List of known renamed ships

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This is an incomplete list.

This article is a list of known renamed ships. It contains the names of ships which have been renamed. The data is sortable by name (alphabetical order), ocean, and type of rename.

This list is constantly developing, and may be incomplete or otherwise inaccurate. On one hand, a pirate could rename a ship, and might not know to add that new ship name to this list. On the other hand, one of these ships could sink, and its owner might decide not to (or be otherwise unable to) restore that ship.


  • If a ship exists on an ocean, the relevant ocean column is marked "C", "E", or "M". Otherwise, it is left blank.
  • The rightmost column, denoted by the ship icon Icon duty puzzles.png, is marked "Custom" if a ship is known to be custom-renamed (i.e.: the rename does not follow the form "adjective" "fish-name"); otherwise it is left blank.
  • Names marked with an asterisk ("*") contain a word which is no longer acceptable in a rename.


A - E
Ship name
Icon-Cerulean Ocean.png Icon-Emerald Ocean.png Icon-Meridian Ocean.png Icon duty puzzles.png
Aberration E Custom
Abjuration E Custom
Abolition E Custom
Absent Siren E Custom
Abstraction E Custom
Absurd Clownfish C
Abusive Language C Custom
Accidental Donkey C Custom
Accidental Oversight C Custom
Acclimation E Custom
Accolade E Custom
Accord E Custom
Accordance E Custom
Ace of Hearts M Custom
Ace of Spades C E M Custom
Aces and Eights M Custom
Acid Rain C Custom
Acoustic Blip E Custom
Acrobatic Clownfish C
Actuation E Custom
Adamance E Custom
Adaptation E Custom
Adherence E Custom
Adjuration E Custom
Admiration E Custom
Admonition E Custom
Adorable Alice M Custom
Adoration E Custom
Adriatic Seal C Custom
Adulation E Custom
Advance E Custom
Advent E Custom
Adventure E Custom
Adventurous Swordfish M
Advertence E Custom
Affection E Custom
Affluence E Custom
Agent Spade M Custom
Aggressive Anglerfish M
Aggressive Caracuda M
Aggressive Dragon E
Aggressive Harr M
Aggressive Morwong M
Aggressive Pufferfish M
Aggressive Sawfish M
Aggressive Sicklefish M
Aggressive Sunfish M
Air Headfish C
Air Ship C
Albatross C M Custom
Albatross Warp E Custom
Alice In Sky M Custom
Alice In Wonderland M Custom
All Skulling Eye C Custom
Allegiance E Custom
Allegory E Custom
Allowance E Custom
Allusion E Custom
Almighty Penguin C Custom
Amazing Dream M Custom
Amazing Sea Dragon C Custom
Amber Dragon C
Amorous Clownfish C
Amusing Clownfish C
Ancient Clownfish C
Ancient Daggerfish C
Angel of Anger E Custom
Angel of Music C Custom
Angelic Dreamer C
Angelic Stargazer M
Angelical Sweetlips E
Annette Suzanne E Custom
Annular Witch C
Antelope C Custom
Anti-Aircraft Shark M
Antique M Custom
Apollo E Custom
Aqua Marine M Custom
Aqua Shark M
Aquatic Monster M Custom
Arabian Knightfish E
Arctic Clownfish C
Arctica Antarctica E Custom
Argonaut E Custom
Aria E Custom
Arrogance E Custom
Arrogant Dragon E
Art of Warfrig C Custom
Asian Dragon M
Aspiration E Custom
Assistance E Custom
Assurance E Custom
Astral Bastion E Custom
Atlantean Catfish C
Atlantean Stargazer M
Atomic Bomba C
Attack Cat M Custom
Auburn Tigerfish M
Aura E Custom
Aureate E Custom
Aurelia E Custom
Aurora Borealis E M Custom
Australian Swordfish M
Avengence Of Blackbeard M Custom
Avenger C M Custom
Awesome Air C
Aye Spy C M Custom
Azure Angel E Custom
Azure Injustice M Custom
Baby Sweet M Custom
Bachelor Pad C Custom
Backstage Pass C Custom
Baker Street C Custom
Bald Spot C
Banana Split C M Custom
Bang Bang E M
Banging Harder C
Banshee M Custom
Barking Englishman C Custom
Bash Me Daddy E Custom
Batmobile E M Custom
Battling Burro C Custom
Batty Clownfish C
Batty Goblinfish C
Beatbox E Custom
Bebop M Custom
Behemoth C M Custom
Bejeweled Daggerfish C
Believable Lieth M
Belle E Custom
Belligerent Houndshark C
Benedictine Monkfish E
Best Mate Ever C Custom
Best Ship Ever C Custom
Better Hagfish C
Bewitched Hagfish C
Bewitching Dragon M
Bewitching Hagfish C
Big Bad Wolf E Custom
Big Banana E Custom
Big Beastly Bear C Custom
Big Boat C
Big Money M Custom
Big Redneck E Custom
Billionaire M Custom
Bionic Shark M
Bird Of Prey M Custom
Bismarck E Custom
Bittersweet Chocolate C
Bizarre Clownfish C
Black Angel C Custom
Black Barracuda C
Black Daggerfish C
Black Death E Custom
Black Falcon C Custom
Black Fear M Custom
Black Jack C Custom
Black Knightfish M
Black Panther M Custom
Black Pearl E M Custom
Black Plague E Custom
Black Ruby E Custom
Black Sea Devil M Custom
Black Silk M Custom
Black Skulpin E
Black Spot C E M
Black Thirteen E Custom
Black Wicked E Custom
Black Widow C Custom
Black Wolf E
Blackdragon M Custom
Blackened Catfish E
Black-Hearted Dragon M
Blammo M Custom
Blazing Ace M Custom
Blazing Dark Star C Custom
Bleeding Clownfish C
Blighted Berryfish C
Bling Ling C
Blithe Clownfish C
Blizzardy Clownfish C
Blonde E Custom
Blood C Custom
Blood And Glory C Custom
Blood Bank C Custom
Bloodfin Tetra M Custom
Bloodiest Clownfish C
Bloodstained Clownfish C
Bloodthirsty Clownfish C
Bloody Barbel M
Bloody Boom M Custom
Bloody Death E Custom
Bloody Fangtooth M
Bloody Hawkfish M
Bloody Knifefish C
Bloody Mermaid M Custom
Bloody Penguin M
Bloody Swordfish C
Blooming Koi C
Blue Beetle C Custom
Blue Box C Custom
Blue Dolphin C
Blue Fish C
Blue Koi C
Blue Name Eater M Custom
Blue Pearl C Custom
Blue Sky Emperor M
Blue Witch C
Board Admiral E Custom
Bob C Custom
Bohemian Rhap M
Bone Voyage M Custom
Bonny Lass M Custom
Bony Clownfish C
Boogeyman C Custom
Boom Head Shot C Custom
Booty Bagging Dragon M Custom
Booty Snatcher M Custom
Borg Cube C Custom
Boxed Chocolate M Custom
Brand New Car C Custom
Brawling Blackjack M Custom
Brazen Yoke E
Breaking Windfish C
Brig It On M Custom
Bright Future C Custom
Brilliant Bellfish C
Brilliant Dragon M
British Bulldog C Custom
British Clownfish C
British Sea-Fox E
British Tuna C
Brobdingnagian Cow M
Broken Bottle M Custom
Broken Lox C Custom
Broken Spirit E Custom
Broken Trojan C Custom
Broken Windowpane C Custom
Bubbly Clownfish C
Bugs Bunni M
Burlesque Clownfish C
Burning Witch C
Burnt Clownfish C
Burnt Pizza C Custom
Call of Cthulhu E Custom
Cannonball Run M Custom
Cantankerous C Custom
Cardboard Boxfish C
Carefree Clownfish C
Caribbean Sole C
Caring Rainbowfish M
Carnivorous Cat M
Cartographical Hake C
Cartographical Puffer C
Cartoon Clownfish C
Cash Out C Custom
Casino E Custom
Casino Royale E Custom
Castaway Catfish C
Catty Love M Custom
Celestial Angel C
Celestial Breeze M Custom
Celestial Clownfish C
Celtic Clownfish C
Cement Shoes C Custom
Cerberus C Custom
Chain Lightning M Custom
Chained Up M
Champagne M Custom
Champagne Caviar C
Champagne Glassfish C
Charmed Clownfish C
Chaos E Custom
Chaos Demon E Custom
Charging Red Devil C Custom
Charitable Witch C
Cheap Tartarella C
Cheeky Clownfish C
Cheeky Cow M
Cheeky Pika M
Cheerful Dragon M
Cheery Clownfish C
Cheesecake C Custom
Cheesy Nacho C Custom
Cherry Clownfish C
Cherry Jello C Custom
Cheshire Cat C Custom
Chic Ka C Custom
Chick A Powwow M Custom
Chicken Bu E
Chilli Dogfish C Custom
Chivalrous Swordfish M
Chlorophobia M Custom
Chocolate Air C
Chocolate Brownie C
Chocolate Choated Strawberry M Custom
Chocolate Clownfish C
Chocolate Icecream M Custom
Chocolate Sundae M Custom
Christmassy Lime C
Chum Bucket E Custom
Cipher E Custom
Circus Clownfish C Custom
Citadel Hunter C M Custom
Clean Revenge E Custom
Clever Witch C
Cloak n' Dagger M Custom
Clockwork Orange C Custom
Clockwork Orange Roughy C Custom
Clowning Clownfish C
Clownish Clownfish C
Clueless E Custom
Cobalt Age C
Cobalt Bomba C
Cocktail Bar C
Coffee Dragon M
Cold Witch C
Cold-hearted Witch C
Combine Harvester C Custom
Comedic Clownfish C
Comfortable Pirate Perch M Custom
Comfortably Numb C Custom
Comfy Clownfish C
Comic Clownfish C
Complete Oceanguard M Custom
Confederate Dixie Chub M
Conjuring Clownfish C
Conniving Witch C
Conquering Queenfish C
Constellation M Custom
Contagious Yawning M
Contraband Clownfish C
Coral Clownfish C
Cookie Dough M Custom
Cookie Monster C M Custom
Copper Pennyfish C
Courageous Dragon E
Courageous Welshman C Custom
Cracked Whip M Custom
Crackpot Clownfish C
Crafty Clownfish C
Crafty Witch C
Crazy Cow M
Crazy Dreamer C Custom
Crazy Englishman M Custom
Crazy FedEx M Custom
Crazy Old Woman M
Creaky Boat C
Cream Cheese C Custom
Crew Bank M Custom
Crew Library C Custom
Crimson Cat E Custom
Crimson Clownfish C
Crimson Kingfish C
Crimson Permanent Assurance M Custom
Crimson Stingray C
Crossed Skullfish C Custom
Crouching Tiger C
Crowned Jewel M Custom
Cryptic Clownfish C
Cunning Clownfish C
Cupid's Delight M Custom
Curious Pandora M
Cursed Clownfish C
Cursed Daggerfish C
Customs Clownfish C
Cuter Moron E
Daffy Clownfish C
Daffy Duckfish E
Daft Clownfish C
Daily Planet E Custom
Dairy Milkfish C
Damned Angel C
Danish Pastry C Custom
Dark Angel C Custom
Dark Damsel E
Dark Destroyer E Custom
Dark Dragon M
Dark Lancer E Custom
Dark Lord-fish C E M
Dark Pearl E Custom
Dark Shadow E Custom
Dark Squid M Custom
Dashing Darling M
Dashing Greek E
Dauntless C Custom
Dawn Treader E M Custom
Daydream Believer M Custom
Dead Captainfish C
Dead Parrotfish E
Dead Shark E
Deadly Black Dragon M
Deadly Black Widow E Custom
Deadly Blade E Custom
Deadly Cobra E
Deadly Egyption Robber* M Custom
Deadly Serpant* M Custom
Deadly Tiger C
Deadly Winde* M
Dealt Smelt C Custom
Death C M Custom
Death By Chocolate M Custom
Death By Sexy M Custom
Death Star C Custom
Death Wish M Custom
Deaths Arrow M Custom
Decadence E Custom
Deceptive Piranha E
Dee White Cheroot E Custom
Delicate Rosefish C
Delicious Obishime M
Delighted Clownfish C
Delightful Clownfish C
Delitescent Witch C
Demonic Plague C Custom
Desire C Custom
Desperado C Custom
Despicable Witch C
Destination Skyline E Custom
Destiny C Custom
Destiny Islands E Custom
Destroyer E Custom
Destructive Shark M
Deus Ex Machina C Custom
Devil's Curse C Custom
Devil's Hand M Custom
Devil's Jewel C Custom
Diabolical Houndshark C
Diamond Citadel M Custom
Diamond Crab E Custom
Diamond Hawk C Custom
Diamond Ring M Custom
Dippy Clownfish C
Dirty Air C
Discombobulated Cow E
Discord E Custom
Discovery E Custom
Divine Retribution C Custom
Divine Retribution C Custom
Dominating Purple Groper M
Dominator E Custom
Donation Bank M Custom
Doom Stick M Custom
Dragonfly E Custom
Dragons Breath M Custom
Dreaded Blackspot M
Dreaming Warrior M Custom
Dreamy Clownfish C
Driftwood M Custom
Driving Permit E
Droll Clownfish C
Drunken Devilfish C
Drunken Donuts E Custom
Drunken Dragon M
Drunken Englishman C Custom
Drunken Plunderfish C
Dubious Roach C
Dubious Salmon E
Dusk Till Dawn M Custom
Dust Collector C Custom
Dutch Courage E Custom
East Windfish C
Ebony Rain C
Eccentric Clownfish C
Eclipse C Custom
Ectoplasm C Custom
Effervescent Clownfish C
Egyptian Water Lily M Custom
Electric Eel E
Electric Guitarfish M
Electric Pantherfish M
Electrified Isabelita C
Elegant Dragon E
Elementary Witch C
Elisabeth C Custom
Elite Monster Stomper M Custom
Elite Torpedo M
Elite Ultimate M Custom
Elvish Sailfish E
Emerald Alewife C
Emerald Gemfish C
Emerald Gemi C
Emerald Halibut C
Emerald Koi C
Emerald Sunfish C
Emotionally Wounded Wrasse M Custom
Empress M Custom
Enchanted Daggerfish C
Enchanted Dragon E
Enchanting Hagfish C
Enchanting Sirena C
Enigma E Custom
Enigmatic Authorship C Custom
Enjoyable Clownfish C
Enlightened Dragon E
Enterprise E Custom
Enthrall M Custom
Ephemeral Fatality M Custom
Epic Monster Stomper M Custom
Epic Win C Custom
Eternal Angel M
Eternal Flame M Custom
Eternally Harrowed Sole C Custom
Eternaly Yours M Custom
Etian Song C Custom
Everywhere E Custom
Evil Bunny C Custom
Evil Emperor M
Evil Rose M Custom
Excalibur C Custom
Exceeding Excellence M Custom
Excelsior M Custom
Excited Pearlspot M
Exclusive Pei Spa E
Excuse Me Princess C Custom
Exiled Angel C
Exotic Squid M Custom
Explorer M Custom
Explosive Koi M
Explosive Pickerel M
Explosive Pike C
Exquisite Butterfly C
Exquisite Coco C
Extravagant Coco C
Extreme Baddi M
Extreme Freak C Custom
F - N
Ship name
Icon-Cerulean Ocean.png Icon-Emerald Ocean.png Icon-Meridian Ocean.png Icon duty puzzles.png
Faded Black C Custom
Fail Boat E
Fairylike Toothfish C Custom
Famous And Nameless M Custom
Fancy Squid C Custom
Fantasia E Custom
Fantastic Piranha M
Fat Cow M
Fat Piggy M
Fear M Custom
Fearless Greenie M Custom
Fearsome Lapu-lapu E
Feeling Froggy C Custom
Fiendish Weatherfish M
Fierce Feline M Custom
Fighting Dragon E
Final Hope C Custom
Final Notice M Custom
Final Split C
Finest Rumm C
Fire-Breathing Dragon C M
Fishy Glub-Glub M Custom
Fizzy Purple Queen C Custom
Flagship Zodiac E Custom
Flaming Arrowhead M
Flaming Lamborghini M Custom
Flava Virago C Custom
Flavor-Blasted Goldfish C
Flirtatious Dragon E
Flirtatious Silver Robber M Custom
Flirty Kissing Damsel C Custom
Floating Bathtub M Custom
Floating Goldfish E
Floating Insane Asylum E Custom
Floating Penguin C Custom
Floating Tub M Custom
Fly Hoopty C Custom
Flying Cow E
Flying Jiggler E Custom
Flying Pig M Custom
Flying Piranha M
Flying Spaghetti Monster C Custom
Flying Witch C
Foolish Clownfish C
For The Win M Custom
Foraged Goldfish E
Foraging Clownfish C
Forbidden Kingdom M Custom
Forever Hungry M Custom
Forgetful Dory M
Forgotten Waif C Custom
Fortress of Solitude E Custom
Fortune Cookie E Custom
Fourth Horseman E Custom
Fragile Glass Fish M Custom
Free Katara M Custom
Freightliner E Custom
French Maid E
Fresh Air C
Freudian Slip E
Frigid Dragon M
Frisky Catfish C
Frivolous Clownfish C
Frolicking Clownfish C
Frosted Clownfish C
Frosty Dragon E
Frozen Koi C
Frozen Witch C
Fruit Loops M Custom
Fruit Tingle M Custom
Fruity Catfish C
Fruity Clownfish C
Fruity Mango C Custom
Fruity Soapfish C
Fueled by Ramen C Custom
Funky Monkey M Custom
Funky Punky E Custom
Funny Bone M Custom
Funny Maan C
Furious Firefish M
Furious Piranha M
Galactica E Custom
Gallant Knightfish C
Galloping Gourami E
Garnet Clownfish C
Geomancer M Custom
Ghost E Custom
Ghost Realm E Custom
Giant Squid M Custom
Gifted Coelacanth C
Giggling Clownfish C
Ginger Clownfish C
Gingerbread Longfin Icedevil M Custom
Glacial Daggerfish C
Glass Slipper E Custom
Gleaming Goldbutt M
Gleaming Goldfish E
Glimmering Moon M Custom
Glistening Dreamer C
Glistening Moonfish C
Glitter Fairy E Custom
Glitzy Clownfish C
Globule M Custom
Glorious Angel C
Glorious Gab M
Glory C Custom
Glowing Peach M Custom
God Fire M Custom
Going Awol E Custom
Gold Bar C
Gold Digger E Custom
Gold Forager M Custom
Golden Apple M Custom
Golden Clownfish E
Golden Dawntreader C Custom
Golden Dragon M
Golden Dragonet M
Golden Eagle M Custom
Golden Gun M Custom
Golden Hawk M Custom
Golden Scarab M Custom
Golden Scorpion C Custom
Gone Crazy C
Good Rum E Custom
Goofy Clownfish C
Gorgeous Lin M
Graceful Angel C
Greased Lightning C Custom
Great White Dragon M Custom
Greater Galaxias M Custom
Greedy Dragon M
Greedy Squid M Custom
Green Bay Packers Cilon M Custom
Green Beer M Custom
Green Dragon C
Green Gold M Custom
Green Ranger E Custom
Green Tang M
Greenie Mobile C Custom
Greenie Spaceshuttle M Custom
Grinning Catfish C
Grizzly Gunner M Custom
Grumpy Air C
Grumpy Cow C
Gullible Suckerfish C
Gunslinger E Custom
Gypsy Caravan E Custom
Hair-Raising Hake M
Half Elf M
Hallowed Eve M
Hammered Nail C Custom
Hand In Hand E Custom
Handsome Dragon M
Happy Birthday C Custom
Happy Rainbow M Custom
Happy Wedding M Custom
Hard Rockfish M
Hard-Working Boi M Custom
Hard-Working Gurlu C
Harmonious Bass E
Harvestless Clownfish C
Haunted Daggerfish C
Haunted Dragon E
Haunted Koi C
Haunted Plaice C
Haunted Pumpkinseed M
Haunted Spot C
Head Of Medusa M Custom
Heart of Gold C Custom
Heart of Squid M Custom
Heartache C Custom
Heavenly Coco C
Heavenly Demon Avenger M Custom
Hell M Custom
Hellacious Ginger Carpetshark M
Hellish Hound C
Her Paradise E Custom
Heron Warp E Custom
Herpatology* M Custom
Hidden C Custom
Hidden Dragon C
Higgledy-Piggledy Dragon M
High Ambitsy C
Highball M Custom
High-Tech Cow C
High-Tech Dragon M
Hilarious Clownfish C
HMS Ark Royal M Custom
HMS Colossus M Custom
HMS Conqueror M Custom
HMS Devastation M Custom
HMS Discovery M Custom
HMS Dreadnought M Custom
HMS Earl Grey C Custom
HMS Enterprise M Custom
HMS Furious M Custom
HMS Honeymooner M Custom
HMS Hood E M Custom
HMS Illustrious M Custom
HMS Interceptor M Custom
HMS Invincible M Custom
HMS Iron Duke M Custom
HMS Paradise M Custom
HMS Queen Elizabeth M Custom
HMS Raleigh M Custom
HMS Revenge M Custom
HMS Surprise M Custom
HMS Terror M Custom
HMS Victory M Custom
HMS Warrior M Custom
HMS Warspite M Custom
Holiday Clownfish C
Holy Cow C E M
Holy Polka-Dot Batfish C Custom
Holy Pollo M
Holy Wara M
Homicidal Houndshark C
Honey Moonfish C
Honeymoon C Custom
Honeymoon Heaven M Custom
Hopping Clownfish C
Horny Devilfish C
Hot Amore E Custom
Hot Coco C
Hot Dogfish C
Hot Madras C
Hot Pirate Action C Custom
Hot Rod M Custom
Hot Shot M Custom
Hot Tub C
Huggable Gypsy E Custom
Hugo Award C Custom
Humorous Clownfish C
Humorous Gunner M Custom
Hungry Dragon M
Hungry Witch C
Huntable Clownfish C
Hunting Monkeyfish C
Hurricane Sally E Custom
Hurricano M Custom
Hydrophobia E Custom
Hypothermia E Custom
I Love M Custom
I Love You M Custom
Ice Cat C Custom
Ice Dragon M
Ice Queen M Custom
Icy Penguins M Custom
Icy Queenfish C
Idiotic Clownfish C
Igneous Rock C
Illusion M Custom
Illustrious Air C
Imaginary Pal C
Imperial Crusher M Custom
Imperial Nightmare M Custom
Imperial Outrage M Custom
Imperial White Cloud E Custom
Inane Clownfish C
Incredible Catfish C
Incredible Me M Custom
Indestructible M Custom
Industrial Average E Custom
Infamous Dragon M
Infernal M Custom
Infinate Flame* M Custom
Infinite Horizons E Custom
Infinite Playlist C Custom
Inflatable Boat C
Inquiring Stargazer M Custom
Inquisitive Hawkfish M
Instant Flasher M
Intentional Tort E
Internet Explorer E Custom
Intimmidator M Custom
Irish Clownfish C
Ironman C Custom
Itchy Jellyfish M Custom
Itchy Triggerfish C M
Jabberwocky Clownfish C
Jack O Lanternfish* E Custom
Jacked Canape E
Jake and Devon M Custom
Jelly Roger E Custom
Jesting Clownfish C
Jittery Hagfish C
Jokers Wild E Custom
Jocular Clownfish C
Joking Clownfish C
Jolliest Clownfish C
Jolly Elf C E
Jolly Mon C
Jolly Roger M C
Jovial Clownfish C
Jovial Nessie M Custom
Joyous Clowfish* C Custom
Jubilant Clownfish C
Juggernaut C E Custom
Jungly Clownfish C
Junior Dreamer C
Kaleidoscopic Rainbow M
Karma C Custom
Karmic Retribution C Custom
Killer Manta-Ray M Custom
Killer Shark M
Killing Time C Custom
King Konga C
King Squid M Custom
Kingfisher C Custom
Kings Crossing M Custom
Kismet C Custom
Kitchen Raider M Custom
Kiwi M Custom
Knight Stalker M Custom
Knit Witch C
Kraken Clownfish C Custom
Kreiz er Mor* C Custom
Kruizer* C Custom
Lady Rose M Custom
Lag Ship C Custom
Lagoonal Clownfish C
Land Shark M Custom
Lars Angel M Custom
Laughable Clownfish C
Laws Angel One M Custom
Laws Angel Two M Custom
Laws Destructive Angel M Custom
Leafy Seadragon E Custom
Leather Whip C
Led Zeppelin M Custom
Lee Nyele C
Legend M Custom
Legend Raider C Custom
Legendary Angel C
Legendary Fearless Hurly M Custom
Legendary Lewe M
Legendary Swordfish M
Lethal Hagfish C
Lethal Leekoh M
Lethal Tooth M Custom
Lethargic Dragon E
Licensed Killifish E
Lighthearted Clownfish C
Lilliputian Cow C
Lime Lime C
Lime-like Lime* C Custom
Limp Eel C
Lioness E Custom
Little Deuce Sloop* C Custom
Little Lililug C
Little Redneck E Custom
Living Gayniis M
Loathing Sabertooth M
Lone Wolf C E
Long Stripe Eel C
Looney Tuna E
Loony Plaice M
Loopy Sloop* M Custom
Lost Cause C Custom
Lost Loot C Custom
Lost Lot E
Lovable Angelfish M
Love Lust M Custom
Love Machine E M Custom
Lovely Air C
Lovely Angelshark C
Lovely Coco C
Lovely Lisa C
Love's Triumph E Custom
Loving Mama C
Loyal Madman M Custom
Lucious Butterfly* E
Lucky M Custom
Lucky Dragon M
Lucky Leprechaun M Custom
Lucky Lion M
Lucky Pennyfish M
Lucky Star M Custom
Ludicrous Clownfish C
Lugubrious Witch C
Luscious Candycane C
Lush Lime M Custom
Macabre Pumpkinseed E
Magic Clownfish C
Magic Dragon M
Magic Pie M Custom
Magical Clownfish C
Magical Lampfish C
Mah-Nah Muh-Nah* C Custom
Maine Blue C Custom
Majestic Dragon E
Majestic Musica M Custom
Majestic Queen M Custom
Majestic Sunrise M
Maladjusted Red Devil M
Man City Blues M Custom
Manchester City C Custom
Maneating Clownfish C
Maniacal Houndshark C
Marauder E Custom
Maroon Clownfish C
Marooned Englishman M Custom
Marry Me M Custom
Marshmallow M Custom
Mast Destruction C Custom
Masterful Sawfish M
Math Ship C Custom
Max Booty E Custom
Max Zero C Custom
Maya C Custom
Mayan Gold M Custom
Megalophobia M Custom
Melodious Bass E
Memorable Shiner C
Mephisto E M Custom
Merciless Marauder C Custom
Merry Aruana C
Merry Christmas Fish M Custom
Merry Christmasfish C Custom
Metal Dragon M
Metal Exterminator M Custom
Metamorphic Rock C
Meteor M Custom
Miami Hurricanes M Custom
Midas Touch E Custom
Midnight M Custom
Midnight Mist C Custom
Midnight Sun M Custom
Midnight Vendetta M Custom
Mighty Ahti E Custom
Mighty Golden Galaxias E Custom
Mighty King M
Mighty Mousefish M
Milkless Cow M
Milky Chan M
Mini Cooper E Custom
Mini Yin C
Minty Mako M
Mirthful Clownfish C
Mischievous Clownfish C
Mischievous Elf C Custom
Miserable Git C Custom
Misty Hagfish C
Mixed-Up Shindagi M
Mocking Clownfish C
Money Lisa M
Money One E Custom
Money Two E Custom
Monkey Business C M Custom
Monkey Sea C Custom
Monkey Do C Custom
Monkey Mayhem M Custom
Moody Dragon M
Moonchild M Custom
Moonlight M Custom
Morning Star E Custom
Moya C Custom
Moy-Moys* M Custom
Murder Inc* M Custom
Musical Air M Custom
My Catfish C
My Oceans Ruin M Custom
My Precious M Custom
Mysterious Angel C
Mysterious Madame X E Custom
Mystery Machine M Custom
Mystic Daggerfish C
Mythic Swordfish M
Mythical Angel C
Naglfar M Custom
Narwhal M Custom
Naughty Corner M Custom
Naughty Dragon E
Naughty Squid M Custom
Naval Bomba C
Navigating to Zion C Custom
Nebuchadnezzar E Custom
Necrotic Piranha M
Necrotic Zumbi M
Nefarious Mis C
Neon Tetra M
Neptune's Trident E Custom
Neptune's Wrath C Custom
Nero M Custom
New Car C Custom
Night Bomba C
Night Train C Custom
Night Wolf E
Nightmare E M Custom
Nimbus Two Thousand E M Custom
Ninja Speed C Custom
Nitrous Barracuda M
Nordic Clownfish C
Norse Barb C
North Star M Custom
Northern Yank M
Notoriously Mindless E Custom
Nova M Custom
Nowhere E Custom
Nubby Catfish C
Numidian Mercenary C Custom
Nutty Clownfish C
O - Z
Ship name
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Obstructive Hawkfish M
Obtuse Clownfish C
Obvious C Custom
Olympic Goldfish C
Olympic Pickerel C
Omnipotent Dragon M
One Fish C
One-Eyed Jackfish M
Optimus Prime* E Custom
Orange Koi C
Orca's Song M Custom
Oriental Blackfish C
Ornate Clownfish C
Outlaw Star M Custom
Painted Butterfly C
Panda Pariah M Custom
Paper Wings E Custom
Paradise M Custom
Paris M Custom
Party Clownfish C
Partying Boat M
Pasha Bulker* M Custom
Passion Cruise M Custom
Passionate Big Captain M Custom
Passionate Coco C
Passionate Dragonet M
Passionate Fury M Custom
Passionate Kissii C Custom
Passionate Midshipman M Custom
Passionate Officer M Custom
Passionate Queen M Custom
Passionate Yank M Custom
Passionate Zorro M Custom
Patagonia C Custom
Pay Pal C Custom
Peanut Butter M Custom
Peapod C Custom
Penguins M Custom
Peppy Lepu E
Perdition's Flame C Custom
Performing Clownfish C
Phantom Clownfish C
Phantom Hawkfish M
Philosopher's Stone M Custom
Phoney Locu C
Phronemophobia M Custom
Piano Bar C Custom
Pied Piper C Custom
Piggy Bankilan M
Pillaging Cow C
Pink Barbie Boat E
Pink Fury M Custom
Pink Kisser C Custom
Pink Lady M Custom
Pink Obsidian M Custom
Pink Panther M Custom
Pink Picasso M Custom
Pink Rubber Ducky M Custom
Pitiless Piranha E
Pixelated Pixie C Custom
Platinum Koi C
Playful Rhompi C Custom
Pleaseing Clownfish C
Plum Clownfish C
Plum Koi C
Plum Sweetfish C
Plunder Bunny C Custom
Poe Sink C Custom
Pogonophobia M Custom
Pointed Star E Custom
Pointy Banstickle C E
Poised Witch C
Poker Face E Custom
Poker Poacher M Custom
Poking Joker C
Pompous Napoleon C Custom
Porky Pigfish E
Powerful Witch C
Prankish Clownfish C
Precarious Perch E
Precious Mel M
Precious Pride M
Predator M Custom
Pretty Pretty M
Pretty Princess C Custom
Pretty Witch C
Primal Pike C
Primates Rule M Custom
Prime Minister E
Princely Sum E
Princess M Custom
Princess Diana M Custom
Princess Pickles C Custom
Princess Toadstool C Custom
Prodigal Piggy C
Psst C Custom
Psyched Dragon M
Psychotic Glorieuse C
Psychotic Punky E
Puddle Jumper C E Custom
Pumpkin Patch M Custom
Purple Rain E
Purring Cat M
Puzzled Picasso M
Pyrotechnic Clownfish C
Quantum-Mechanical Catfish M
Queen Fairy C Custom
Queen of Hearts E Custom
Queen of Spades E M Custom
Queen Pink M Custom
Queen Victoria M Custom
Quick Silver E
Quirky Clownfish C
Rabid Dragon E
Radiant Angel C
Radiant Sunfish C
Radio-Controlled Shark M
Radioactive Warfish C
Raging Bullhead C
Raging Wolf E
Rainbow Parrotfish E
Rascally Rabbitfish E
Raven of Death C E M Custom
Reading Rainbow C
Rebel M Custom
Rebel Romancer E Custom
Reciprocating Sawfish C
Red Baron M Custom
Red Catfish C
Red Eyed Sailor C Custom
Red Fish C
Red Koi C
Red Lion M
Red Mullet C
Reformed Tort E
Regal Queenfish C
Relentless Dragon M
Renegade Fighter E Custom
Reptilian Clownfish C
Resolve E Custom
Revenge C M Custom
Revenge of Puck C Custom
Revolutionary Daggertooth C
Rhetoric C Custom
Rhubarby Custardella* M Custom
Rich Greenie E
Riddle Maker M Custom
Ridged Crestfish C
Ridiculous Clownfish C
RIP E Custom
RMS Titanic M Custom
Roasted Pumpkinseed C
Rock Lobster M
Rock-loving Mullet C
Roed Runner E
Roisterous Clownfish C
Rolled Clownfish C
Romantic Butterfly E
Romantic Dragon E
Rouge Clownfish C
Roving Tar C E Custom
Royal Blade E Custom
Royal Bluey C
Royal Dragon E
Royal Flush C Custom
Royal Fortune M Custom
Royal Rose E Custom
Rubber Ducky E Custom
Ruby Red C
Ruddy Clownfish C
Ruin Of The Ocean M Custom
Ruin The World M Custom
Rum Run C Custom
Rumbly Fish C
Ruminator C Custom
Russet Clownfish C
Russian Roulette C Custom
Ruthless Linis M
Saffron Clownfish C
Sailboat E Custom
Sailorly Gunner C Custom
Saint Anger E Custom
Salacious Siren C
Salvadorean Pepesca E
Sandy Tigerfish C
Saracen Sinker M Custom
Sassafras Camper C Custom
Satan E Custom
Saucy Dexena C
Saucy Italian C
Scarlet Clownfish C
Scarlet Spiderfish E
Schizophrenia E Custom
Scorpion M Custom
Scorpios Scripture M Custom
Scratching Post C Custom
Scuppering Halibut E
Scurvy Camperlina C
Sea Cucumber E Custom
Sea Serpent E Custom
Sea Witch M
Secluded Spot C
Secret Codde E
Sedimentary Rock C
Seductive Cuddle M Custom
Seductive Siren C
Segmentation Fault C Custom
Seneca Crisis M Custom
Serenity C E Custom
Seven Deadly Sins M Custom
Seventh Italian Angel M Custom
Seventh Sin E Custom
Sexy Angela M Custom
Sexy Cow M
Sexy Lambi M
Sexy Psycho C Custom
Sexy Sadist E Custom
Sexy Seahorse M
Shadow Of Death M Custom
Shadowed Knightfish M
Shadowed Sunfish C
Shadowy Spot C
Shaken Not Stirred M Custom
Shamrock Shenanigans M Custom
Shangri-La C Custom
Shimmery Star Gazer M Custom
Short Bus C Custom
Shotting Starfish M
Sierra Sunrise E Custom
Silly Bugger C Custom
Silver Apples M Custom
Silver Dragon C
Silver Lightning E Custom
Silver Poet C Custom
Silver Wolf E
Single Malt C Custom
Sinister Seadevil E
Sinking Chow C
Sizzling Chocolate C
Skeletal Silverside E
Skeleton Bone C
Skidbladnir M Custom
Skillful Footballer C Custom
Slap That Bass C Custom
Slapstick Clownfish C
Steamy Clownfish C
Sleigh E Custom
Sleipnir E M Custom
Slippery Soapfish C
Sly Cat M
Smelly Swordtail M
Smokin Aces M Custom
Smoking Gun E Custom
Smoking Gunner C
Sneaky Air C
Sneaky Samurai M Custom
Sneaky Smacker M Custom
Sneaky Swordfish M
Sniffy Pete C
Snoopy Dogfish C
Snow Flower M Custom
Snowball's Chance C Custom
Snowflake C Custom
Snowy Flake E
Snowy Icefish C
Snowy Seadevil C
Social Butterfly C
Soggy Boot M
Sorcerous Hagfish C
Sorry Huge Ego C Custom
Southern Comfort E M Custom
Southern Hospitality E Custom
Southern Pride E Custom
Sovereign Dragon E
Space Pig E
Space-Time Rift M Custom
Spading Trumps C
Spaghetti Monster M Custom
Spanked Wrasse C
Spicy Girlu M
Spicy Ikan Bilis* M
Spiteful Witch C
Spooky Catfish C
Spring Greenfish C
Springy Catfish C
Squeaky Pete C
Squid Wrath M Custom
Squishy Blowfish C
Stalking Telescopefish C
Star Destroyer M Custom
Star Ling E
Stargazer M Custom
Star-Spangled Bannerfish C M
Stealth Bomba C
Stealthy Wolf E
Steamboat M Custom
Steamy Sauna C Custom
Sterling Silver M
Sterling Silverdollar M
Stingray C Custom
Stock Yard E Custom
Storm M Custom
Strategic Bomba C
Strategic Fate M Custom
Strawberry Fields Forever C Custom
Strawberry Shortcake M Custom
Strong Box E
Stryfe Banshee* M Custom
Stubborn Dragon M
Stupid Bastard* M
Stupid Boat C
Sublime Carpenter C
Sublime Hurling M Custom
Successful Tailor M Custom
Sugary Sweetfish M
Sultry Seadevil C
Summer Breeze M Custom
Sunrise M Custom
Super Sucker M Custom
Surface-to-Air Shark M
Swan Princess E Custom
Swan Song C Custom
Swashbuckling Swordfish M
Sweet Cherubfish E
Sweet Sensation C Custom
Sweetie C Custom
Swindled Souls E Custom
Syzygy C Custom
Tactical Bomba C
Tango And Kisses M Custom
Tangy Love M Custom
Tar Dis C E Custom
Tasmanian Devil Ray E
Tattooed Hunter C Custom
Teasing Clownfish C
Technicoloured Dreamboat M Custom
Teeming Umash M
Temperamental Dragon M
Terminator E Custom
Terra Nova M Custom
Terror of Death M Custom
The Tardis C Custom
Thirsty Clownfish C
Thorny Rosefish C
Three Lions M Custom
Thunder Child M Custom
Thunder God M Custom
Thunder Strike M Custom
Thunderclap E Custom
Thunderous Bravo C
Ticklish Clownfish C
Ticklish Cook C
Ticklish Needlefish C
Ticklish Tuna C
Tidy Kiwi M Custom
Tied Up M
Time Bandit M
Time Jumper C
Tiny Nibbler C
Tiny Tort Lings E Custom
Tipsy Dragon E
Titanic M Custom
Toilet E Custom
Top Banana C
Top Cat E
Tormenting Houndshark C
Toxic Tort E
Trade Runner C
Trade Winds C Custom
Trained Tigerfish C
Transformer E Custom
Tricky Dragon M
Triton E Custom
Triumphant Stargazer C
Triumphant Tau M
Tropical Darling M
Tropical Gal E Custom
Tropical Plaice E
Tropical Shark E
Trouble Maker E Custom
Turbocharged Turbot M
Turned About M Custom
Twiggy C Custom
Twitchy Trout E
Two Fish C
Ugly Barnacle C Custom
Ultimate Blockader E Custom
Ultimate Catfish C
Ultimate Dark M Custom
Ultimate Dragon M
Ultimate Gunner C Custom
Ultimate Obliteration M Custom
Ultimate Warrior C Custom
Undefeatable Spaniard M
Undercover Greenie M Custom
Unfathomable Witch C
Unfunny Clownfish C
Uninhabited Lappen-Lippen M Custom
Union Jack C
Unknown Soldier M
Unladen Swallow M
Unrelenting Black Dragon* E
Unsinkable Nava M
Unsinkable Tub M
Untamed Dragon M
Unwelcome Stranger E
Useless Cow C
USS Enterprise C Custom
Utter Pandemonium E Custom
Vae Victus* M Custom
Valkyrian Clownfish C
Velvet Scabbard M Custom
Vendetta C Custom
Vengeance C Custom
Vengeful Hagfish C
Vengeful Speipnir* M Custom
Vengeful Toadfish C
Vengeful Wolf E
Venomous Daggerfish C
Vera E Custom
Verdant Clownfish C
Vicious Houndshark C
Victory M Custom
VOC Batavia C Custom
Vodka Red Bull M Custom
Voodoo M Custom
Vorpal Bunni M
Vorpal Swordfish M
Wacko Clownfish C
Wacky Clownfish C
Wacky Wahoo M
Waggish Clownfish C
Walk the Plank C Custom
Wandering Ankou C
Wandering Stargazer M
Wanderlust M Custom
War Pig M
Warehouse E Custom
Warrior E Custom
Warrior Princess C
Warrior Queen M Custom
Watching You M Custom
Water Termite M Custom
Watery Tart M Custom
Wave Crusher E Custom
Wave Dancer M Custom
Weeping Angel C
Weird Al M Custom
West Windfish C
Whimsical Clownfish C
Whimsical Dragon M
Whirling Watermelon M
White Christmas Fish C
White Dragons M
White Koi C
White Lightning M Custom
White Rose M Custom
Whole Burrito C
Wicked Hagfish C
Wicked Love Craft C Custom
Wicked Queenfish C
Wicked Witch C M
Wickedest Witch C
Wild Flowerfish C
Wild White Cloud E Custom
Wine Bar C
Winey Clownfish C
Winter Angel C
Winter Wine M Custom
Win-Win Cow M
Wise Witch C
Wistful Hagfish C
Witless Clownfish C
Witty Dragon E
Wizard Clownfish C
Wondrous Dreamer C
Wooden Paddlefish C
Woody Catfish C
World of Wacko E Custom
Wraith King C
Wrath of Ares M Custom
Wreck M Custom
Wrecking Ball M Custom
Xenia E Custom
Yana E Custom
Yellow Banana M
Yoghurt M Custom
Yoghurt Pot M Custom
Yo-Yo Cow C
Yummiest Clownfish C
Yummy Artcandee E
Yummy Cakes M Custom
Yummy Chocolate Dip M Custom
Yummy Cookies M Custom
Yummy Pizza E
Xanthian Clownfish C
Xenial Clownfish C
Zanders Princess M Custom
Zany Clownfish C
Zeugma M Custom

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