Golden unicorn horn

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The golden unicorn horn is a trinket that can be obtained by opening a gold box purchased from a bank. It was first seen on 2015-08-07. The golden unicorn horn is available in only one color.

Gold Box Rewards
Series 1 Fan letter | Gilded shark tooth | Gilded spyglass | Golden dragon scale | Heart o' gold | Key to the ocean | Mark o' the cutthroat gentleman | Pirate code | Radiant phoenix feather | Spirits o' courage

Series 2 Courage-heart compass | Fancy hook | Gilded goblet | Gilded pin | Gilded signet ring

Series 3 Gilded cameo box | Gilded sailor's knot | Golden hourglass | Golden sextant | Golden turtle shell

Series 4 Fancy peg leg | Gilded dragon horn | Gold nugget | Golden unicorn horn

Series 5 Coin o' courage | Gilded astrolabe | Gold enameled earring | Golden corsair's ring | Golden pocket sundial | Lionheart pendant | Lost golden totem | Solid gold cannonball
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