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Example of 'one' rogue mark placed in the trade screen

A rogue mark is a reward item given to players who support Puzzle Pirates and Grey Havens by purchasing doubloons, subscribing, or referring new players to the game. While similar to the shanghai points which they were created to replace, rogue marks are an individual reward: they are a stackable item that is stored in the "Miscellaneous" section of a pirate's booty panel, rather than a running total on a crew's info page. They can be traded between players just like any other item, but cannot be stored. Since they belong to individual pirates, deleting that pirate will cause any marks held to be lost. This is in contrast to the former shanghais, which were "owned" by crews and therefore not affected by pirate deletion.

Rogue marks can be exchanged in the rogue mark shoppe for various types of renames (ships, crews, buildings, familiars, and pets) or a chart box item. The chart box can be opened to reveal a random sea monster map, expedition chart, Brigand King compass, or inter-archipelago map.

Rogue marks were first released in release 2011-05-25.


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Use Rogue marks
Chart box 1
Rename pet 10
Rename crew (partial)1 5
Rename crew (full)1 10
Rename flag (partial)2 10
Rename flag (full)2 20
Rename building 10
Rename pirate3 30
Rename familiar 20
Recolor familiar 20


  1. Only a captain may rename a crew.
  2. Only a monarch may rename a flag.
  3. Pirates who were automatically renamed due to the ocean merge may rename their pirate once for free.

Ship renames

Ship Type Standard Custom
(Rogue marks)
Sloop 6 18
Cutter 6 18
Dhow 6 18
Fanchuan 6 18
Longship 9 27
Baghlah 12 36
Merchant brig 12 36
Junk 12 36
War brig 12 36
Xebec 15 45
Merchant galleon 18 54
War galleon 18 54
War frigate 18 54
Grand frigate 24 72

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