Release 2005-11-23

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Turkey Turbo

From the Release Notes:
  • Primary homes: Ye can set a house that you are owner or roommate of as your primary home. The home will appear on your island map with a special green label. Whisking home will take you into the house. New pirates will be given their free shack automatically. Existing pirates will be assigned the best home on their home island. If an island is colonized but has no houses on it, ye may set the island as your home.
  • Treasure Drop has two new options: Turbo and Holes. Turbo makes the animations go really fast and only gives 5 seconds per turn. Holes are randomly placed on the board and coins that fall into a hole will pop out of another random hole.
  • Furniture can now always be reclaimed, even if you do not have access to the place where the furniture is. On the furniture report, there are "Reclaim" buttons that will return all the furniture at that location to your booty.
  • Automated tourneys may be configured by OceanMasters.
  • All tournaments are now "immediate play".
  • Skellies now confirm with the user the total value of the wager- displaying which item they'll take from you. They will no longer take items that they consider low-value.
  • There is a new limited-edition monthly portrait background.
  • Made the pending order panels sort nicely.
  • Captains may change their own titles.
  • Building management buttons will immediately be available when someone is made a roommate or manager.
  • In order to be ordered to navigate, you need to be a subscriber or hold the pirate badge.
  • In order to get the navy navigation missions, you need to be a subscriber or hold the pirate badge.
  • Non-subscribers can no longer open stalls.
  • On doubloon oceans:
    • You must have a captain's badge to create a crew.
    • Your booty division rank is now determined by the minimum of your actual rank and your highest crew badge.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Skelly missions will be listed even if you're not a subscriber (or don't have the parlor badge).
    • After the "Where are my vessels?" report is viewed on the docks, the button will again be enabled.
    • "No tourneys" will not be reported when the list of tournaments is being downloaded.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the duty report from showing up sometimes.
  • Your game configuration settings are now saved to your preferences after you configure a game. When you next configure a challenge, tourney, or parlor game you will find that the configuration options are initialized to what you last set them to.