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Grey Havens is a limited liability company that was founded by several former Three Rings Design employees. It operates games created by Three Rings back in the glorious first decade of the new millennium. Rather than allow those games to disappear forever, they have assembled a doughty crew to keep them operational for as long as they can.

The name Grey Havens is from J.R.R Tolkien mythology, and is the name of an Elvish port city in the realm of Lindon in Middle-earth. Three Rings took its name from the same mythology: in those stories, the elves created three magic rings, named Vilya, Narya and Nenya.


The company was originally founded in order to keep Bang! Howdy available to players after Three Rings decided to cease operation of the game. This was following the studio's acquisition by Sega in November 2011. The studio was eventually closed by Sega in March 2016 which resulted in staff redeployment and layoffs.

On April 6, 2016 it was announced that all active games and some former Three Rings staff would be transferred to Grey Havens, including the studio's flagship game Puzzle Pirates. The company has continued to keep these games online for players and provide content updates for the main titles.

Games acquired

As of February 2021, the following titles are owned and operated by Grey Havens:

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