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Aphrodite is one of the Ocean Masters to be employed by Three Rings. She was hired in December 2006 with the sixth wave of Ocean Masters alongside Hephaestus.


Because of her great beauty, Aphrodite was often inspiration for great works of art. Her familiar, Milo, is named after the famous statue, the Venus de Milo.

In mythology

She is named for the Greek goddess of love and beauty. In Greek mythology, she was married to Hephaestus, the blacksmith god of fire. When Kronos (Cronus) cut the genitals from his father Ouranos (Uranus), he threw them into the sea and from the sea-foam rose the fully formed and infinitely desirable Aphrodite. She appears multiple times in mythology, in Homer's Iliad, and she also takes a minor role in Virgil's Aeneid.

In the Iliad, she protects her son Aeneas from the wrath of the Greeks, and she is even wounded by Diomedes when trying to protect Aeneas.

In the Aeneid, she continually fights against Hera [called Juno in Virgil's epic] who seeks to avert fate and destroy Aeneas. Aphrodite has had a few affairs with men, such as Adonis and Anchises, but also with the God Ares. She was caught in the act with Ares when she thought that her lame husband, the God Hephaestus had left Olympus. But Hyperion (also a sun-god) warned him of what was going on and he created a masterpiece of indestructible iron mesh, like a fishing net and snared the lovers as they were embracing.

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