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A greenie is a new player. The name is an abbreviated form of the term "greenhorn." Typically, this name is given to one whose name color is green, indicating that they have only played the game for less than 15 hours. As they play more, their names gradually change color to yellow. However, it can also be used as a derogatory term, much like "noob," to signify someone who does something that seems immature or foolish.

Greenies are players who have logged in for less than fifteen hours across all oceans combined. Name color does not indicate whether a player has bought doubloons or subscribed, as only total login time determines name color.

Greenies can see the pink names of greeters. They also have a special button that will put them in direct contact with a greeter for assistance. They are unable to use /trade or /global commands, although they can view these chat channels if enabled.

Greenie island spawn requirements

A greenie's initial home island will always be a well-developed island with a large population. Specifically, the island must have an inn, a shack, an ironmonger bazaar, a tailor bazaar, and a population of at least 250.

If a required building, or the required population level, is lost, greenies will not be sent to that island until it is regained.

When an island meets the requirements to spawn, it is immediately able to spawn greenies without Ringer intervention, though greenies may not be directed to the island right away.

Dark Seas only On the Obsidian Ocean, all new pirates will start on Port Venture, regardless of whether or not other islands meet the spawn requirements.

Historical notes

  • Prior to release 2005-12-09, a subscription was required in order to have a yellow name on subscription oceans.
  • Originally, an island only needed an inn, a navy, and a population of at least 250 to spawn greenies. Shacks were added to the spawn requirement with release 2005-10-20. It is unknown when the navy requirement was removed and the other requirements were added.
  • Prior to Beta release 2003-11-14, green names did not exist.
  • Originally, in order for an island to spawn greenies, developer/OM intervention was required once an island met the requirements. It is unknown when this was changed.