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Some islands have a navy. Pirates can take navy missions on the mission section of the notice board. Once aboard a ship, the pirate can play the duty puzzles for modest amounts of pay. The better the performance at the puzzle, the higher the pay.

Even though the Manage the Navy section of the palace says otherwise, the navy does not cost anything to operate. Island navies are now automated, but this section was used to manage the navy prior to release 2005-02-11.

Navy ranks

The more time a pirate spends working for the navy, the higher their Navy Rank listed on their info page. Upon attaining some levels, the pirate is rewarded with an item of clothing. The color of the clothing depends on the home island of the pirate. Two-colored items use the same color for both regions. A list of island navy colors is maintained on YPPedia.

Note: The "Learn to..." missions do not count towards Navy Rank.

There are eleven navy ranks:

Navy Rank and Clothing
Rank Male item Female item
Apprentice Sailor
Sailor Bandana Bandana
Petty Officer Male striped shirt Female striped shirt
Chief Petty Officer Male Stripy knickers Female stripy knickers
Ensign Shirt with sash Shirt with belt
Lieutenant Pants Short dress bottom
Lieutenant Commander Male boots Female boots
Commander Pantaloons Flare pants
Captain Male tricorne Female tricorne
Admiral Male captain's jacket Female captain's jacket

Pay rates

Pirates are paid for each league that they work aboard the ship. A better performance at puzzles, based on duty report scores, will yield higher pay. If a pirate has done an exceptionally poor job by the time the navy ship reaches port, he or she will receive a tell from the ship's navigator that says, "I'm not paying you to stand around! You've got to work harder than that to get paid in this navy!"

Ice Other Oceans
0 - Booched 0 - Booched
7 - Poor 5 - Poor
10 - Fine 6 - Fine
15 - Good 7 - Good
20 - Excellent 10 - Excellent
30 - Incredible 15 - Incredible

For the "battle brigands with the navy" mission, pirates will receive a small percentage of the PoE pillaged (20%), but none of the commodities. Any treasure chests won from brigands will be divided. Pirates will also be paid for the number of leagues they puzzled.

Requirements for missions

  • A player must complete the "Learn to" mission in the corresponding puzzle (or do it on a voyage) to get a mission to Bilge, Sail, Rig, Carpent, or Patch with the navy.
  • Apprentice experience in Bilging, either Carpentry or Patching, and either Sailing or Rigging are required to get the mission to Gun with the navy.
  • In order to get the "Navigate with the navy" mission, a player must be subscribed if playing on a subscription ocean and have experience of Broad or higher in Bilging, either Carpentry or Patching, Gunning, and either Sailing or Rigging.
  • To get the "battle brigands with the navy" mission (to do Battle Navigation with the navy), a player must be subscribed if playing on a subscription ocean and must have Narrow or more experience in Navigation.

Other uses

Players have found the navy useful for a variety of purposes beyond payment, including:

  • Practicing the duty puzzles in a continuous fashion, particularly for "buffing" standings
  • Gunnery, because jobbers are not usually permitted to gun unless they have a high standing
  • Practicing Battle Navigation on the "battle brigands with the navy" mission without having the risks and interpersonal aspects of running a pillage
  • Memorizing some courses without the need of personally owning the necessary charts or someone else charting a course

Early history

The navy was introduced with Alpha release 2003-05-23.

Sales tax (computed as 10% of an order cost at the time) was added to defray the costs of the navy with Beta release 2003-10-22.

Navy pay was sent to a pirate's home island (prior to the Global Purse) with Beta release 2004-07-05. Training ships were decommissioned with release 2004-07-09. Navy ships now had unlimited cannons to be filled.

Navy vessels could no longer be attacked by player ships following release 2004-10-21.

2005 reintroduction

The introduction of missions and a complete revamp of the navy came with release 2005-02-11. Prior to missions, each island governor would commission navy ships of their own by placing the deeds on a special screen inside the palace. Governors also had the ability to board any navy ship at any time, whether it was currently at sea or in port, from the docks. With the addition of missions, navy ranks and navy rewards (other than PoE) were also added.

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