Release 2004-01-26

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War! (v 1.49)

From the Release Notes:

Times of war have descended upon the midnight ocean, and things will never quite be the same.

  • Flags may ally and also declare wars. Ships may be sunk in battles between warring flags. A state of war does not exist unless both flags declare war.
  • Ships are colored according to their relationship to you: red for enemies, blue for allies.
  • The notoriety ratings for crews are now more accurate and are displayed in the vessel inspector while at sea. Check the notoriety of brigands to see how good they are with their swords!
  • Medium and large cannonballs are now produced at the ironmonger.
  • Sounds have been added to the distilling puzzle.
  • Anyone can practice the crafting puzzles, a job at the store is no longer required.
  • New options have been added to tournaments at inns:
    • Drinking tournaments may be held.
    • Matches may be configured as 'Best 2 out of 3'.
    • 'Cascading' added as the default pot distrubtion option.
    • Items may be added to the pot bonus, they always go to first place.
    • Tournaments may be randomly seeded.
  • Items on the rack can be configured to be 'display only' so shoppers can try them on without being scared by a high price.
  • Managers can now inspect the skill levels of their employees in the employee listing.
  • Pending orders lists now display the island name of the shoppe producing the order.
  • /gwho lists the location of nearby greenies.
  • Non-subscribers can now wear a larger set of clothes, and will be informed *prior* to ordering something that they will not be able to wear it.
  • Fixed shoppe news from overflowing the side panel.
  • Some League points should not longer be impossible to memorize.
  • Chat bubbles are less transparent and easier to read.
  • Fixed a bug that booched a ship's hold if too much stone was added.
  • Fixed a bug with the trading interface that unselected a row when an offer was updated when viewing offers in a filtered mode.
  • Fixed a minor bug with rating calculation in two player puzzles.
  • Fixed a bug in drinking that didn't end the round if everyone was passed out except for players who had left.
  • Fixed a bug that dropped sea battle ratings if you intercepted a vessel with nobody on board.
  • Made some tweaks to gown and corset colours.
  • Expanded newbie help.
  • The skellies should have their nice swords back.
  • The black ship has been broken (and easy to beat) for several releases. It has been fixed up to be really hard again, and then made much, much harder than that.
  • As always, there were a number of other bits, bobs, and bugfixes that were too minor for this list.
  • Increased map lifespan.