Alpha Island (Cerulean)

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Alpha Island
Favicon.png Alpha Island on the Cerulean Ocean
Large island in the Diamond Archipelago
Alpha Island (Cerulean).png

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Controlled by   Vilya  
Governed by   Demeter
Navy color   Tan
This island has no pets on it.
Outpost Medium Large
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Alpha Island is a large island that serves as the capital of the Diamond Archipelago. There are four known routes from the island: Oyster Island, Byrne Island, Cnossos Island, and Turtle Island. There is also an extinct route to Winter Solstice.

Natural resources

This island, along with Endurance Island, does not spawn commodities. The commodities market buys diamond gems.


Alpha's buildings are typically puns, but there is no overarching naming scheme beyond this.

Primary Colors (bazaar)
Hues on First (upgraded)
Alpha Savings and Loan (upgraded)
Commodities market 
Alpha Market (upgraded)
First Draughts (bazaar)
Booze Brothers
Beware of Grog (upgraded)
Estate agent 
Alpha Surrealtors (upgraded)
Aye Kea (bazaar)
Davy Jones' Rocker (upgraded)
Alpha Bungalows (left-facing bungalow)
Alpha Manors (right-facing manor)
Alpha Mansions (left-facing mansion)
Shack Sweet Shack (right-facing shack)
The Salty Dog (upgraded)
Iron monger 
Smelter Shelter (bazaar)
All Things Metal (upgraded)
Cash and Parry (upgraded)
Alpha Palace (upgraded)
Whole Sail (bazaar)
Berth of a Sailsman
Ship-shape Ship Shop (upgraded)
Rags to Britches (bazaar)
Apparel Barrel (upgraded)
Haute Couture (upgraded)
Top Spinners (bazaar)
Ripping Yarns
Dusted buildings
Bandana Republic (upgraded tailor)
Bob and Weave (upgraded weavery)
Cloth for Sail (upgraded weavery)
The Cutting Edge (upgraded iron monger)
Dye for Hue (upgraded apothecary)
Even Keeled (upgraded shipyard)
Knotty but Nice (upgraded weavery)
The Potion Blue (upgraded apothecary)
Restless Spirits (upgraded distillery)
What a Steel (upgraded iron monger)


Alpha Island was originally located on the Midnight Ocean. The name "Alpha," like all of the Midnight Ocean's capital islands, comes from a Greek letter: Alpha (Α α).

Alpha is ruled by Vilya, and is reserved for Event Blockades.

Alpha Island has long been the bustling trade center and favorite place to docktart. Alpha is the capital of the Diamond Archipelago, and is located in the center of it.

In addition to being the capital of the archipelago, Alpha is widely considered to be the capital of Midnight Ocean.

The Alpha Island monument is located northeast of the palace.

Alpha Island is the home of the central Azure memorial, which is located just outside the palace.