Black Sheep Brigade

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Black Sheep Brigade at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Monarch Prubjoll of The Phoenicians
Member crew(s) The Phoenicians, No Stus
Founded 14 December, 2004
Dormant as of 24 January, 2011
Favicon.png Flag Info
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Black Sheep Brigade is a flag on the Midnight Ocean.

Public Statement

Hostile, not very helpful. Verbally Aggressive. Elitist with overtones of giggling and indifference. Boomy is BACK!

Nothing anyone has done since September of 2006 has been important. The game's pretty much done for.



The Brigade had its start as the first crew current-member Raliem captained in the summer months of 2004. Following a long sabbatical from the game, Raliem returned and found his first mate Damaris subsumed into The Phoenicians, and having seen his crew dwindle in his absence, followed in her footsteps.

Following the addition of these two mates, the Black Sheep Brigade was resurrected at the flag level and have now scourged the ocean for over a year. The addition of the Misfit Marauders in May of 2005 was pivotal in the Brigade's ascendancy to ocean-level political involvement, but for almost half of its existence, the Brigade consisted of only the The Phoenicians, and much of its early history can be found in the annals of that crew.

Recent History

The Brigade enjoys war. Their first blockade was an unsuccessful attempt to conquer Ostreum Island in February of 2005. Their second blockade succeeded in capturing Orca Island from DeathDrakkar. (Orca has since been given away in an event blockade, eventually won by Faminto por Sangue.) Shortly thereafter, keystone triumvir Rummykins departed to spend less time and energy on politics and captaincy and more time with his favourite wench, Ishtar. The flag stagnated for a brief period, but recovered quickly after the crews of the flag of Epic merged with the Brigade, bringing Nu Island with them. They retain control of that island.

BSB also participated in the Lilliputian Alliance, where, depending on who you ask, they either failed to gain control of Spring Island from Avalon, or somewhat successfully distracted Avalon from the other blockades that day.

Assorted Other Fuzz & Fluff

War declarations and porting at Nu

BSB issues many war declarations. Few are reciprocated, but their blind perseverance is notable. As a result, sometimes one may encounter difficulties porting at BSB's island, Nu. Those having trouble should contact the king, Laotze, his Captain, Springheel, or the governor, Lorry. Bring your conversant side, because Stu smiles upon those able to elocute.

Boomy Tunes

Stuyvesant, Bendeall and Earlone maintain an internet radio station called Boomy Tunes. Boomy does not run on a set schedule, but if there's a blockade in which the flag is involved, or there's a BSB war brig on the waves, it may well be turned on. Broadcast fare typically includes an eclectic mix of jazz, hip hop, hair rock, disco, novelty songs, modern rock, and whatever else Stu or Bo feel like playing that night. Boomy is often compared to Shanty Raidio, but differs in that it has no operating schedule, rarely plays "piratey" tunes, and the music tends to be, for lack of a better term, "harder", and tends to avoid obscurity.

When it's switched on, Boomy can be heard at