Promotion requirements

The order and requirements of raising your crew rank are as followed(from the lowest to the highest):

  • Cabin person: Because probably some officer will be recruiting you, no problem here.
  • Pirate: Have at least one grand-master standing in Sailing, Carpentry or Gunnery, and two renowned from Bilging, Sailing, Carpentry or Gunnery.
  • Midshipman: Have at least 2 grand-master standings and one renowned from Bilging, Sailing, Carpentry, Gunnery or Navigating
  • Officer: Have at least 3 grand-master standings from Bilging, Sailing, Carpentry, Gunnery or Navigating, need to have a recommendation from some other Officer or Captain and complete a training examination under an eye of at least Fleet Officer.
  • Fleet officer: Have at least 1 legendary standing from Sailing, Carpentry or Gunnery, and at least 2 grand-master standings from piracy skills, also need to be acknowledged by at least 2 of FO/SO or Cap
  • Senior officer: Be ultimate in at least 1 piracy skill and legendary in 2, be trusted by all SO and Cap.
  • Captain: Only if the Captain is resigning, he/she chooses his/her follower (must be first mate usually).

Crew titles

Besides all highlighted promotions, Captain or one of the Senior Officers can provide you mates with a special promotion, in addition to Rank the pirates in a crew may receive a title from their fellows. Pirates can give a title to any crew member lower in rank than them, without needing a vote. There are a variety of titles depending on your status in crew with two main categories :

  • Crew promotions
    • Gunner: be a really good gunner (leg or above)
    • Cook: likes to talk about food, and getting on other crew mates nerves while speaking about it
    • Drunk: be really good at drinking
    • Siren: likes to complain(must be a woman :P), and get on men nerves
    • Sailmaster: be a really good sailman/sailwoman
    • Bilge Rat: be a really good bilger
    • Poet: speak like a bard, recite poems or quotations
    • Counselor: be very diplomatic, and very active on crew issues
    • Carpenter: be a really good carpenter
    • Scapegoat: be the one who is always being blamed
    • Roustabout: tries to lazy as much as he can
    • Bowsman: shouting and yelling at everybody to work harder
    • Mascot: be the object of laughter , have great sense of humour
    • Bait: be very smart and sharp, often makes traps for pvp
    • Swordsman: be the greatest swordsman in the crew
    • Alchemist: be really good at alchemistry
    • Surgeon: cheers up other players in every situation
    • Damsel: no need to comment
    • Builder: be really good at shipwrighting
    • Lookout: have an eagle eye in foreseeing ships
    • Distiller: be really good at distilling
    • Card Sharp: spending more time on cards than pillaging and be really good at it
    • Fisherman: being very patient in overall
    • Flirt: no need to comment I guess
    • Muse: inspiration for fellow crew mates
  • First Mate: the captain most trusted person;
  • Others such as : Boatswain, Bosun, Ambassador, Trader, Navigator, Purser, Steward, Lieutenant, Strategist, Scribe, Explorer, Wench, Tactician, Cartographer, Taskmaster available only for officers or higher. Aside from their implications of rank, the Titles are largely honorary and their importance varies from crew to crew.