Epic (Midnight)

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Epic at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Monarch Scarletvixen of Nu Dealers
Member crew(s) Nu Dealers
Dormant as of 28 June, 2008
Favicon.png Flag Info

Epic was a flag on the Midnight Ocean that was founded in the year 2004 on August 13.


Epic is an acronym for "Every Pirate's Ideas Count." This ideology was a key reason for the founding of the flag, and is remembered in the public statement. The Midnight Raiders and the Rudder Duckies were two of the original crews working in tandem to build up the flag, with Lorry as queen. Eventually there was enough combined strength to blockade an island, and the taking of Nu Island was the result. Not long after, some sort of ironic infighting happened and Midnight Raiders left. In time, the other crews left as well or were absorbed into other flags, leaving Epic as a skeletal memory of the past.

Public Statement

What makes the core of a flag is that everyone's voice is heard. Every crew, every member, every voice is on an equal playing field. At a time when issues ate away at that core, we realized that we could create a flag which would not destroy the unity that is essential to us. A flag where... Every Pirate's Ideas Count. We are united. We are strong. We are EPIC!

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