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A doll is a special trinket, usually depicting one of the Ocean Masters or Ringers. Like all other trinkets, a doll can be held when taking a portrait.

Twenty-eight OMs and eleven of the Ringers have dolls. (There is no Eris doll.)

A Ringer doll would be given out only by the OM or Ringer who is depicted. They do not give out dolls on demand.

Name Image
Amphitrite doll Trinket-Amphitrite doll.png
Aphrodite doll Trinket-Aphrodite doll.png
Apollo doll Trinket-Apollo doll.png
Artemis doll Trinket-Artemis doll.png
Atropos doll Trinket-Atropos doll.png
Bia doll Trinket-Bia doll.png
Castor doll Trinket-Castor doll.png
Clio doll Trinket-Clio doll.png
Clotho doll Trinket-Clotho doll.png
Cronus doll Trinket-Cronus doll.png
Demeter doll Trinket-Demeter doll.png
Dionysus doll Trinket-Dionysus doll.png
Endymion doll Trinket-Endymion doll.png
Eurydice doll Trinket-Eurydice doll.png
Name Image
Gaea doll Trinket-Gaea doll.png
Galene doll Trinket-Galene doll.png
Glaucus doll Trinket-Glaucus doll.png
Hephaestus doll Trinket-Hephaestus doll.png
Hera doll Trinket-Hera doll.png
Hermes doll Trinket-Hermes doll.png
Hypnos doll Trinket-Hypnos doll.png
Lelantos doll Trinket-Lelantos doll.png
Mnemosyne doll Trinket-Mnemosyne doll.png
Nemesis doll Trinket-Nemesis doll.png
Oceanus doll Trinket-Oceanus doll.png
Poseidon doll Trinket-Poseidon doll.png
Prometheus doll Trinket-Prometheus doll.png
Thalia doll Trinket-Thalia doll.png
Name Image
Arcturus doll Trinket-Arcturus doll.png
Bluebeard doll Trinket-Bluebeard doll.png
Bungleton doll Trinket-Bungleton doll.png
Cephalopod doll Trinket-Cephalopod doll.png
Cleaver doll Trinket-Cleaver doll.png
Eightycats doll Trinket-Eightycats doll.png
Fishheadred doll Trinket-Fishheadred doll.png
Forculus doll Trinket-Forculus doll.png
Greenbones doll Trinket-Greenbones doll.png
Lizthegrey doll Trinket-Lizthegrey doll.png
Nemo doll Trinket-Nemo doll.png
Peghead doll Trinket-Peghead doll.png
Roparzh doll Trinket-Roparzh doll.png

For details on how to earn one in an event, please see the events page. For dolls where there is no contest nor guidelines for winning one, the OM must feel that you deserve one to be awarded it. There is no other way to obtain dolls, apart from buying them off other players.

Non-Ringer dolls

Certain Brigand Kings have had dolls made of them, as part of the Monthly Rewards Program.

Trinket-Admiral Finius doll.png
Admiral Finius doll
Trinket-Azarbad the Great doll.png
Azarbad the Great doll
Trinket-Barnabas the Pale doll.png
Barnabas the Pale doll
Trinket-Brynhild Skullsplitter doll.png
Brynhild Skullsplitter doll
Trinket-Gretchen Goldfang doll.png
Gretchen Goldfang doll
Trinket-Madam Yu Jian doll.png
Madam Yu Jian doll
Trinket-Vargas the Mad doll.png
Vargas the Mad doll
Trinket-Widow Queen doll.png
Widow Queen doll

The ghost doll is available from the Haunted Seas.

During Halloween 2012, pirates could earn special trinkets which could be redeemed for various monster dolls (skellie, werewolf, and zombie). These dolls were subsequently made available from trading posts.

During Halloween 2013, pirates had another chance to earn these special trinkets again, this time redeemable for Frankenstein's monster, goblin, and/or vampire dolls.

Trinket-Frankenstein's doll.png
Frankenstein's doll
Trinket-Ghost doll.png
Ghost doll
Trinket-Goblin doll.png
Goblin doll
Trinket-Skelly doll.png
Skelly doll
Trinket-Vampire doll.png
Vampire doll
Trinket-Werewolf doll.png
Werewolf doll
Trinket-Zombie doll.png
Zombie doll
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