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Important.gif The subject of this article is obsolete and no longer present in the game.
Information presented here may no longer apply to the current game. It is retained primarily for historical interest.
The shanghai system was replaced with rogue marks.

A shanghai or shanghai point was given to a crew when one of its members subscribed or bought doubloons for the first time. They were replaced by rogue marks in release 2011-05-25, eventually being removed completely on June 22nd, 2011. For any crew that had shanghais remaining on that date, the captain of the crew was given three rogue marks for every shanghai remaining - if the crew had no captain, the rogue marks were split evenly between all pirates who held the highest rank in the crew.

Each account had only one shanghai to give; at the time of an account's first payment, the shanghai was awarded to the crew of the pirate most recently logged in on the appropriate type of ocean (subscriber or doubloon). Shanghais were used for renaming ships and crews. The number of shanghai points a crew had (as well as the crew's total accumulation) was visible on the crew's information page by the captain and senior officers.

Shanghai Use

Shanghais could be "spent" to rename ships and crews.

Ship Renames

Ship Class Standard Custom
(Shanghai cost)
Sloop 2 6
Cutter 2 6
Dhow 2 6
Fanchuan 2 6
Longship 3 9
Baghlah 4 12
Merchant brig 4 12
Junk 4 12
War brig 4 12
Xebec 5 15
Merchant galleon 6 18
War frigate 6 18
Grand frigate 8 24


These rules apply to both Standard and Custom renames

  • Allowed names may have up to three words in them.
  • Proper nouns without another common definition may be denied.
  • Possessive names may not be allowed (e.g. "Bow's Ship").
  • No discounts for partial renames.
  • Renames may not start with an article (e.g. "The", "A", "An").
  • Numerals and Roman numerals may not be included in renames.
  • Vessels may not be renamed to any existing ship name.
  • Exceptionally difficult-to-spell names may be denied.
  • Renames may not have vessel sizes as part of the name even if the rename matches the vessel type (e.g. "Shining Sloop").
  • Any rename deemed to be inappropriate by an Ocean Master will be denied.
  • Should a rename be found to be inappropriate after the change it may be renamed again to another name of the same cost.

Please ensure your rename request is spelled and capitalized correctly. Improperly formatted requests may be denied and you may be required to resubmit your request.


Standard Renames must follow the "Adjective Fish" format.

  • The adjective must be a real word in English, specifically listed as an adjective by
    • Note: If only lists the adjective form of the word as "un(adjective)" we will accept the word without the prefix as an adjective (e.g. "unwaking" is listed as an adjective whilst "waking"' is not. In this case we would accept "waking" as an adjective).
  • The fish must be a one or two word common name found on
    • Note: Fish names with accents or other diacritics (e.g. "Caméléon") may not be used.
  • Only the whole fish name will be accepted as Standard. We do not accept partial fish names (e.g. "Dog Teeth" would be a valid fish name whilst "Dog" or "Teeth" alone would not).


All non-standard renames are Custom renames.

  • All words must be real words in English as defined by
  • A rename for a famous fictional or famous historical ship may be allowed as a custom name at the Ocean Master's discretion (e.g. Queen Anne's Revenge).

For the purposes of this exception:

  • “Famous” is defined as a vessel that has in some way distinguished itself above and beyond ordinary or routine service and displays a lasting cultural relevance.
  • “Historical” is defined as a vessel that existed before or during the Golden Age of Piracy, up to 1850.
  • “Fictional” is defined as a commercial work in either a literary or visual medium.
    • If requesting a rename for a famous fictional or famous historical ship please submit a petition with any supporting information and links prior to requesting your rename to avoid complications.


  • Only captains may use their crew's shanghai points. If the crew has no captain, please name a person who has authorization to use your shanghai Points in your crew's private statement.
  • Shanghai points cannot be traded between crews and may only used for renames.
  • Shanghai points can only come from up to two crews per rename.
  • Captains may grant permission by posting in their private crew statement:
    • the name of the player who has permission to use the shanghai points
    • the specific number of shanghais that may be used by this person
  • Players who have permission to use shanghai points must use them all at the same time.
  • Petitions for renames must have the following information:
    • Proposed ship name
    • Current ship name
    • Size of vessel
    • Location of vessel
    • Source of the shanghai points if you are not a captain
  • Do not shop around to different Ocean Masters if your rename has been denied. A rename denial from one Ocean Master is final.
  • The revisions to the policy mean that some previous names that were granted are no longer valid or the cost for them may have been changed. No retroactive renames will be granted in such cases.

Crew Renames

Crew names must be between 2 and 24 characters long.

  • Full: 2 shanghai points
  • Partial (Minor change): 1 shanghai point

Trading and Selling Shanghais

Shanghais could be traded or sold by crews, however the shanghai points could not actually be transferred to another crew. What was actually being traded is the right to use the shanghai points for a rename service - they could not be in turn resold. The exception to this was in the case of a crew merge, which combined the Shanghais of both crews.

It was advisable to petition unless it's a "X can use shanghais as much as he likes" situation. Granting permission in the private statement works fine if it's a trusted first mate or something, to save petitioning regularly.

The Ocean Master performing the rename would deduct the number of sold shanghais from the seller's crew as well as any additional shanghais needed for the rename(s) from the purchasing crew. Remember that shanghais for renaming purposes can only come from up to two crews.

Historical Notes

Shanghais were introduced with release 2004-02-09.

Crew renames were added to shanghai usage on March 3, 2004.

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