Release 2004-10-21

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Double, double, toil and trouble (v1.84)

From the Release Notes:

We've been hard at work here at Yohoho! headquarters and we're happy to present a whole boat-full o' exciting new features.

  • We have added the Alchemistry puzzle!
  • Each player now has a map of their "known world" where they can see all the islands they have visited, and inspect maps and see which navigational leagues they have memorized.
  • A "whisk potion" can now be purchased from the apothecary that allows a player to whisk to any island in their "known world".
  • Paint has been introduced which, using the new paint brush item, can be used to paint ships and building interiors. Paint is ordered from the apothecary.
  • Swords are now made with enamel which is produced at the apothecary.
  • Items now display their usage restrictions in their tooltip.
  • It is now possible to forage right up until the fort is completed.
  • Navy vessels can no longer be attacked.
  • Shoppe news can now be 50% longer.
  • The commodity trading interface has been streamlined and improved. It is now possible to filter the display in various useful ways.
  • Vessel owners can now "lock the helm" and prevent other officers in their crew from doing anything with their boats.
  • Naval vessels can be decommissioned. They will also no longer sail any route that does not contain their home island. They no longer need to serve as an ad-hoc inter-archipelago ferry service because the whisk potion can be used to accomplish inter-archipelago travel directly.
  • Navigation, sailing and bilge have displays that indicate your progress toward the next difficulty level. This is the beginning of improved tutorial systems for all of the puzzles and more interesting behaviors at higher difficulty levels.
  • Items all have context menus that allow you to perform tasks relating to that item (like wearing clothes, previewing maps, etc.).
  • The tailor and iron monger now default to a random color selection rather than always starting with red/red.
  • Various and sundry bugs have been fixed and niggling bits have been twiddled.