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Gold box

From YPPedia

A gold box placed in a scene.

A gold box is an opportunity to get a random prize. They can be purchased from any Gold Safe furniture item for the sum of 12 doubloons, or 25,000 Pieces of Eight on subscription oceans. Gold safes can be reliably found inside the bank on any major island.

Gold boxes are available only for a limited time every other month; specifically, in February, April, June, August, October, and December. Gold safes will sell the boxes during a ten-day period, starting at 10am Pirate Time on the first Friday of these months, and ending at 3pm Pirate Time on the second following Monday.



Gold Box being held in a portrait.

Gold boxes are identical to presents in functionality (including usage as floor furniture), but they come with a random item inside of them. The prizes that can be found inside gold boxes are listed below, along with their probability of appearance. Box contents and odds may change in future versions.

Piggy banks

Piggy banks are a new type of miscellaneous item. Cracking one open destroys the piggy bank and grants a pirate the PoE contained inside. The golden piggy banks found in the gold box contain a minimum of 20,000 PoE, with chances of receiving even larger amounts.


(The numbers in parenthesis represent the first gold box series in which the specified trinket was found. They may also be found in all subsequent series.)


Trading post items

Gold box trinkets can be traded into any trading post for a variety of unique rewards.

Historical notes

  • Gold boxes were first available for purchase on 2012-04-06. They were available for two weeks, but after player requests, the availability period for later gold box runs was dropped to ten days.

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