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Birchle is an island designer, memmer, and roamer. She is currently found on the Malachite Ocean as a senior officer in the crew Pineapples.


In detail

Place Race Date Prize
2 Quad-Race Weekend,
Day Four (Results)
January 27, 2009 Unspecified tan familiar (Monkey)
Silver/Red ship medal
Additional placings
2 Unspecified tan familiar (Monkey), Silver/Red ship medal
3 Unspecified animal furniture (Pig), Bronze/Red ship medal
2 Quad-Race Weekend,
Day Three
January 26, 2009 Unspecified tan familiar (Monkey)
Silver/White ship medal
Additional placings
3 Unspecified animal furniture (Turtle), Bronze/Tan ship medal
4 Unspecified bouquet (Magenta orchids), Matching flower (Magenta orchid)
5 Unspecified lesser bouquet (Purple daisies), Matching flower (Purple daisy)
2 Quad-Race Weekend,
Day Two
January 25, 2009 Tan/Aqua Parrot
Silver/Aqua ship medal
2 Quad-Race Weekend,
Day One
January 24, 2009 Tan/Aqua Parrot
Silver/Aqua ship medal
2 The Unspecified Ambiguous Race (Results) January 10, 2009 Unspecified tan familiar (Tan/White Parrot)
Gold/Violet ship medal
(tied for first, all prizes bumped down)
Additional placings
4 Unspecified bouquet (Violet orchids), Matching flower (Violet orchid), Bronze/Violet ship medal
4 Unspecified bouquet (Violet orchids), Matching flower (Violet orchid), Bronze/Violet ship medal
2 Octopi Trick or Treat Sloop Race (Results) October 18, 2008 Ancient Jolly Roger
Silver/Lime ship medal
2 Sprinting Sloop Race (Results) September 28, 2008 Maroon mirror
Group portrait (</= 4 pirates)
Silver/Maroon ship medal
4 Friday Night Lights Sloop Race, Race Two (Results) August 29, 2008 Lavender bouquet of orchids
Lavender orchid
6 Friday Night Lights Sloop Race, Race One August 29, 2008 TBA (Lavender starfish, Sand dollar)

Event Competitions
One month, 186 Familiars
2009 New Year's Celebration
Place Competition Date Prize
4th "Puzzle Bash"
(Overall - all but gunning)
January 31, 2009 Red rose
Individual puzzles:
1st Navigating None
3rd Carpentry None
4th Distilling None
5th Alchemistry N/A
3rd "Duty Navigation" January 21, 2009 Bronze fish
3rd "On-Board Familiar"
(Overall - bilge, sails, nav, carp)
January 19, 2009 Artifact furniture
Individual puzzles:
1st Sailing White/White Jolly Roger pin
1st Navigating White/White Jolly Roger pin
4th Bilging White/White ribbon
4th "Familiar Crafting"
(Overall - all crafting puzzles)
January 17, 2009 White rose
Individual puzzles:
4th Foraging White/White ribbon
3rd Sailing January 6, 2009 Artifact furniture
5th Navigation January 5, 2009 N/A
Winter Competitions
Place Competition Date Prize
Incredible "Yuletide Foraging" December 31, 2008 Orange/Yellow winter ornament
"Yuletide [Puzzle]"
(mainly single-puzzle)
Multiple Numerous snow pirates
(mainly multi-puzzle)
Multiple Assorted new holiday trinkets (8 total)
Puzzle Pirates' 5th Birthday Party
Place Competition Date Prize
3rd? Sailing? December 8, 2008 Gold greeting card, Yellow/Gold cake, Gold wrapped present (Gold knobby coral), Candles?
Final Events
2008 Olympic Games
Place Competition Date Prize
2nd "Familiar Frenzy Finale" (Navigating) August 24, 2008 Nothing?
1st "Sailing" August 24, 2008 Orange monkey, Summer Games Victory portrait,
Gold/Gold ship medal
2nd "Navigation" August 23, 2008 Tortoise, Summer Games Victory portrait,
Silver/Rose ship medal
1st "Navigation" August 21, 2008 Piglet, Summer Games Victory portrait,
Gold/Magenta ship medal
3rd "Alchemistry" August 20, 2008 Alchemicals?, Summer Games Victory portrait, Bronze/Violet/White Jolly Roger pin
Festival of Piracy
2008 Olympic Games
Place Competition Date Prize
Incredible "Navigation" August 14, 2008 Artifact furniture, Summer Games Victory portrait,
Gold/Aqua ship medal

Miscellaneous Competitions
Place Competition Date Prize
4th "Distilling" January 9, 2009 Green/Blue ribbon

What other Jan non-trinket-ed ones did I place in?

  • 12th: sail? (Saviour)
  • 13th: alch? (Barbarosa) 5th? 4th-7th?
  • 16th: forage? (Cantik)
  • 28th: distill? (Vorian) 5th-7th?
  • others possible but unlikely

Ancient Jolly Roger swapped for Calendar at some point, but one of these comps, or earlier? Followed at some point by the tablet.


A pirate is born

Birchle was originally thrown to the seas by a friend, Shrewd, and washed ashore in the Emerald Archipelago on the Midnight Ocean in early July 2004. First baptized as Kli, Shrewd promptly invited her to join her own crew, the Midnight Raiders. Shrewd, who had recently been promoted to officer, had just purchased her first sloop, and excitedly used it to introduce Kli to pillaging. Kli soon came to love pillaging with her crew, and began working to gain the rank of officer as well. Just before her final test, she discarded Kli and was reborn as Birchle. After quickly regaining the officer requirements, an anxious Birchle took her officer test and excitedly found she had passed it with flying colors. An eternity later, in the young pirate's perspective, Birchle had finally saved up enough to purchase her own sloop, and once it was finished, enthusiastically pillaged even more to earn enough PoE to stock it. From this point on, Birchle became heavily involved in the crew, discussing everything she knew about with her senior officers Nothingfire, Radders, Morrissey (later Springheel), and Drivingblind, and captain Jaymes. A few months later, after returning from an unplanned stretch of sporadic disappearances, Birchle was greeted with a promotion to senior officer. However, not long after, she was again forced to take a break from sailing the seas.

Life moves on

When she returned, Birchle found her crew and her hearties all dormant, and spent a few days aimlessly jobbing and hearing discussions about how many people were now also playing on Cobalt. Eventually, Nothingfire caught her online and informed her that much of the crew had retired, and most of the others had left Midnight and moved to Cobalt, himself included. Wanting to see what all the excitement was about, Birchle began poking around Cobalt as well, but as Brighteyes instead. After a bit more puttering around on Midnight, Birchle got bored of the silence and decided to find her remaining crewmates, moving fully to the more active Cobalt and joining Nothingfire, by then known as Sshook, one of his hearties, Kaylah, and several others in their crew. The crew quickly grew very quiet, though, with most members either retiring or moving on to other crews, so it became increasingly more common for Birchle to also remain offline. Instead, Brighteyes, who had joined the more active Foiled Again almost upon arrival, became much more active.

In Foiled Again, Brighteyes met a few close hearties, most notably Berran, with whom she enjoyed practicing battle navigation by trading duties back and forth, but never really felt at home. Those hearties were then all swallowed by the seas in quick succession, so around May or June 2005, she decided to change crews, joining up with several other hearties in Bad Sushi, who were part of the same flag, Something Powerful. Brighteyes already regularly sailed with many Sushi members, so the switch came as no surprise. With them, she again attained the rank of senior officer, and helped where she could in the flag's taking of Kirin Island, and later, when the crew changed flags, in Valor's defending of the island. Like with the Midnight Raiders, though, several of the older Bad Sushi members eventually began to fade out, but this time Brighteyes was also busier, and had a longer hearty list for when she was online, so didn't mind the quiet.

A few months after Sage opened, Birchle decided to try the doubloon system, and was eventually talked into joining The Lost Lot not long after they joined Go with the Flow. She enjoyed playing in a more active crew again, and had faded out of Cobalt by June 2006, with Sage becoming her main ocean instead.

Winter approaches

Ultimately, though, she became disenchanted with the numerous flag changes, the ocean, and its politics, and returned to Midnight. She eventually ran into Springheel, previously unaware that he was still playing, and was invited to join The Phoenicians. She gladly accepted the offer and made herself a new home. Unfortunately, The Phoenicians, along with the entire Black Sheep Brigade, collapsed shortly thereafter. Birchle returned to working on her long-forgotten goal to memorize the entire ocean, but without a steady crew to play with, she lost interest, waved good bye to her hearties, and around January 2007 returned to the seas from whence she came.

Testing foreign waters

When Birchle learned of the Indigo Ocean, she decided to dust off her German by chatting and pillaging with the players there, even joining the crew Indigo Darkness and making a few hearties. She couldn't afford an additional subscription, though, so only logged on sporadically.

After Indigo switched to Opal, Birchle appeared a bit more frequently, finding and joining her old crew again, and even spending a few scattered weeks exclusively on Opal. Within days of leaving Midnight, however, Birchle stopped playing on Opal as well.

New lands bring new life

Birchle reappeared after the opening of Malachite to visit the islands she had designed. However, she got caught up in trying to memorize the ocean again, so joined a crew of old Valor mates, Pineapples, in the flag Charon Feather. She also began religiously hunting skellies and zombies, quickly catching up to those who had been joining frays from the beginning, and eventually earned the first Bronzed Hand and later the first Head Honcho to be seen on Malachite.

When Birchle's captain, Pushpin, decided to open an iron monger in July, Birchle was once again growing bored of the standard puzzles and looking for something new to try. After Pushpin hinted at wanting a manager, Birchle offered to help, eager to try out a new aspect of the game, and thereby made her first official foray into shopkeeping. A bit to her surprise, Birchle discovered she enjoyed having a stall to keep track of, and when Pushpin had to leave, she took over fully. Later, she and a hearty, Wildturkey, decided to try their hand at running a few more stalls, and inherited a tailor, weavery, and apothecary instead of letting them shut down.

In between memming, frays, and stallkeeping, Birchle enjoys joining any skill-based competitions that come up. She participated in as many of the 2008 Olympic Games events as she could manage, successfully placing in five competitions and winning her first ever familiar, an orange monkey, in the August 24 sailing competition. She later recolored it grey and named it Bagel, after a nickname given to her by her hearty Ever, and adopted by several others. Birchle has also joined in several sloop races, placing each time with, usually, only a single sailor to help, but is still trying to catch the elusive first place.

Islands designed

Birchle became interested in island design while playing on Cobalt as Brighteyes. At some point, she discovered that one of her Bad Sushi crewmates, Yngvild, was already an island designer and had created several of Cobalt's islands. Yngvild directed her to the Beat the Champs thread on the forums, and from there, she made a few poor attempts, slowly learning how to integrate critiques. When the next full-scale contest for new island designers came along, she was ready.

Birchle is one of the winners of the Fantasy Island contest. Her excellent design work can be seen at the following islands: